Episode 317 – Vaalmiki Maharishi authors the Ramayana text!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Mother Sita is at Vaalmiki Maharishi’s ashram as she delivers the twin babies of Lava and Kusa. This is a happy moment in the ashram as everybody are rejoicing on the birth of the two twin brothers.

However, Mother Sita is still unable to digest the fact that her beloved Rama had abandoned her for no fault of hers! On the other hand, King Rama was also helpless and in order to protect the righteousness of the Ayodhya kingdom, he had to take such a decision. However, although King Rama might have abandoned his beloved Sita physically, she is still in his heart forever. As Mother Sita gives birth, she misses her beloved Rama terribly! Thus, even a happy moment turns out to be sad and emotional for Mother Sita because of the absence of her husband by her side.

Moving on quickly from this point, the two children Lava and Kusa grow up at Vaalmiki Maharishi’s ashram. Mother Sita brings them up in an excellent manner and the children are obedient and shrewd. Also, both the children learn all the important technicalities of warfare and are becoming two invincible princes. However, one thing that they do not know still is who is their father! Mother Sita hasn’t disclosed that their father is none other than the great king of Ayodhya – Lord Rama!

It is during this time when Lava and Kusa are growing up, Vaalmiki Maharishi sits down to author the Ramayana text! In the initial few episodes we had witnessed the way in which the great Vaalmiki Ramayana was born – We discussed how Sage Naarada visited the Vaalmiki Ashram and gave the “Samkshepa Ramayana”, Vaalmiki Maharishi going to river Tamasa for a bath and finally Lord Brahma’s visit to Vaalmiki Ashram. Eventually as Vaalmiki Maharishi sits down to elaborate the “Samkshepa Ramayana” from thirty-two slokas into twenty four thousand slokas, Lord Brahma and Goddess Saraswati bless Vaalmiki Maharishi and thus the authoring begins. Within a few years eventually, Vaalmiki Maharishi, with the divine grace of Lord Rama and Mother Sita and also of Lord Brahma, the entire text of Vaalmiki Ramayana is born!

By the time Vaalmiki Maharishi finishes authoring the Ramayana text, Lava and Kusa are mature enough to learn the text byheart! As this text contains all the possible “Dharma” (Righteousness) explained in it, Vaalmiki Maharishi decides to teach this text to the two children. Since Lava and Kusa are still kids, it is easy for Vaalmiki Maharishi to make them by-heart the entire 24,000 sloka-text. Thus, within a few days, Lava and Kusa become experts in the Vaalmiki Ramayana and Vaalmiki Maharishi is pleased at the pace in which the children mastered the entire text! He now wants the text to be propagated to the entire world! He wants the world to realize “Dharma” and embrace it!

Thus with this divine intention, Vaalmiki Maharishi is now taking these two children along with him to different ashrams in and around the locality, wherein the two children sing the entire text to each of the saints living there! As the children go around propagating the text, each and every saint is thrilled to bits upon hearing this divine text!

All the sages bless the two kids and one of the saints renders a unique blessing by saying that, “One day, Lord Rama himself would surely get an opportunity to listen to this text from these two kids!” Is that going to happen? Is this important boon going to become a reality? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂


Episode 316 – Mother Sita delivers Lava & Kusa at Vaalmiki Maharishi’s Ashram!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed a shocking incident wherein Mother Sita is completely abandoned by Lord Rama on the pretext of protecting the “Raaja Dharma”. Eventually when Mother Sita comes to know about this from Lakshmana she is shocked beyond expressions and helplessly cries and vents her frustration out in the lonely forest! Nobody is there near her to support her. It is at this time that Lord Rama makes a decision quickly enough – He calls Hanuman and requests him to go to the forest and be of help to Mother Sita. Although Rama has abandoned Mother Sita physically, He is always in her thoughts every minute. She is always in his heart, permanently sealed!

