Episode 22: Valmiki Maharishi curses a hunter!!


In the previous episode we saw that Valmiki Maharishi and his sishya (student) Sage Bharadwaja go to the banks of the river Tamasa for taking bath. This was after Sage Naarada leaves the Valmiki Ashram after narrating the “Samkshepa Ramayana” to Valmiki Maharishi. What did Valmiki Maharishi and Sage Bharadwaja do after taking bath? Did they head back to the ashram? Or where did they go instead? Let’s see the interesting set of events that unfolded in today’s episode!

Valmiki Maharishi, instead of going back to his ashram, on this particular day heads into a beautiful garden, which is full of greenery on all four sides. Both he and his sishya were somehow attracted towards the natural beauty of that particular place and they enter into the garden.

“Tasyaabhyaasethu mithunam charantham anapaayinam!

Dadharsha bhagawanshtathra crounchayo chaaro nishchvanam!!

Tasmaath mithunaadeham pumaamsam papa nischayaha!

Jagaana vaira nilayaha nishaadastascha pashyataha!!”

From the above slokas, we can understand that once Valmiki Maharishi enters the beautiful garden, he comes across a big banyan tree, upon which two beautiful “Crouncha” birds were sitting – One male and one female bird, together. He starts to admire these two birds enjoying the nature around them in complete bliss. Seeing these two beautiful birds, Valmiki Maharishi also enters into a state of bliss, carried away by the beauty of the surroundings as well as the beauty of these two little birds.

But at that moment, a hunter comes in the middle, releases his arrow on one of those beautiful little birds. The arrow hit one of them and it falls on the ground dead! Upon seeing this, Valmiki Maharishi was extremely disturbed! Just like during a music concert, while we’re deeply engrossed into the beautiful music, somebody from behind drags a chair or a mobile phone starts to ring in an awkward way, our concentration gets disturbed and all of a sudden we would never know what’s happening around us and we get frustrated, here too, Valmiki Maharishi gets extremely frustrated when the hunter comes in and puts one of the beautiful birds to death!! Immediately he blurts out a curse to that hunter – But the most interesting and important point here is that, this curse came from Valmiki’s mouth in the form of a “Sloka”. Thus, the “Shoka” (Distress) in his mind, came out through his mouth in the form of a “Sloka” (verse). It is to be noted that Valmiki Maharishi has never sung a sloka till this point of time in his entire life.

“Purohpeete thataakasya parirvaahaha prathihkriyaa”!!

This is a common saying in Sanskrit. It means, whatever we have in our mind it’s better to pour it out through words. We should never keep too much of both happiness and sadness in our mind, just like in a big lake, which is about to overflow with excess water, the exit points in the lakes (pipes) should be opened up so as to prevent the entire lake from breaching its walls and destroying an entire town/city. Hence we can also see in this case, that Valmiki Maharishi had extreme sorrow for that poor bird in his mind, and this sorrow came out through words in the form of a “Sloka”.

“Maa nishaada prathistaanthamagamah shaashwatheessamaaha!

Yath crouncha mithunaath deham avadih kaama mohitham!!”

In the above sloka, Avadih kaama mohitham – Yath crouncha mithunaath” means, “These two beautiful “Crouncha” birds which were in complete bliss with each other were separated by you – Oh hunter!” and thus Valmiki Maharishi continues in his curse, “Hey Nishaada (Nishaada means hunter), you’ll face all kinds of bad omens (Shaashwathee samaaha) in your life and your entire life would be ruined!” Once he cursed that hunter, Valmiki Maharishi didn’t like to be at that beautiful garden even for a minute more, and he takes Sage Bharadwaja along with him and returns to his ashram with anger and disbelief.

After returning back to his ashram, Valmiki Maharishi tries to recollect the curse that he gave, which had come out in the form of a “Sloka”, and he’s amazed with himself as to how did he compose such a grammatically correct sloka, all by himself! What happens next? What are the next series of events that unfolded after this? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!



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