Episode 51 – Sage Vishwaamithra tries to convince king Dasharata further!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Sage Vishwamithra asks king Dasharata to send his eldest son, Rama along with him to the forest so as to protect the “Yaaga” that he is supposed to perform. When he sees king Dasharata in a state of shock after his request, he tries to convince him by saying that he knows Rama better than anybody else in this world. Sage Vishwaamithra adds to his explanation that Rama is a “Mahathma” and is a person who is an epitome of valor and invincibility and that, nobody in this world can even dream of winning over him! However, even upon hearing all this from Sage Vishwaamithra, king Dasharata is not convinced enough to send Rama along with him. What happened next? What did Sage Vishwaamithra do now? Let’s see today!

Sage Vishwaamithra gauges the situation and tries to convince king Dasharata one more time. Now he invokes Sage Vashishtaachaarya and all the other great “Rishis” (Saints) who adorn the courtroom of king Dasharata. Sage Vishwaamithra continues to say the following:

“Vasishtopi mahaa thejaaha yeche me tapa sishtithaaha!!”

He says to king Dasharata, “Oh Dasharata, just think for one moment! You have so many great saints adorning your courtroom! In that there is one person by name “Vasishta”! Both of us share a peculiar relationship with each other! Both of us negate and fight with each other so well! 🙂 Normally if he says that there is something existing in this world, I would say “No”! If at all I would say that there is something existing in this world, he would say “No”! This is how our relationship is till today – We fight for each and every small thing in this world! But today I shall give him an open challenge – I say that your son Rama is an epitome of valor and invincibility. Let Vasishta negate me on this if he has the guts!”

Here it is interesting to note the beauty of the Sanskrit language. Sage Vishwaamithra says “Vasishtopi mahaathejaaha” – There is this usage of the “Api” Shabdha (Shabdha is nothing but a set of grammatical rules in Sanskrit for a word. It denotes the different kinds of possible usages of that particular word). This word “Api” is one among the unique words in Sanskrit like “Cha”, “Ha”, “Vai”, Vaa”, etc. that are of “Single-letter” (Just as how we have “A”, “An”, etc. in English). For these kinds of “Single-letter” words we can infer thousands of meanings in Sanskrit. However in this context, if we say “Vasishtaha api” (Vasishtopi) it means “Even Vasishta too!” but the deeper contextual meaning can be inferred as “Even this Vasishta, who disagrees with me on everything in this world!” Thus, the sentence “Vasishtopi mahaa thejaahayeche me tapa sishtithaaha!!” means, “Even this Vasishta who always disagrees with me on everything in this world would not disagree on this very fact that Rama is an invincible and a divine force!” Not only that – All the other great saints who are sitting in the courtroom would also agree to this fact without asking a question! All of them have performed great amounts of penance (Tapas) in their lives so far (“Yeche me tapa sishtithaaha”). Thus, everybody sitting here would accept the fact that king Dasharata has been blessed with no ordinary son but an incarnation of the Divine! Hence by saying all this, Sage Vishwaamithra advises king Dasharata to relent and obey his words and also keep up the promise that he has made earlier!

Even upon hearing to all this, king Dasharata is in no mood to relent. He is still in the state of shock and disbelief. He still thinks to himself as to how would he send a 12-year old boy to fight the Raakshasaas”. Now it is the turn of king Dasharata to reply back to Sage Vishwaamithra. What did king Dasharata talk? How did he manage this situation? Let us wait to find out till the next episode!


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