As Hanuman sets out to the forest, he searches and finds Mother Sita lying down without any attention in the dark and lonely forest. He quickly changes his appearance into a small young boy, approaches her and quickly gains her confidence. Hanuman comforts Mother Sita and slowly takes her to Vaalmiki Maharishi’s ashram. At the ashram, Vaalmiki Maharishi along with his disciples welcomes Mother Sita and makes her comfortable. He learns about the situation in which she is currently and offers her food and water. Valmiki Maharishi requests Mother Sita to spend her forthcoming days in the ashram itself and not to wander anywhere else as she is also a pregnant woman.

Mother Sita accepts Vaalmiki Maharishi’s request and stays put in the ashram. Months roll by and it is time now for Mother Sita to deliver. One fine day, to the utter excitement of everybody including Vaalmiki Maharishi, she delivers two beautiful twin male babies! The entire ashram is rejoicing with enthusiasm that Mother Sita has successfully delivered the two babies. Vaalmiki Maharishi comes inside the room and names the babies “Lava” and “Kusa”. Thus, Lord Rama’s next generation has arrived!

For today, let us rejoice the fact that Mother Sita is safe and secure and she has successfully delivered Lava and Kusa. We shall wait till the next episode to find out what happens subsequently! 🙂

Episode 315 – Mother Sita reaches Vaalmiki Maharishi’s Ashram!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Lord Rama and Mother Sita’s credibility is under question by the citizens of Ayodhya and it is time for King Rama to prove his name clean. What could he do? With options running out, he takes the harsh decision of abandoning Mother Sita in the forest. With a heavy heart thus, King Rama asks Lakshmana to execute this complex mission by taking Mother Sita to the forest and leave her mid way!

Accordingly Lakshmana too, although he resists this move of Rama, unwillingly takes up the mission. He takes Mother Sita out of the palace in his chariot and sets out to the forest. In the midst of the forest, Lakshmana suddenly stops the chariot and asks Mother Sita to get down. As she gets down, Lakshmana thunders her with his words that her beloved Rama has abandoned her forever! Upon hearing this, Mother Sita is shell-shocked! She couldn’t believe her ears! How can Rama do such a thing? On the pretext of upholding the “Raaja-Dharma” he has compromised on the “Vivaaha-Dharma” (The promise that is made between the husband and the wife during the time of marriage that whatever maybe the situation, both of them shouldn’t separate from each other!)

Helpless as she is, Mother Sita sinks into an ocean of sorrow! She is unconsolable right now! Lakshmana leaves her alone in the middle of the dense forest and makes his way back to Ayodhya! What will poor Mother Sita do? Who is going to protect her in this lonely forest? Mother Sita doesn’t know what to do and where to go! It is to be remembered that she is a pregnant woman at this stage.

As Lakshmana returns back to Ayodhya, he sees Rama in a devastated state! At this moment, Lord Rama quickly makes a decision – He immediately calls for Hanuman to meet him. As Hanuman comes inside Lord Rama’s chamber, he learns the situation in which Rama is. King Rama requests a help from Hanuman. He says to Hanuman, “Oh my dear Hanuman! I’m in dire need of your help at this moment! Due to unavoidable circumstances, Mother Sita has been sent to the forest! I’m so scared and worried about her safety. Hence, it would be extremely helpful if you can ask Lakshmana for the whereabouts of Sita and go near her to protect her. I want you to be with her all the time to ensure that she is safe and secure!”

Upon hearing this from his master, Hanuman gets ready immediately for the mission. He couldn’t wait to see Mother Sita. As Hanuman is about to start, Lord Rama stops him again and tells him, “Oh Hanuman! Please make sure that you morph your identity in front of Sita, so that she doesn’t know that it is you who is helping her out. Also, let Sita not know that I’ve sent you as my messenger to her!” As Lord Rama says thus, Hanuman understands the seriousness of the issue and vows his full co-operation. He now sets out to the forest in search of Mother Sita.

As Hanuman searches, he spots Mother Sita who is at a distance, crying bitterly and unable to move from that place due to her weakness. He quickly changes his form into a young boy, approaches Mother Sita and makes her comfortable by providing her with some water to drink and some fruits to eat. He thus slowly takes her to the ashram of Vaalmiki Maharishi.

