Episode 68 – Shubaahu is killed and Maareecha escapes!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Sage Vishwaamithra along with the two children, Rama and Lakshmana arrive at the “Siddhaashramam” to perform his divine offering (Yagna). Everything is set for the commencement of the “Yagna” and for the next six days, the “Yagna” takes place all through the day and the night without a break. Rama and Lakshmana stay continuously awake for all the six days and nights and protect the “Yagna” from the disturbances of the “Raakshasaas” (Demons).

It was only at the end of the sixth day that the two demon sons of Thaataka, Maareecha and Shubhaahu arrive at the scene of the “Yagna”. Upon getting to know that this child Rama had killed their mother, they fumed in anger and wanted to take revenge against Rama and Lakshmana and also on Sage Vishwaamithra who had brought the two children there. Thus, as the two demons Maareecha and Shubaahu announce their arrival with all their ferocity, Rama and Lakshmana ready themselves to fight and destroy both of them. Valmiki Maharishi brings out the fight that happened between Rama and the two demons very beautifully and also with a huge in-depth meaning to it.

“Chikshepa paramah kruththaha maareechorasi raaghavaha!

Sathena paramaasthena maanavena samaahathaha!!

Sampoorna yojana shatam kshipraha saagara samplave!!”

The two children commence their fight with the two demons. Both Maareecha and Shubhaahu were not able to match the valor of the two children and they start sulking, and within no time both the “raakshasaas” are rendered helpless! