Episode 192 – Jaambhavaan encourages Hanuman to cross the ocean – Significance of “Motivation”!!!


We are now at a very important stage wherein the Vaanaras have managed to reach the shore of the southern ocean bodering India and Lanka. So far, their search efforts have not yielded any positive result. As they get frustrated with themselves and their negative result so far, Sampaathi, brother of the King of Eagles – Jataayu Maharaja comes to their rescue. Upon hearing from the Vaanaras that Jataayu had laid his life while being of selfless service to Sita and Rama, Sampaathi feels proud of his brother and wishes that his contribution should also be prominent towards Rama’s mission. Thus, in order to help the Vaanaraas, Sampaathi focuses his razor-sharp eyes in the southern direction and is able to vaguely visualize that Sita is imprisoned at Ravana’s Lanka.

Upon hearing this from Sampaathi, the Vaanaras are overjoyed! They’ve finally found an answer to an otherwise futile search attempt so far! However at the same time, a debate erupted as to who would cross the ocean and search in Lanka. As Jaambhavaan chairs the discussion, each monkey comes up and expresses its limitation in terms of strength and power. Angada too was not very confident of his abilities to undertake this mission. At a point wherein everyone was puzzled as to how to proceed further, Jaambhavaan suddenly remembered one important person – So far, this person hasn’t participated in this important discussion and seemed to be aloof and in his own world! This person was none other than Hanuman! Yes! Owing to a curse that he had obtained during his young age, he had completely forgotten about his strengths and capabilities! He needed someone to remind him and motivate him that he could accomplish any tough mission in this world with great ease! Jaambhavaan knows this and decided that he should be the person to motivate Hanuman!

Accordingly, Jaambhavaan goes near Hanuman and starts to praise him thus, “Oh Hanuman! You are a great person in terms of valor, smartness and also possess infinite power and capabilities! You are one person in this entire army of Vaanaraas who is capable of undertaking any tough mission with ease! You are that person who is capable of accomplishing missions that might be otherwise considered impossible by many others! Your ardent devotion towards Rama and Sita is impeccable! You are the reason for Rama’s friendship with Sugriva! It is with immense trust in you that Rama has handed over his ring to show to Sita! Hence, Hanuman! Please get up and be sure within yourself that you are the one, who is capable to cross this ocean, find Sita and be of immense service to Lord Rama!”

Upon hearing this from his leader Jaambhavaan, Hanuman is reminded of his strengths and capabilities and thus gets up with all his confidence boosted up! Here is the significance of what we call “Motivation” in today’s Organization Behavior sciences. It is very interesting to see that this idea of motivation existed even in the Ramayana age, some thousands of years ago! Thus the important management lesson to be learnt from this Jaambhavaan-Hanuman episode is that, motivation is a key component of effective and successful leadership! From the way Jaambhavaan motivates Hanuman, it is clear that leaders should have that capability to inspire and motivate his/her team members in the workplace! This quality is extremely important for a team’s success. We can see innumerable examples in today’s world wherein this motivation is of prime importance – For instance, why do we keep saying that Mahendra Singh Dhoni is a successful leader? It is only because of his unique ability to motivate his team and bring them together as a unit while on the field! Similar examples can be witnessed in any team sport across the world!

Thus coming back to the context, Hanuman is getting himself ready to undertake this huge mission! He realizes his unique powers and thus exudes confidence to all of his friends and is about to start. At this point, we are at the end of the “Kishkinta Kaanda” and are going to commence the all-important “Sundara Kaanda”. Why do I say that “Sundara Kaanda” is all-important in the entire Ramayana? Are the other “Kaandas” unimportant? What is so special about the “Sundara Kaanda”? Let’s wait to witness a very important answer till the next episode! 🙂


Episode 191 – Vaanaras set out towards the southern direction!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Rama calls Hanuman by his side and hands over his ring, so as to show to Sita as a token of his love for her. Hanuman receives it from Rama and gets ready to start along with Jambhavan, Angadha and others towards the southern direction. However, it is to be remembered by the readers that Hanuman still has his own doubts over why is everybody so involved in this big search mission and why can’t Rama move on in his life without Sita! We shall reserve this argument at this point for now. There will be a context in the future wherein we can witness whether Hanuman’s doubts were cleared or not.