Now here commences a very important and the final phase of the Ramayana story, with Mother Sita reaching the Vaalmiki Ashram. We shall wait till the next episode to find out what happens next!

Episode 314 – A sneak into the “Utthara Kaanda” – Lord Rama abandons Mother Sita!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed the commencement of the “Raama-Raajya”. This is an ideal representation of a flawless kingdom ruled by a flawless leader. People are following only the path of Dharma (Righteousness) whatever may be the situation. Nobody harms anybody else for anything, as truth and righteous path is the order of the day. All the people are happy in their own lives as everybody are executing their duties flawlessly. King Rama from his side, performs innumerable “Ashwamedha Yaagas” and other important “Yagnas” more frequently and through all these divine offerings, protects his people immensely. Everywhere the people are singing in praise of their great ruler Rama. The whole world starts to praise King Rama for his magnanimous rule. This is turning out to be a real golden era for Ayodhya.

All said and done, however did it sustain? Until a certain period of time, yes! But after that point, problems started to creep in. One fine day as King Rama convenes his court as a normal routine, there is somebody (said to be a dhobi) who raises a very important but a harsh question to Rama – “Since Ayodhya is said to be the land of purity, what is the point in having Sita in the Ayodhya palace, considering the fact that she was residing in Ravana’s Lanka for ten months? Is this what purity means? What evidence does King Rama have, to prove that his wife Sita is pure and chaste?”

Upon hearing this from one of his subjects, King Rama is stunned! His trial period has commenced! People of Ayodhya have started to question his credibility as a ruler! More than anything else, his beloved Sita’s credibility and chastity is being questioned! Now, Rama is seen as a person with a fault! Of course, Rama knows very well about Mother Sita’s purity, but how does he convince his people? Rama plunges into silence and is not sure how to tackle the situation! He asks his brothers Lakshmana, Bharata and Shathrugna for solutions but none have any! Lakshmana, upon getting to realize the situation, gets furious and wants to finish off the dhobi who raised such a moral and an ethical issue against their beloved king and beloved Mother!

Upon seeing Lakshmana furious, Rama consoles him and sends him to invite Sage Vasishta to his chamber. As Sage Vasishta arrives, he is stunned to see Rama in a pitiable condition. As Rama explains the situation to him, even the great Sage Vasishta is clueless as to what is to be done! He finally gives Lord Rama two choices to make: One is to abandon Sita by sending her to the forest, thus proving to his people that he is a righteous king. The other option is to let Sita live in the palace, but at the cost of losing the tag of being a righteous king!

Now what does poor King Rama do? Which way does he go? Which choice does he make? As we know that Lord Rama is an epitome of “Dharma”, he chooses the first choiceTo abandon Mother Sita! He has his “Dharma” in his mind and makes up his mind and heart to execute perhaps the toughest decision of his life! King Rama is weeping bitterly! He is totally devastated!! How could he continue to live in this world without his beloved Sita?

Without any other option, Rama comes to the decision! He calls Lakshmana to execute the task. He orders Lakshmana to take Mother Sita with him to the forest and abandon her mid-way! Upon hearing this from his brother, Lakshmana is shell-shocked! How can Rama speak like this about Mother Sita? What wrong did she do? Was it Sita’s fault of accompanying Rama to the forest for fourteen years? Was it Sita’s fault that Ravana abducted her from Panchavati? Or was it Sita’s fault that she had to wait in Lanka for ten months for Rama to come and take her back? Why is this happening? Lakshmana breaks down into tears! However, Rama has made up his mind. He instructs Lakshmana to do what he says! How can Lakshmana now deny Rama’s words?

With a heavy heart, Lakshmana gets ready for the mission. He goes into Mother Sita’s chamber and asks her to accompany him in his chariot. It should be noted here that, Mother Sita is a pregnant woman at this time! How cruel was this dhobi to inflict such a pain to Lord Rama and Mother Sita? This one dhobi is solely responsible for their bitter separation yet again!

