Episode 56 – Sage Vishwaamithra fumes in anger and walks out!


Till the last few episodes we had seen that king Dasharata was giving his reply to Sage Vishwaamithra. He gives a list of reasons and at the end asserts that he is not going to send his son Rama along with Sage Vishwaamithra to his ashram. To recall the list of the reasons in a nutshell, king Dasharata says that his son Rama is less than sixteen years of age, which is the eligibility age for a prince to go for war. Secondly he says that Rama is a small child with his eyes like a beautiful lotus flower. Also, he stresses on the fact that Rama is “his son”. We’ve seen the detailed explanation of this too! Thus at last king Dasharata concludes that because of all the above-mentioned reasons he is not willing to send his son Rama anywhere! How did Sage Vishwamithra react to king Dasharata’s answer? What happened next? Let’s witness today!

Upon hearing king Dasharata’s answer, Sage Vishwaamithra is shocked and fumes with anger! He just gets up from his seat and starts walking away, but not before giving a mouthful banter to king Dasharata. What did he say? Let’s look at the sloka:

“Thatchruthva vadanam tasya snehapariyaa kulaaksharam!

Samanyuhu kausiko vaakyam prathyuvaacha maheepathim!!”

Here, “Samanyuhu” means, “Fuming with anger”. The above sloka says that upon hearing king Dasharata’s reply, Sage Vishwaamithra’s facial expression changes. He becomes terribly angry and utters the following:

“Ikshvaakunaam kule jaathaha saakshaad dharma ivaaparaha!

Dhyuthimaan suvrathasshreemaan na dharmam haathumarhasi!!”

Now, Sage Vishwaamithra starts to talk – “Oh Dasharata! You proclaim proudly that you are part of the great Ikshvaaku Dynasty, but I never expected that you would talk like this to a Brahma-Rishi! Every king in this dynasty of yours have never failed to keep up their word or a promise, but today you have failed to keep up your word!” (Here, the readers need to be reminded that, king Dasharata, in the beginning had promised Sage Vishwaamithra that he would offer him anything according to his needs!)

“Raaghavaanaam ayukthoyam kulasaasya viparyayaha!

Nithyaa prathignyaha kaakutsa skukheebhava sabhaangavaha!!”

Sage Vishwaamithra continues in extreme anger, “Oh Dasharata! Today you have committed the biggest blunder in the entire ‘Raghu-Kula’ (Another name for the Ikshvaaku Dynasty)! You’ve made a ‘false-promise’ (“Nithyaa Prathignyaha”), being from the great dynasty of “Kakutsa”. May you live ‘happily’ (“Sukheebhava”) with your wives and children (“Sabhaangavaha”)!

The above sentence has a pun on the word “happily” and has two meanings! For instance, we can say to someone “May you live happily forever with your family!” in the normal happy tone. Or, we can also say “May you live ‘HAPPILY’ forever with your family!” I hope you can understand the difference between the tones! 🙂 The second tone is that which is not in a happy sense – It is fuming in anger! Here, Sage Vishwaamithra also is in a state of fury. When he says “Sukheebhava sabhaangavaha” to king Dasharata, it is not that he is giving his “Aashirvaad” (Blessings). Rather he says to king Dasharata, “I’ll ensure that you and your family will not get any more happiness in the future hereafter!”

After the above words, Sage Vishwaamithra quickly gets up from his chair and starts walking away from the courtroom! King Dasharata is stunned and he is in an utter state of shock and disbelief! He couldn’t believe himself that he has in a way “insulted” a great Sage like Vishwaamithra! What happened next? Did someone in his courtroom come to king Dasharata’s rescue? Was he able to manage convincing Sage Vishwaamithra again and reduce his fury? Let’s witness the proceedings in the next episode!


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