Episode 40 – Lord Vishnu incarnates at Ayodhya!!!


In the previous episode we had seen the deeper meaning of why the payasam was split into four “unequal” parts amongst king Dasharata’s three wives. In due course we also witnessed the significance of the “Bhaagawatha Bhaktha” (Devotee of the Lord’s devotee) and in the context of the Ramayana, it’s Shathrughna who has that unique distinction of being the “Bhaagawatha Bhaktha”. Thus, we also saw that Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra consumed the portions of payasam given to them and accordingly they became pregnant.

Days and months rolled by and six seasons passed by (which means 12 months – 2 months for each season).

“Tathascha dvaadase maase chaithre naavamikethithou!”

Here, “Dvaadasa” means twelve. Hence we can see that the pregnancy period was for twelve months (Also called “Poorna garbham), unlike today wherin we see children being born within ten months or even less than that. Lord Vishnu was waiting patiently to incarnate in this world and He was in his “Jagath-Rakshana-Chinthaa” – meaning, thinking how to protect this world! Simultaneously, as discussed by Lord Vishnu with the Devas and Lord Brahma, all of them were born in “Kishkinta” (A place that is near the modern day place of Hospet-Hampi in the Indian state of Karnataka) in the form of “Vaanaras” (Monkeys). Surya (Sun God) was born as Sugriva, Vaayu (The Wind God) was born as Hanumaan, Indra was born as Vaali, Lord Brahma was born as Jaambhavaan, and so on. All of them took birth in order to be of help to Bhagawaan in His pursuit of the “Avathaara-Lakshya” (Main purpose of the incarnation) of destroying Ravana.

Thus in the Valmiki Ramayana, in the eighteenth “Sarga” (Chapter) of the “Baala Kaanda”, Valmiki Maharishi describes about the birth of Lord Rama. Following are some excerpts from the Baala Kaanda that elucidates the divine birth of the Lord in this world!

“Nivruthethu krathou tasmin hayamethe mahaathmanaha!

Prathivrishya maraa bhaagaan prathijagmur yathaa gatham!!

Samaaptha deekshaa niyamaha pathneegana samanvithaha!

Pravivesha pureem rajaa sabudhya vana vaahanaha!!

Shreemathaam gachhathaam teshaam chadruhaani puraartathaha!

Balaani raagnyaa shubhraani prahrushtaani chakaashire!!

Tatho yagnyeena samaapyethu ruthuunaam shatssamadgayuhu!

Tathascha dvaadase maase chaithre naavamikethithou!!”

Valmiki Maharishi beautifully describes in the above slokas that six seasons have passed now and the entire world is waiting eagerly for the birth of Bhagawan. Finally, in the month of “Chithra” and the auspicious day of “Navami” in the Nakshathra (Star) of “Punarvasu” and “Karkataka Lagna”, the Lord incarnated in the city of Ayodhya, as the son of Dasharata and Kaushalya! He incarnated with the unique beauty that everyone around Him were attracted towards His beauty! The entire world was extremely filled with joy and the Devas were happy that atlast their enemy in Ravana is going to be demolished and in turn the “Dharma” in the world is going to be restored!

Next, in the “Pushya” Nakshatra, Dasharata’s second wife, Kaikeyi delivered a baby – Dasharata’s second son. Next, Sumithra, Dasharata’s third wife gave birth to twin babies during the “Aashresha” nakshathra – Thus finally after successfully performing the “Puthra-Kaameshti Yaaga”, King Dasharata was blessed with four kids.

While this was going on in Ayodhya, there were flowers flowing from the sky, while the divine celestial beings danced with joy! Sage Naarada was spellbound and overwhelmed with tears of joy in his eyes! All the Maharishis were happy that at last the “Dharma” was going to be restored by Bhagawan in this world! All the citizens of Ayodhya were extremely happy that their “Raaja Rama” was born! King Dasharata and his wives were extremely joyous that at last after so many years they had the “Puthra-Bhaagya” (Opportunity to have a son). Thus the entire world was happy with the birth of Bhagawan and his brothers!

Thus, with all this joy and celebrations after the babies were born, eleven days roll by and it’s time now for naming the four babies. It’s time now for the “Naming ceremony” at Ayodhya! What happened during the naming ceremony? What were the names of these four newborn babies? Let’s wait to see in the next episode!





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