According to Lakshmana’s wish, Sita follows him and she gets out of the palace. On her way out, she wants to meet Rama, but Rama is not in a position to meet her! He locks himself into his chamber and weeps bitterly! On what basis would Rama be able to face Sita again? Poor Rama is extremely saddened by this tricky situation! As Sita leaves, she has already left a scar in Rama’s heart! Although she leaves Rama physically, mentally Rama is still with her all the time!

For today, let us come to terms that Rama and Sita have separated from each other physically yet again. It’s another sad moment in Lord Rama’s life, on the pretext of protecting and safeguarding the “Raaja-Dharma”! Poor Mother Sita doesn’t know that her beloved husband has abandoned her for life! We shall wait till the next episode to find out what happened next!

Episode 313 – Advent of the “Raama-Raajya”!!!


Till now we’ve seen for the past few episodes that Lord Rama has victoriously returned back to Ayodhya and his coronation ceremony had taken place in an extremely grand fashion. As part of the coronation ceremony, we had witnessed that Mother Sita and Lord Rama recognize the special efforts of Hanuman, Sugriva, Vibhishana and Angadha in fighting against Ravana and defeating him successfully. In the previous episode we had witnessed a very important accord on the famous “Sriranga Vimaana”, which is worshipped even today as the main sanctum sanctorium of Srirangam in Tiruchirappalli.

Now moving on, as the coronation ceremony is wrapped up, the famous “Raama-Raajya” begins. This is an ideal kingdom, which Lord Rama is creating – All the people in Ayodhya follow the path of Dharma (Righteousness) meticulously, without compromising it at any point in time. At every situation, all the people talk only the truth and stand for it! Vaalmiki Maharishi brings out the significance of this important “Raama-Raajya” thus:

“Sarve lakshana sampannaaha sarve dharma paraayanaaha!

Dasha varsha sahasraani raamo raajyam akaarayath!!”

Thus from the above sloka we can understand that during the “Raama-Raajya”, there is place only for “Dharma”. Lord Rama protects his people like his own children. Whenever there is a happy event happening in any house, Lord Rama would be the first person to take part in it and spread happiness. Whenever there is a sad incident anywhere, he would be the first person to console the family. There is no instance wherein there is poverty, hatred, violence, etc. of any sort. There is always peace, calm and serenity in the air.

Even the nature acknowledges the “Raama-Raajya” and the rainfall occurs perfectly during the required season. There is no question of water scarcity anywhere. Every season has it’s own beauty and occurs without any delay. All the plants and trees in Ayodhya are in full blossom every time, full of beautiful flowers, tasty fruits and vegetables.

Lord Rama performs innumerable “Ashwamedha Yaagas” (Sacrifices) for the welfare of his people. Thus, Lord Rama rules Ayodhya for the next eleven thousand odd years, without any blemish and by ensuring complete peace and happiness to all his people. Both Lord Rama and Mother Sita made sure that they protected the world together with all their love and compassion!

Thus with this note, we mark the end of this great epic, authored by the great Vaalmiki Maharishi. We’ve witnessed innumerable instances of Dharma and have seen how Mother Sita and Lord Rama stood as an epitome of various practices of righteousness.

Every epic has some divine effects on us if we read them with wholeheartedly. What are those divine effects that we can derive out of this important epic called Ramayana? What do we gain by reading this great work of Vaalmiki Maharishi? We shall wait till the final episode to witness the “Phalastuthi”! 🙂

Episode 312 – Significance of the “Sri-Ranga Vimaana”!!!


In the previous episode we had been witnessing the grand coronation ceremony of Lord Rama that is taking place at Ayodhya. We saw a glimpse of Sage Vasishta officially coronating Lord Rama with the holy water from ninety-six holy rivers across the world. Subsequently other important people share a moment to participate in the coronation ceremony.

Subsequently we had also witnessed that Mother Sita wanted to specially felicitate Hanuman amidst the whole gathering and as per Lord Rama’s approval, she puts a garland around Hanuman’s neck, acknowledging Hanuman’s selfless service to both Mother Sita and Lord Rama! This is perhaps the greatest gift that Hanuman would have got in his entire life. Hanuman is in tears of joy as he receives it and he accepts the gift gleefully.

Now moving on further, as the grand ceremony comes to a close, Lord Rama gifts each one of them who had attended the function with some momentos. He gives momentos for Sugriva, Hanuman, Angadha, Vibhishana, etc. who had gathered there. Amongst everybody, Lord Rama feels that he should felicitate Vibhishana for his immense surrender and his extraordinary help in successfully defeating Ravana. Lord Rama wants to honour Vibhishana in some way. What could he do? He quickly goes into the prayer area of the palace and gifts his idol of Lord Narayana to Vibhishana and asks him to take it to Lanka and keep it with him safely! Upon receiving this from Lord Rama, Vibhishana is moved into tears of joy! He did not expect such a huge gift from Lord Rama and at this moment, Vibhishana realizes the extent to which Bhagawan loves him!

It should be recollected from one of our earlier episodes, I had explained the significance of this idol of Lord Narayana in a brief. Now the time has come for giving a detailed explanation. As Vibhishana receives the idol, he takes it with him in his “Pushpaka Vimaana” and commences his journey southwards. As he flies over the beautiful area where the river Cauvery flows, Lord Narayana (in the idol form) has a wish – He wants to stay in this particular place, rather than travelling all the way to Lanka. This place in the modern day is none other than the famous South Indian temple town of “Tiruchirapalli” and the place where the temple of “Srirangam” is located, is an island formed in between the rivers Cauvery and its tributary Kollidam.

Thus he requests Vibhishana to stop the “Vimaana” for a moment and proposes this idea. However, Vibhishana is not in a mood to leave Lord Narayana at Srirangam. It is at this point that Lord Narayana pledges to Vibhishana thus, “Oh Vibhishana! Please do not worry that I’m not travelling with you to Lanka. I shall bless you from this particular place itself. My hands would face the southern direction (towards Lanka) to bless you!”

It is only after these words of consolation that Vibhishana places the idol of Lord Narayana at this particular place called “Srirangam” near the temple town of “Tiruchirapalli” in Tamil Nadu. It is the same idol of Lord Narayana that we also worship today at Srirangam as “Ranganaatha Swamy” and even today we would witness that the hands of Lord Ranganaatha Swamy would be facing the southern direction! Hence for today, let us realize the significance of this wonderful place of Srirangam and appreciate it. We shall wait till the next episode to witness the unfolding of the “Raama-Raajya”! 🙂

Episode 311 – Mother Sita “specially” felicitates Hanuman!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that the grand coronation ceremony at Ayodhya had begun. Festive mood is clearly visible all through the place and Lord Rama is at the helm of affairs. Sage Vasishta starts the proceedings according to the formalities and rituals. Vedic hymns are being chanted as Lord Rama is made to sit on the prestigious throne. His three brothers along with Sugriva, Hanuman and Vibhishana are excited and stand beside Lord Rama and Mother Sita. The rituals are going on as Lord Rama is bathed with the holy water that had been brought from ninety-six holy rivers across the world. The first round of “Abhisheka” (Bathing with holy water) is performed by Sage Vasishta himself and followed by that, all the important people including business leaders, community heads, etc. bathe Lord Rama with the holy water thus officially designating him as the king of Ayodhya. We’ve also seen that Lord Rama now becomes the thirty-seventh king of Ayodhya as he takes over the reins from his father, King Dasharata.

As the ceremony is progressing with a lot of fanfare, Mother Sita has a small wish. She somehow wants to felicitate one person who has been instrumental in re-uniting her with her husband in the forest and who has been the backbone for Lord Rama’s immense success against Ravana. Who is that person? He is none other than Hanuman himself!

