Episode 54 –King Dasharata’s reply – The important “Dharma” of “Early to bed & Early to rise”!!


In the last couple of episodes we’ve been seeing the reply given by king Dasharata to Sage Vishwaamithra. Upon the request of Sage Vishwaamithra to send Rama along with him to the forest, king Dasharata is not interested in fulfilling his request and gives the negative reply. He says that his son Rama has not even attained the eligibility age to fight a war – And that too with the “Raakshasaas” who are also referred to as “Rajaneecharaas”. I had explained the meaning of the phrase “Rajaneecharaas” in the previous episode. In a nutshell, it means that the demons are active more fiercely destructive during the nighttime! Hence with all these reasons king Dasharata decides against sending Rama with Sage Vishwaamithra.

Thus, “Rajaneecharaa” means a person who is active at night! Here’s a very important message for all of us. We perform numerous duties and activities everyday, and it should be ensured that all of them should be performed during the day and not during the wee hours of the night! But unfortunately things are changing in the modern day – We have developed the culture of the so called “Night Life” in lot of places across the world, starting from preparing for an exam till partying or watching a movie during the wee hours of the night! Nowadays we’ve “pushed” our day a little further. Normally we used to get up at around 5:30 AM and go to bed by around 10-10:30 PM. However, because of the extensive nightlife, our bedtime has been stretched to around 2 AM. Thus, subsequently our time to wake up has also been pushed to around 7:30-8 AM. (Some of us even wake up after 10 AM). The direct consequence of this is that, our entire body metabolism gets affected for the entire day – Our food timings get changed, our daily routines get compromised, etc. This might have a big impact on our physical health as we progress in age. Moreover, if we are awake too much into the wee hours of the night we start getting the characteristics of the “Raakshasaas”! Because, just now we’ve seen that the “Raaksasaas” are those who are active during the night! If we are also active during the wee hours of the night, we also tend to imbibe the characteristics of the “Raakshasaas”. This is why our minds today are always roaming and constantly searching for something every time and we are struggling to focus our minds on one particular aspect with concentration. Hence, the message here is that, we should avoid keeping awake during the wee hours of night as much as possible and try to have a sound sleep.

There is also a scientific reason too – The time period between 12 AM and 3 AM is that time wherein we can get the deepest possible sleep. It is because there wouldn’t be any external disturbance that might hamper our deep sleep. At any other time during the day, it would be very difficult for us to get this deep sleep because of numerous external disturbances. And, if we fail to get this deep sleep for atleast 3 hours, the entire next day would become dull and we might feel tired physically and mentally.

It is also important that we wake up early in the morning around 4-4:30 AM. This time period between 4 AM to 6 AM is referred to as the “Brahma-Muhurtham” and this is the time when our mind would be calm and our brain would be fresh after a sound sleep. If we have to learn something new, or prepare for an exam, this “Brahma Muhurtham” is the most auspicious time to do so! This is how exactly our ancient forefathers and our great “Maharishis” have been so brilliant and this is how this “intelligence” is also transferred to us through the generations.

Let us understand one thing very clearly: As Indians, whichever countries to which we go and work, everybody around the world accept the fact that we Indians are very intelligent and brainy. Isn’t it? (Of course, with no offence to people from other nationalities and countries). We’ve to realize as to how did we get this intelligence. We need to understand that this intelligence has come through various generations of our ancestors who had followed this “Dharma” of “Early to bed and early to rise”. In this modern generation, due to various reasons we are disobeying this “Dharma”. If we continue to disobey this “Dharma” for the next 20-30 years, trust me, this great intelligence in us would vanish! Hence, as responsible citizens, we should ensure that we follow this great “Dharma” laid down by our ancestors and it is very important!

There is another important message from this entire context. What is that? Let’s wait till the next episode to talk about it!


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