Now moving on, the Vaanara camp led by Jambhavan and Hanuman set out towards the southern direction in pursuit of Sita. As they proceed southwards, the entire Vaanra camp gets stuck up inside the cave of “Svayamprabha”. It was a huge cave and the entire camp didn’t know how to get out of it. At the end, Svayamprabha appears in front of the Vaanaras and bring them out of the cave. Post that, the entire camp searches its way through the entire southern India and finally reach the shores of the southern ocean. Unfortunately for the Vaanaras, so far their search operation turned out to be futile. They weren’t able to find Sita anywhere. Days were running and their deadline for the completion of the mission was nearing.

As the Vaanaras neared the ocean shores, everybody started losing hope. Some of them started weeping, some were afraid of the punishment that would be metted out to them by Sugriva if they failed to execute this mission successfully. Angada started to have memories of his dead father, Vaali and began weeping. Upon seeing Angadha himself losing hope, the entire Vaanara camp was plunged into sorrow and despair. At this point, everybody started talking, “Just like how Jataayu laid down his life while doing service to Rama, we should also lay down our life!” As the entire camp was murmuring thus within themselves, there was a pleasant surprise waiting for them!

The surprise comes in the form of Sampaathi, who is none other than the brother of Jataayu. In some way, Sampaathi overhears the conversations of the Vaanaras and slowly comes near them. He was not aware that his brother Jatayu had passed away! Upon hearing this from the Vaanaras, Sampathi was shocked beyond words and goes near them to enquire. As Sampathi asks the Vaanaras, Hanuman and Co. narrate the story as to what happened to Jatayu, how he fought with Ravana to protect Sita and how he eventually was killed by him. Upon hearing this, Sampaathi was in the loss of words as he was in total grief. However, he was happy that his brother had the unique opportunity in his lifetime to be of great help to Lord Rama! Thus Sampaathi says, “My brother is so fortunate to be part of the ‘Raama-Kainkariya”! I’m feeling so proud of my brother! It is a pity that I couldn’t get such an opportunity to be of service to Lord Rama in any way! However, even now it is not too late. I’m an eagle and my eyesight is very sharp. I shall try to see from here if I can view Ravana and the place where Sita is imprisoned!”

Saying thus, Sampaathi turns towards the southern direction and focuses his vision towards Lanka and Ravana. He is able to have a blurred view of Sita being imprisoned in Ravana’s palace. However since he was too old in age, he couldn’t have a much clearer vision. Thus Sampaathi says, “Oh Vaanaras! I’m able to see Sita imprisoned in Ravana’s palace in Lanka, which is in the other side of this ocean! If I would have been younger, I would have crossed the ocean by myself and protected Sita, but now I’m not in a position to fly that long a distance! In any case, you need to decide and come up with an idea as to how to cross the ocean and meet Sita!”

Upon hearing this from Sampaathi, the Vaanaras are extremely happy on one side and on the other, they are puzzled as to how do they cross this mighty ocean! Now the debate begins as to who would be that person who would cross the ocean and search for Sita in Lanka! Jaambhavan is chairing the debate as each monkey comes up and says, “I can only jump across a few kilometers! I don’t think I would be able to cross such a huge ocean all by myself!” Angada says, “I have the strength and power to cross the ocean fully once! However, I don’t know if I would be having that same power to come back from Lanka by crossing the ocean again!” Thus each Vaanara comes and expresses its inability to undertake this mission. Everybody was puzzled! At last Jaambhavan remembers that there is one person in the camp who is capable of doing this with ease! However, he is sitting silent owing to a reason! Who is that person? Why is he sitting silent? Let’s wait for the important answers till the next episode! 🙂

Episode 190 – Lord Rama hands over his ring to Hanuman!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that the entire Vaanara community headed by Sugriva are getting ready for the great search mission. Sugriva invites all the Vaanaras from different corners of the country to assemble in Kishkinta to aid the search operation. As the entire Vaanara community flocks in, Sugriva assigns groups and directs each group to go in different directions for the search. Amongst others, the group comprising of Angada, Jaambhavaan, Hanuman, etc. were ordered to head towards the southern direction.