Thinking thus, she looks at Rama with a wink of her eye. Immediately as Rama sees it, he understands what does Sita mean. He understands Sita’s intention. He immediately announces in front of the whole gathering, “Oh Sita! Feel free to felicitate that one person whom do you think is the smartest and the bravest of all the gentlemen who are gathered here! Please go ahead and reward that person whom you think is an embodiment of devotion, love and knowledge!”

“Pradehi subhade haaram yasya dushtaasi bhaamini!

Athavaa vaayu puthraaya tham haaram asithekshanaa!!

Hanumaanstheva haarena sishube vaanarishabhaha!

Chandraamsuvaarena shwethaabrena yathaachalaha!!”

As Mother Sita listens to this from Rama, she immediately picks up a garland, goes near Hanuman and puts it around his neck! Hanuman could not believe what is going on! Mother Sita has directly felicitated him amidst innumerable people who have assembled there! How fortunate Hanuman is!!! This is a huge moment for Hanuman as he bags the honour of being an “Aachaarya”.

Here too we can see the importance that Lord Rama and Mother Sita give for “Aachaaryas” (The Supreme Teacher).

Thus the coronation ceremony comes to an end and towards the finishing, Lord Rama gifts different things for all those who have gathered there. All of them including Sugriva, Vibhishana, etc. are preparing to leave to their respective places. As we’ve discussed before, Lord Rama offers a special gift to Vibhishana owing to his immense love and devotion. What is that special gift that Lord Rama offers Vibhishana?

There is a very interesting episode waiting for us on this subject. Stay tuned to find out! 🙂

Episode 310 – Lord Rama – The thirty-seventh King of Ayodhya!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed Ayodhya going into festive mode after fourteen long years. Lord Rama makes his way to Ayodhya along with his three brothers, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shathrugna. The victorious Vaanara army led by Sugriva, Hanuman and Angadha is accompanying them. Leading the way for everybody is the king of the Raakshasas, Vibhishana. Thus the entire caravan enters the borders of Ayodhya city, flanked by people on either ways of the path. Every house in Ayodhya is in celebration mood with aromatic garlands decorating the entrances. All people are at the entrances of their house to greet Rama as he passes by each and every house. The mood of happiness can be seen all across Ayodhya city.

As Rama makes his way through the streets of Ayodhya, he reaches the palace, which serves as a hub of the famed Ikshvaaku dynasty. The three mothers namely Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra welcome the caravan with their love and affection. They are thrilled to bits upon seeing Rama after fourteen long years! Their happiness knows no bounds. Mother Kaushalya runs forward and hugs her dear son Rama. Finally she has managed to see her Rama again after fourteen years of waiting! What an emotional moment for the family!

“Abhishekaaya raamasya shathrugnassachivaissaha!

Purohithaayassreshtaaya suhubhyacchan nyabedayath!!

Vasishto vijayanchaiva jaabaali atha kaashyapaha!

Kaathyaayano gauthamascha vaama devastathaivacha!!”

Thus as Rama enters the palace, along with his three mothers he also meets the eight important saints – Vasishta, Vaamadeva, Jaabaali, Atha, Kaashyapa, Kaathyaayana, Suyagnya Gauthama and Vijaya who adorn the courtroom of Ayodhya. Rama bows down to each of the eight Maharishis to seek their blessings. All the Maharishis are extremely happy of Rama’s victorious return to Ayodhya and they initiate the proceedings for Rama’s coronation ceremony.

The preparations for the ceremony get underway now. The Vaanaras are instructed to bring the divine holy water from eight different directions and the four important oceans. The Vaanaraas led by Hanuman take up this assignment and travel to different directions to bring water in golden pots. Water is collected from ninety-six holy rivers across the world, northern, southern, eastern and western oceans.

“Kireetena tathah paschaath vasishtena mahaathmanaa!

Ridhvigbhir bhooshanaschaiva samayokshatha raaghavaha!!

Raaghavaaya dadhau vaayuhu vaasavenah prachodithaha!

Sarva rathna samaayuktham manivhishca vibhooshitham!!”

