Episode 25: Valmiki Maharishi commences to write the Ramayana text


Till the previous episode we saw the three major events that influenced Valmiki Maharishi to write the Ramayana. The first event was the conversation between Sage Naarada and Valmiki Maharishi (Naarada-Valmiki Samvaadham) wherein Valmiki Maharishi asks sixteen questions to Sage Naarada. In reply, Sage Naarada gives the “Samkshepa Ramayana” to Valmiki Maharishi. The second event being, Valmiki Maharishi and his sishya, Sage Bharadwaja going to the banks of the river Tamasa for their customary bath and prayers, and after that they enter a garden to admire the nature. In that place, Valmiki Maharishi utters a curse to a hunter who shot a “Krouncha” bird with his arrow. After that, Valmiki Maharishi realizes that the curse came out of his mouth in the form of a grammatically correct “Sloka”. It was at this time of ponder that Lord Brahma enters Valmiki Maharishi’s ashram and this is the third event. Lord Brahma showers his divine grace on him to start writing the Ramayana story. Now how did he start to write? How did he manage to convert a 32-sloka Ramayana into a 24,000-sloka Ramayana? Let’s see today!

Lord Brahma blesses Valmiki Maharishi by saying that this Ramayana story that would be composed, would live forever in this world till the day the Sun and the Moon would exist, and subsequently He vanishes from the spot.

Lot of people in the modern day world unfortunately misunderstand the meaning of the word “Story”. They think that the word “story” means, describing something that had not happened in realty. In other words, people misinterpret all stories as mere “fictions”. However, in olden days, the concept of a “Story” was just the opposite – A story meant a history of what had exactly happened. For instance, if we say “Ramayana Story”, it is a story that had actually happened in realty. Why am I saying this? It’s only today that we have the entire concept of a “fiction”, and this concept never existed in those days and ages. For those people, only the Ithihaasas and the Puraanas were stories. Also, all these stories were not written out of imagination. But we misinterpret the meaning of a story in the modern day because we’re obsessed with reading daily newspapers and magazines, which are a prime source of “fictions”. Hence, it’s important for us to clearly distinguish between the “fictions” and “real stories”.

Now, Valmiki Maharishi sits down to commence writing the Ramayana text in a much bigger detail. The moment he again thinks as to how to convert a 32-sloka text into a larger one, Lord Brahma again blesses him from His abode!

“Hasitham bhaashitham chaiva gathiryaa yasya jeshtitham!

Tat sarvam dharma veeryena yathaavat sam prapashyathi!!”

The above sloka signifies that Valmiki Maharishi, with the divine grace of Lord Brahma, was able to see from his place, each and every incident that took place in Lord Rama’s life, right in front of his eyes – The instances where Rama laughed, where Rama cried, where Rama walked, where Rama talked… Whatever Rama and Sita have done, Valmiki Maharishi was able to view everything in minute detail! One might immediately ask, “Are these things possible in realty?” In the modern day life we see something called “Highlights” of an event especially in sports, wherein the broadcaster re-telecasts the entire game or important moments in the game compiled and consolidated, at a later time! If this can be possible today, it would have been possible in the ester years too! Moreover, for the amount of devotion, concentration and determination the ancient sages of this land had, anything might have been possible for them!

Moreover, for the human mind to be on this track, only the divine grace is needed and nothing else! All of us today keep praying for this “Divine Grace” from Bhagawan every day, however, if He intends to shower His grace, it’s just a matter of a few seconds! But this requires immense devotion from our side and this is why our elders and ancestors have emphasized a lot on various spiritual practices to be followed meticulously. Hence, it’s out duty to follow what our ancestors have laid down! Are we following all this today? Each of us has lot of different agendas and problems in life, and the problem with all of us today is that, we never prioritize Bhagawan in our daily life! This is the irony today – We keep running in search of so many things. But little do we think that whatever we are running for is just for a momentous pleasure and nothing else! If we really need to experience the permanent pleasure of our “Aathman” (The inner soul), we need to give atleast some importance to our everyday spiritual practices. I’m not saying that we should just sit at home and keep praying. Of course we need to work and earn money to make a living. But all I’m trying to say is that we need to strike a balance between our materialistic life and our spiritual quest! Just like how we split of savings and invest in different options like banks, mutual funds, etc. we should be able to split our time for the materialistic duties of life as well as our spiritual duties. Only if we are successful enough in doing this, we would be able to find the real happiness in our lives!

Hence, with the divine grace of Lord Brahma, Valmiki Maharishi was able to see in front of him, all what had happened in Lord Rama’s life and thus he commences writing the great Ramayana. In the next “Sarga” (Chapter) he says how did he sing this text, how many chapters and slokas does it contain, how many “Kaandams” (Parts) it has, etc. Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!


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