Episode 44 – An extended discussion on “Seshathvam” – Why do many people suffer from mental depression today?


In the previous episode, we started to look into the main purposes of the birth of the four brothers – Rama, Lakshmana, Bharata and Shatrughna, and in the course of yesterday’s discussion we saw the significance of Lord Rama and Lakshmana’s birth. In a nutshell, Lord Rama’s purpose behind taking birth at Ayodhya was to re-establish the Dharma that the youngsters must obey the words of elders. Lakshmana’s birth was to highlight a very important form of Bhakthi (Devotion) termed as “Seshathvam”. We witnessed the meaning of “Seshathvam” in the previous episode, that is, to be of selfless service to Bhagawan at every moment in one’s life. Lakshmana stood as an epitome of this form of Bhakthi, wherein he spent the fourteen-year period of exile by offering himself completely at the disposal of Lord Rama at every moment!

Today, let’s extend this discussion on “Seshathvam” to the modern day. To begin with, let’s ask within ourselves – Are we incorporating this “Seshathvam” in our daily life? Are we allocating some time for Bhagawan in our everyday schedule? In most of our cases, the answer to the above questions is a big “NO”! Each one of us face numerous problems in our daily life – Some of us suffer for the want of money, some suffer because of family problems, some suffer because they feel cheated by friends, business partners, some of us may not even know if we would be having a good job tomorrow or not, and such likes. Ultimately, we see that all of us has some issue or the other going on in our lives everyday and because of this, we tend to feel low, dull and are off mood many a time – This ultimately leads us over a period of time to some acute problems like mental depression. Many of us do suffer this problem today and people do take medications for all this.

But the basic question here is, why does all this happen to us? Why do we hear numerous complaints from people saying that they suffer from depression? Here are my answers to the above questions: We undergo numerous sufferings because of two main reasons – Firstly, the modern way of life: We keep running and running right from morning till evening. But if someone stops us and asks the reason why we run, most of the time, the answer would be “I don’t know”!! Many a times, we don’t even realize the reason why we run with so much of tension, but we still keep running! Secondly, in most of our cases, we do not plan our way of life properly. We do not know how to prioritize our life according to our needs. For instance, we need to give equal priority to our “Aathman” (Inner soul) and our “Deham” (Physical Body). (We should realize the fact that, whatever we run for in this materialistic world is all pertaining to satisfy our “Deham”, which is nothing but our physical body). In fact, as we progress in life, we should give more priority to the “Aathman” and lesser priority to our “Deham” – If I start talking about this philosophy now, all of you may not evince interest to read my blog posts further from tomorrow! 🙂 🙂 However, we need to start from somewhere, isn’t it? We should at least start giving equal priority to our “Deham” as well as “Aathman”. With respect to the “Aathman” we should perform a certain set of duties, as we do with respect to our “Deham”. But if we focus our entire time only in satisfying the needs of our “Deham” and if we never allocate and dedicate even a miniscule amount of time for our “Aathman”, when there is some problem in meeting the needs of the “Deham”, the entire world around us seems to shake up and we start feeling depressed! It is because, we do not think of anything else other than satisfying the needs and pleasures of our physical body, and at any point of time, if we are not able to satisfy our worldly and materialistic needs due to whatsoever reasons, we completely cut off from everything and start to feel lonely and depressed! Whereas, if we have the “Aathma-Chinthana” (Thought about the Inner soul) and the “Deha-Chinthana” (Thought about the materialistic needs) together, even if we face some problems in this materialistic world, our “Aathma-Chinthana” can protect us from getting upset and depressed! This is how we start realizing that Bhagawan is always with us and He never lets us down at any moment!

Now having explained this, I’m sure every one of us will definitely agree to the fact that “Aathma-Chinthana” is important in our daily lives. But the problem is that, we do not know how to prioritize our time for “Aathma-Chinthana”. We desire to achieve numerous things in this world, and along with that, we should also desire to achieve “Aathma-Chinthana”, and this desire should be inculcated within us individually. There might arise another question here: Why are we not getting this desire of “Aathma-Chinthana” so easily? My interpretation here is very simple: We explore a lot that pertains to “Deha-Chinthana” and thus we focus our interest only into that. Whereas, we never tend to explore anything about the “Aathman” and this is where the problem lies! Only if we realize the significance of our “Aathman” and only when we realize that our “Aathman” is full of bliss and unending divine happiness, we would develop that interest and desire towards focusing on our “Aathma-Chinthana”. Is there a way to realize the significance of the “Aathman”? Here is why our ancestors stressed on the importance of our regular spiritual practices. If we follow this regularly in our every day life, I’m sure we can develop the “Aathma-Chinthana” in a big way, and thus we would be able to connect ourselves to Bhagawan easily! And if we meticulously try to incorporate this in our life, it would be the greatest solution for all our modern day problems pertaining to mental depression! Hence, starting today, let’s make a conscious effort in following this in our every day life!

Now having discussed the form of “Seshathvam” in detail, we should move into the next form of Bhakthi. What is that? What was the main purpose of Bharata’s incarnation in this world? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out the answers!


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