Thus as the ceremony gets on the way, Lord Rama, along with Mother Sita is made to sit on the mighty “Simhaasana” (Throne) of Ayodhya. He is decorated with the “Kireetam” (Golden Crown) on his head as Sage Vasishta commences the proceedings with the divine chantings of “Manthras” (Hymns). He bathes Rama with the holy waters as the ceremony enters the important stage now. Now Lord Rama is declared officially as the king of Ayodhya – The successor of King Dasharata.

The ceremony is happening in an extremely grand manner, which the world hasn’t seen till date! Just like how Lord Indra was coronated in the Heaven (“Deva Lokha”) as the king of all the Devas (“Celestial Beings”), Lord Rama is now being coronated as the king of the whole world! This is not only a coronation of Ayodhya, but a coronation of all the leadership characteristics (“Kalyaana Gunaas”) of Lord Rama. Now, Lord Rama is our “Chakravarthy” (Divine Leader).

As the coronation ceremony is proceeding in full swing, Mother Sita has a small wish. She wants to felicitate Hanuman, who was the person instrumental behind Rama’s immense success. What does she do? How does she felicitate the great “Aachaarya” called Hanuman? Let’s wait till the next episode to witness the continuation of the grand coronation ceremony! 🙂

Episode 309 – Ayodhya re-enters the festive mood after fourteen years!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Bharata unconditionally hands over the reins of the Ayodhya kingdom and surrenders it at Lord Rama’s lotus feet. Eventually, Bharata’s tearful conversation with Lord Rama showed us the extent of love and devotion Bharata had for Lord Rama. These emotional words coming from Bharata’s pure and innocent heart moves Rama to tears. He hugs Bharata and acknowledges his unconditional surrender. How can Bhagwan resist himself when his devotee is in tears? He reaches out to Bharata and consoles him and explains to him that by going to the forest, he had achieved one of the most important missions of his life – To kill Ravana. This might not have happened had he not gone to the forest. Hence, Lord Rama comforts Bharata that he is not the reason for the exile and requests him not to feel guilty about it.

As Bharata listens to the loving and soothing words from his brother, the smiles are back in everybody’s faces! It is now time for celebration! All the hurdles have been crossed successfully! It’s now time for Ayodhya to re-enter the festive mode! As Lord Rama gives the consent, the arrangements for the coronation function commences. Hanuman leads the way along with Rama’s three brothers, Vibhishana and Sugriva to make all the preparations.

Now Lord Rama is all set to end his “Vana-Vaasa” (Forest life). He first removes his beard and all the robes of that of a saint. He takes a holy bath in the waters of the River Sarayu and changes into a fresh suit of that of a king! Now it is time for all of them to proceed from Nandigraama to Ayodhya. The entire caravan commences its journey. There are innumerable royal elephants, chariots, soldiers who lead the way. Lakshmana and Hanuman fan Lord Rama and Sita, who are sitting in a beautiful golden chariot. All along the journey, Lord Rama narrates the entire fourteen-year experience in the forest to all his people who are gathered around him. Every house in Ayodhya is in festival mode – Every house is beautifully decorated and garlanded with the most aromatic flowers. Flowers are sprewn all over the road through which Lord Rama’s chariot is passing through. As Rama passes by the city roads, each and every person in Ayodhya wishes him and seeks His blessings. Lord Rama acknowledges each and every person in his kingdom and gradually moves into the city of Ayodhya. Once he sets foot into Ayodhya city, he bows down to the great land ruled by all his forefathers until King Dasharata.

As Lord Rama steps into Ayodhya, all the people including saints bless Rama for a long life and a successful tenure as an invincible king. Till now they’ve seen Rama as a child and now they’re going to see them as a matured individual who can take all of them forward.

Now the entire caravan reaches the Ayodhya palace. Rama slowly enters the palace after fourteen long years. His three mothers, Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra are eagerly awaiting Rama’s return and as Rama steps in, they are with tears of joy! Kaikeyi is especially happy because her son Rama had executed her orders without any regret. She praises Rama for his obedience and respect towards his parents.

As the caravan enters the palace, there is happiness all around! People exchange greetings and smiles. For today, let us also join this caravan and the people of Ayodhya to enjoy the joyous occasion of Lord Rama’s return to Ayodhya! We shall wait till the next episode for the coronation function to commence! 🙂

Episode 308 – Bharata submits the Ayodhya kingdom to Lord Rama’s feet!!!


In the previous episode, we had witnessed that Lord Rama along with Sita and Lakshmana have arrived at Nandigrama to meet Bharata and Shathrugna after fourteen long years. Before that, Hanuman arrives in front of Bharata and appraises the situation to him. He says to Bharata that Rama is on his way and thus prevents Bharata from jumping into the pyre of fire.

Eventually as Rama arrives, Bharata is in tears of joy upon seeing his brother after fourteen years. He immediately rushes towards Rama and hugs him with all his love and affection. This is a beautiful and an emotional moment and is captured in an elaborate manner by Vaalmiki Maharishi.

Now moving on, as the four brothers settle down after a few initial emotional moments, Bharata comes forward and surrenders the Ayodhya kingdom at Lord Rama’s feet.

This is a very important phase as we are going to witness the unique characteristics of a person who practises complete surrender to the Lord’s feet.

Bharata says to Lord Rama thus, “Oh dear brother! Here are the reins of this great Ayodhya kingdom, which has been ruled by our great forefathers for innumerable generations. Now the time has come for you to take over the reins and become the 37’th king of this great place! I’m submitting this wholeheartedly to your lotus feet!”

Saying thus, Bharata takes water in his palms, washes Rama’s divine feet and bows to him with all his respect. Rama accepts Bharata’s request. However Bharata continues his talk to Rama thus, “Oh Rama! Although I’m submitting the reins of Ayodhya to you, you might have a feeling that I should continue ruling Ayodhya and you would be assisting me. However, can a tiger and a dog be compared? A tiger is so ferocious and aggressive unlike a small dog! You are that great tiger and I’m that small dog. I shall assist you in whatever way you want me to do, rather than me ruling the kingdom. If that is the case, you might ask me ‘How did you rule this kingdom for fourteen years when I was on exile?’ Let me tell you one thing – It was because of compulsion that I had to execute the duties of the kingdom and not voluntarily. I was forced into this and I still have the guilt that I took away the right that you deserved! Hence, my dear brother, I request you to forgive all my wrongdoings and accept me as your devotee! I would be the happiest person if this could happen. I know that I do not deserve it for all the wrong things that I’ve done to you! But please have some mercy on this poor child! I would always like to see you as my king and I would always like to be your servant to execute whatever you order me to do!”

As Bharata says thus, he breaks into tears and starts sobbing uncontrollably. His mind is now full of guilt and regret that he and his mother Kaikeyi had snatched Rama’s rights, fourteen years ago! Also, Bharata is having the feeling that it was only because of him that Rama had to suffer in the forest for all these years! However, Lord Rama – As we all know, is the most compassionate person in this worldHow can he tolerate Bharata’s innocent tears arising out of a pure heart? He immediately lifts his brother from his feet and hugs him with all his love! He slowly wipes Bharata’s tears and replies him thus, “Oh my dear Bharata! Although I was physically away from you all these years, there has never been a moment where I was not thinking about you! Bharata! You are everything for me! Don’t forget that. And it is not your fault that I had to go to the forest. It was the very purpose of my birth that I execute some important duties that I left for the forest. And see.. We’ve got such wonderful people like Hanuman and Sugriva as our dear friends and this friendship happened only because I had gone to Kishkinta! So rather than feeling sad about it, you should be happy that we’ve got such wonderful people with us today!”

Saying thus, Rama consoles Bharata and accepts his complete surrender! Now the kingdom of Ayodhya is under Lord Rama. The stage is all set for the grand coronation ceremony! Let’s wait till the next episode for the important coronation function to commence! 🙂