As all the groups were getting ready to start, there was one person who never seemed to be interested in any of this planning and talks that were going on! That person was none other than Hanuman! It is to be remembered that he is a “Naishtika Brahmachaari” – In other words, he was a saintly person uninterested in a family life. Thus as all the hectic planning and discussions about the search mission was taking place, Hanuman had a feeling within himself, “Just because of this one Sita, why is everyone running around here and there? This Rama is considered to be the disciple of the great Sage Vasishtaachaarya. Being so, doesn’t he have the courage to face the situation and move on in life, rather than sitting in one corner and crying? Why is he losing himself just because he has lost this Sita?” Thinking thus, Hanuman is sitting in one corner of the place seemingly uninterested in the entire search operation!

As Hanuman was thinking this way, Rama figured out that something is wrong with Hanuman! One of Lord Rama’s unique qualities as a leader is that, he can figure out even what the other person is thinking about and accordingly he has the smartness to modify his answer! Thus, Rama figures out what was going in Hanuman’s mind! It is at this point Rama decides that if there should be one person who should see Sita, it should be Hanuman! Hence he calls Hanuman to his side and motivates him:

“Na moobhou naantharikshyevaa naambare naamaraalaye!

Naasuva kabhi sandhanthe pashyaami hari pungava!!”

Rama says, “Oh Hanuman! You are the only person who has the smartness and sharpness of the mind to undertake this mission. You have the required strength and valor to take on this search. You are the only person here who has the unique capability of taking wise decisions at the right time!” Saying thus, Rama hugs Hanuman with all his love and affection. He thus hands over his ring to Hanuman, to be shown to Sita as a token of identification. Handing it over to Hanuman, Rama now is in tears and says “Oh Hanuman! Please give this to Sita as my token of love and support to her! If you succeed in this mission of finding her whereabouts, there is nothing else in this world that would make this Rama happy!”

As Rama talks with tears, Hanuman consoles him and gets ready to start. He is now determined to find Sita and unite her with Rama! The mission is on as the Vaanaraas set out in different directions! What happened next? Did the Vaanaraas succed in finding Sita immediately? Were they bound to face obstacles in their mission? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂

Episode 189 – Sugriva plans the “Search Mission” – Hanuman not interested!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed a very important part of the Kishkinta Kaanda wherein Taara consoles Lakshmana and makes him realize that any mission is impossible to be accomplished with anger and emotions running high! Soon, Lakshmana realizes his folly and decides not to go ahead and fight the Vaanaras. Meanwhile, Sugriva is up from his inactive state and gets ready to meet Rama and Lakshmana.

Accordingly, the entire Vaanara camp headed by Sugriva march towards the Maalyavaan Mountain and meet Rama. Sugriva falls on Rama’s feet as Rama welcomes him with his usual beaming and beautiful smile. Sugriva initially apologizes for the delay from his side in commencing the mission of searching for Sita.

Now, Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva sit down and start to plan the mission of search. Sugriva calls for all the Vaanaras from all over the “Bhaarata Desha” to assemble in Kishkinta immediately. As all of them arrive, the plan for the mission is underway! Sugriva assigns the Vaanaras group after group to search in different directions. Some groups were sent towards the northern direction, some were sent towards the south, some towards the east and some towards the west! Amongst all the groups, Sugriva nominates the important group led by Jaambhavaan, Angadha and Hanuman to search in the southern direction.

Now as the leader of the entire Vaanara community, Sugriva guides through the ways and means as to how and where to search. He gives exact details of even the smallest of the small pathways to proceed and search! Upon looking at this, Rama was in awe! He was so surprised and asks Sugriva at one point out of curiosity, “Oh Sugriva! How come you know each nook and corner of all the places so accurately? I’m the person who had created this whole world! But even I do not know places as accurately as you do! What is the secret behind this?” Upon which, Sugriva laughs for a moment and replies, “Oh Rama! I know all these places accurately because, when Vaali was chasing me, I had to run through all these places so as to escape from him! 🙂 Hence I remember all these places so accurately!” Hearing this, Rama was amused and thinks within himself, “Oh Wow! While this Sugriva is running for his life, he is able to remember this much! If he goes in the normal condition, how much more will he remember!” Thus they share a lighter moment with each other as the search operation gets planned swiftly and accurately!

Meanwhile as the planning happens, Sugriva also guides the Vaanara army not to go to certain places – One of them is TirupathiThe very famous and powerful sanctorium of Lord Venkateshwara!

Here is a very important deeper meaning: Why is Sugriva not asking Vaanaras to go to Tirupathi hills to search for Sita? The inner meaning to this is that, the moment one goes and spends a moment at Tirupathi, all his/her sins are washed away and the person directly can attain Moksha! This is the significance of the great Tirupathi and we can see this great significance brought out beautifully even in the Ramayana text!

Sugriva thus replies back, “Oh Hanuman and group! I’m telling you to avoid this place because, when you go and stand there all your sins would be washed away and you would get Moksha! Now, I’m more interested in finding out Sita rather than you going to Moksha! If you attain Moksha, who would complete the mission of finding Sita?” Saying thus, Sugriva brings out the significance of the great place called Tirupathi. This is the reason why it is believed that if we visit Tirupathi once in our lifetime, all our sins are washed away at that very moment! Even today, this shrine is one the world’s most visited pilgrimage spots.

Thus, the Vaanaras are preparing themselves to undertake the great mission. They are now ready to start in the respective directions assigned to them. As Sugriva was jotting down all such points, at one stage, Hanuman loses interest! He goes and sits in one corner of the place. Why does he do so? Why wasn’t Hanuman interested to go and search for Sita? Let’s wait for the answers for these important questions till the next episode! 🙂

Episode 188 – Taara leaves Lakshmana speechless!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that as Lakshmana was walking down furiously towards Kishkinta, Taara intercepts him. The moment Lakshmana saw a woman coming and standing in front of him, he did not know how to react and hence hung his head down and stood there. At this point, Taara was puzzled and couldn’t understand why isn’t Lakshmana advancing forward and looking at her! She tries to make Lakshmana lift his head and talk. Eventually she asks a few questions to him and we are at this point in witnessing the various questions that she posed. Today we shall continue and look into what Taara speaks and does Lakshamana lift his head and talk with her!

As Taara continues talking, Lakshmana thinks within himself, “Oh! Who is this woman? She is talking something very sensible, which I cannot deny and move forward!” Taara continues, “Oh Lakshmana! Let me tell you about your father and your Guru, Sage Vishwaamithra! Your father was so calm and patient in nature that he was able to rule the great Ayodhya kingdom for so many years efficiently! As a son of the great King Dasharata, how can you become furious for small things like this? Let me also tell you about Sage Vishwaamithra! He was carried away by desires and was with his wife Shakuntala for so many years. He was also carried away by his anger and even forgot to do his daily “Sandhyaavandanam” (A spiritual practice). Hence Lakshmana, please try and control your anger! It can have disastrous consequences in future!”

Upon hearing this, Lakshmana hung his head further down in shame! He was made to look so foolish in front of Taara! Here is a very important learning for all of us from Taara’s words: At any point in time, we should try and control our anger and desires. The more the anger, the more dangerous is it for sustaining relationships, executing and completing important tasks, etc. Hence, we should ensure adequate care to keep our anger in check!

Upon seeing Lakshmana hanging his head further down, Taara is even more puzzled as to how to make him lift his head! She makes a plan now – The only way to make Lakshmana lift his head is to talk about Rama! Now she says, Oh Lakshmana! I’ve heard that you wouldn’t bear the separation from Rama for even a minute! Now, how many minutes have passed by after coming down from Rama’s place? Ten minutes have passed by, isn’t it?” Upon hearing this, Lakshmana was shocked! He thinks within himself, “Oh! How come this woman knows that I’m so much devoted to Rama? Who is this woman?Thinking thus, he finally lifts his face and looks at Taara.

At this place, Kambar in his Ramayana text in Tamil writes that upon seeing Taara dressed like a widow, Lakshmana remembers his mothers Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra who are also widows. This means, according to the Kamba Ramayana, Taara was accepted by Sugriva as his mother and not as his wife!

Thus at this point, Lakshmana decided not to go further to fight the Vaanaras. In the meanwhile, Sugriva realizes his fault and gets ready to go and meet Rama and Lakshmana to start the search mission for Sita. What happened next? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!

Episode 187 – Taara intercepts furious Lakshmana!!!



In the previous episode we witnessed that Sugriva has forgotten the promise that he had made to Lord Rama for searching Sita. The newly obtained kingdom carries him away and he is into drinks, enjoying all the materialistic pleasures as a king! However on the other side, Rama is passing every second with utter grief of not being near Sita. At one point in time he loses his patience and asks Lakshmana to find out what is Sugriva doing! On the other hand, Lakshmana is furious about the delay as time is running out! Rama eventually calms Lakshmana down and sends him to check on Sugriva. He also asks Lakshmana to warn Sugriva of meeting the same end as his brother Vaali did.

Thus Lakshmana walks furiously towards Kishkinta with his bow and arrows! He was ready to pull down anybody at ease with all his fury! Upon seeing Lakshmana coming along, all the Vaanaraas guarding the gates were terrified! They ran inside to inform Sugriva, but alas! He was not in his normal state of mind! He was high with drinks and was among ladies in the bed! Terrified by this, the Vaanaraas meet Hanuman and explain the situation. Hanuman makes a plan – He asks Taara to go and intercept Lakshmana in the gate! Meanwhile he tries to awaken Sugriva and bring him back to his normal state.

Thus accordingly, Taara comes and stands at the gate as Lakshmana comes along. The moment he saw a woman coming and standing in front of him, he didn’t know how to react and he hung his head down and stood like a statue! He was expecting some male Vaanaraas to come in front and was ready to fight them down, however when a female came in front, he was dumbstruck!

Here is a point wherein there is a slight difference between Valmiki Ramayana and Kamba Ramayana (in Tamil). Valmiki Ramayana says that Sugriva accepted Taara as his wife. Kamba Ramayana says that Sugriva treated Taara as his own mother. Perhaps Kambar changed the version owing to the change in the societal views after numerous generations. This is what we can assume at this point. However if that is the case, we would get another doubt here: Rama just now punished Vaali because he took away Ruma (Sugriva’s wife). Why was that? Here we should note the important difference that Vaali abducted Ruma when Sugriva was alive. That was a mistake. But here, Sugriva accepts Taara as his wife after the death of Vaali. Since the husband is not alive, there is an exception that the widow can re-marry another person. Also, this is a rule only for animals and not for humans. This is another important point to be noted. However, to avoid all these sorts of confusions, Kambar totally changed the entire scene – Sugriva accepted Taara as a mother.

Thus, Taara intercepts Lakshmana. The moment Taara intercepts him, Lakshmana puts his head down and stands in shame! Taara was surprised and thinks. “Oh!! What is happening to this Lakshmana? I’ve never seen any man putting his head down upon seeing me! I should talk something to make him lift his head and look at me!” Thinking thus, Taara offers Lakshmana with all the fruits and vegetables and tries to welcome him as a guest. Lakshmana replies without lifting his head, “I’m not here to eat all this! I normally eat only the left over of what Rama has eaten. That is how it is till today! If I eat this, it would be like betraying my brother! How can I eat if Rama hasn’t eaten anything?”

Upon hearing this, Taara asks him next: “Oh Lakshmana! Fine! But why are you so angry today? What had happened? Is everything alright?” Lakshmana replies back, “Oh! Don’t you know what’s the reason for my anger? You’re talking as if you do not know anything!” Upon which Taara replies, “Oh Lakshmana! I know it! See.. Afterall we are monkeys! We are animals! What did you try to ask? You wanted to ask how can we get carried away by “Kaama” (desire). If “Kaama” carries us away and if it is wrong, is it right for you to get carried away by “Krodha” (Anger)? Lord Krishna says in his Bhagawat Gita that Kaama and Krodha are both symptoms of a bigger disease called “Rajo Guna”.

“Kaama yeshaha krodha yeshaha rajo guna samudhbhavaha!”

 Thus, as Taara asks pointed questions to Lakshmana, he starts to think and realizes that he was foolishly standing in front of a woman like this! Taara continues to ask few more questions to Lakshmana and we shall wait till the next episode to see what Lakshmana had to reply! Did he lift his head up and see who is standing in front of him? Let’s wait to find out! 🙂

Episode 186 – Sugriva forgets his promise – Lord Rama reminds him!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Sugriva was coronated to the throne of Kishkinta by Lakshmana and Hanuman. Eventually the plan was to commence the search for Sita after the four-month rainy season and in the meanwhile Rama and Lakshmana were residing at the Maalyavaan Mountain, waiting for Sugriva and Co. to come. Time moves on and for Rama, every second and every minute of this time was too hard to pass by! He was constantly in memories of his beloved Sita and was weeping bitterly due to this great grief. Lakshmana tried his best to console Rama but in vain! He was unconsolable!

Thus the four months pass by! At the end of the fourth month, Rama and Lakshmana are restlessly waiting for Sugriva and the Vaanaras to come to Maalyavaan Mountain. However, Sugriva and Co. were not to be seen! Rama is unable to hold himself back as his patience is running out! Sugriva is completely carried away by the new position that he had obtained! He was completely into drinks, enjoying pleasures with his women and eventually he forgot the promise that he had given to Rama to search for Sita!

At one stage, Rama completely runs out of patience and he calls Lakshmana with all his fury! Lakshmana immediately asks Rama, “Shall I go and kill Sugriva immediately because he failed to live up to our expectations?” Upon seeing Lakshmana standing up with all his fury, Rama requests him to be a bit patient. He says to Lakshmana, “Oh Lakshmana! Is it for killing Sugriva that we’ve worked so hard? Don’t give way for anger to overtake the mind! Let’s be patient here. Just go to Kishkinta and remind Sugriva of his promise made to us. That would be enough! Also tell him sternly that if he fails to fulfill his promise, he would also meet the similar kind of ending that his brother Vaali had!”

Hearing this from his brother, Lakshmana takes his bow and arrows and sets out of Maalyavaan! He walks with all his anger and frustration that the entire world below his feet started to tremble! Lakshmana walks down to the entrance of Kishkinta and upon seeing him, the Vaanaraas guarding the gates get terrified! They were sure that Lakshmana singlehandedly is going to destroy the entire Vaanaraa community!

Some of them run inside the palace to inform Sugriva, but in vain! Sugriva is not be found in the court room! He is high with drinks and was amongst women! What happened next? Did Sugriva realize his mistake? Who intervened in the middle to set things right? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out the interesting set of happenings after this! 🙂

Episode 185 – Sugriva – The king of Kishkinta!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Taara comes into the place where Rama had killed her husband Vaali. She was initially into deep state of sorrow and uncontrollable grief, however she recovers herself and praises Rama for his magnanimity! Thus Rama asks Sugriva and Angada to perform the last rites to Vaali and subsequently asks Lakshmana to go into Kishkinta to coronate Sugriva on the throne.

Eventually Lakshmana along with the other Vaanaraas set out to Kishkinta, as the celebrations begin. They straightaway enter into the palace and Lakshmana along with Hanuman, Angadha and other Vaanaraas coronate Sugriva as the chief of the Vaanaraas. As Sugriva is getting coronated, Rama sends a message that he would be residing with Lakshmana at the Maalyavaan Mountain, adjacent to the Rishyamukha Mountain for the next four months, which fall under the rainy season. Since it is a rainy season, it would be difficult to undertake the search mission and hence Rama decides to halt everything for sometime and wait till the weather improves. Once these four months were over, the plan was made to undertake the search for Sita.

Thus the coronation ceremony takes place at Kishkinta in a grand manner! Sugriva is finally coronated by Lakshmana and Hanuman. After the coronation is over, Lakshmana returns back to Maalyavaan Mountain where Rama was staying.

“Abhishinchasva raajyeva suvruthassampraharshaya!

Ithi raamaa dhanurvaadhyaha sugreevo vaanara rishabaha!!

Aavivesha natham nidraa nishaashu shayanam gatham!

Tath samudrena shokena bhaashpamupaka chethanam!!”

 From the above slokas, Vaalmiki Maharishi beautifully and emotionally brings out the sufferings that Rama and Lakshmana are undergoing during these four months! Rama is literally sleepless (“Aavivesha natham nidraa”) and his food intake reduced considerably! He is weeping bitterly and uncontrollably all these days and is in full thoughts about his beloved Sita! Even if Rama sleeps out of his extreme tiredness, he wakes up all of a sudden and searches around for Sita everywhere! He sees Sita in whichever direction he looks! He sees Sita in whichever food item that he eats! He sees Sita in whomever his eyes fall upon! Thus, Rama is completely lost in the thoughts about the safety of Sita and is waiting restlessly till this four-month period is over!

As Rama is restless in his thoughts and actions for these four rainy months, we shall also wait till the four months get over! After the four months are over, did Sugriva and Co. come to meet Rama by themselves or, some kind of a remainder had to be sent? What happened next? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!

Episode 184 – Taara praises Lord Rama’s magnanimity!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Vaali is deeply satisfied with the answers Lord Rama gave to each of his questions. At the end of it, all his doubts were cleared and he realized his wrongdoings. He asks for forgiveness and at the same time requests Rama to accept his son Angadha as his “Daasa” (devotee). Moreover, Vaali praises Sugriva for the sacrifices that he had made and also declares to the world that Sugriva had given him this golden opportunity to reach the “Svarga Lokha” (Heaven) and eventually passes away!

At this time, as Rama was standing by Vaali’s body Taara comes running as she receives the message of her husband’s demise. Tears roll down her cheeks as she sees her husband on the ground, dead! Immediately she feels the urge to shout at Rama and vent out her frustration. But as she has a look at her husband, she changes her mind! She starts sobbing and says, “Oh my dear husband! I repeatedly insisted that Sugriva has tied up with this Rama and is inviting you for a fight again and again! But you never paid heed to my words! Now see what has happened to you and me! How am I going to see you alive again ever? You confidently told me that Rama would not do something like this! But see what has happened at the end!” Saying thus, Taara started sobbing uncontrollably!

As she was crying aloud, Hanuman tries and consoles her. Once Taara regains her normality, instead of venting out her frustration on Rama (as thought before), she now hails and praises Rama for his magnanimity! She says, “Oh Rama! Your significance will never come down any time! Till today there was no male who hasn’t looked upon me with desire. I’m such a beautiful woman! Even then, you never set your eyes on me! From this I understood that you’ve gained complete control of your senses! Vaali had done misdeeds in his life and that’s why he had to meet such an end! I understand it completely and I have no regrets. Moreover, although you’ve defeated the king of Kishkinta, you’ve never had an intention to take over this kingdom. Instead you’re having that magnanimity to pass it on to Sugriva! I’ve never seen such high levels of magnanimity in any king till date!”

Saying thus, Taara praises Lord Rama for his magnanimity. Subsequently Rama asks Lakshmana to coronate Sugriva to the throne of Kishkinta. Since Rama was not supposed to enter into a city during this 14-year tenure of exile, he requests Lakshmana to enter Kishkinta and perform Sugriva’s coronation. Thus, Sugriva is going to become the king of Kishkinta city henceforth! We shall also wait till the next episode to find out how Sugriva reciprocates Rama’s help! Did he act immediately? What happened next? Let’s wait to find out!

Episode 183 – Vaali apologizes for his misdeeds & passes away!!!


Till yesterday we’ve been witnessing that Vaali is frustrated with Rama’s approach of killing him from the back. Vaali had asked Rama a set of six questions and in yesterday’s episode we witnessed the answers given by Lord Rama in response to Vaali’s questions. Upon hearing the assertive and straightforward answers of Rama, Vaali is in tears! He realizes his mistakes and is now greatful to Rama for liberating him from his misdeeds.

“Nachaye varshaye paapam kshathriyoham kuloktathaha!

Auraseem bhagineem vaageem bhaaryaam vaagyanujasracha!!”

 Saying thus, Vaali realizes his faults and regrets for them. Sugriva is looking on and he too feels sorry for his brother. The enmity between the two brothers thus fade away! At the time when death is knocking doors for Vaali, he calls his little son Angadha near him and says to Rama, “Oh Rama! Just because I’m faulty, it doesn’t mean that all my other family members are faulty as well! Here is my young son Angadha. Please accept him as your “Daasa”!”

Lord Rama wholeheartedly accepts Angadha as his own son and upon seeing this, Vaali is very happy. He continues by saying, “Oh Rama! Tomorrow after you go back to Ayodhya and when your brothers Bharata and Shathrugna talk that Sugriva plotted a plan to kill his elder brother Vaali, just to gain control over Kishkinta, please stop them from doing so!” Upon hearing this, Rama was surprised. He thinks to himself, “How is that this Vaali is protecting Sugriva even at the time of his death! It was only because of the enemity between them, Vaali is in this condition. However, why is Vaali so protective about Sugriva?”

Now Vaali clears the air. He continues to say, “Oh Rama! All of you might think that Sugriva had snatched away the Kishinkta kingdom from me by killing me. It is not like that! Sugriva has done something exceptionally good to me. Kamba Naadar in Tamil brings this out beautifully in his Ramayanam text: He says,

“Vettrarasu yembiyaigi veetarasu enakku eerndhaan!”

 From the above line, Vaali says to Rama, “You know what? Sugriva has taken the petty kingdom of Kishkinta (Vettrarasu) but he has given me the highest kingdom of “Moksha” (Veetarasu)! Hence, if your brothers make derogatory comments about Sugriva, please correct them and let them know this noble truth! Now I feel that I’m relieved of all the misdeeds that I’ve done and I do not have any objections for anything! I’m leaving this world happily!”

Saying thus, Vaali ends his life and passes away to the highest Moksha Saamraajya. As Vaali passes away, Rama is standing beside him and rests his long bow on the floor. As Rama was standing beside Vaali, Taara comes running to that place! Upon seeing that her husband had been killed, she couldn’t hold her tears back! She cries aloud and reminds herself that she had warned her husband not to go and fight Sugriva for the second time!

In what further way did Taara react? Did she feel angry on Rama for what he had done to her husband? Or did she feel that Rama had stood by his dharma by killing her husband? Let’s wait to find out in the next episode!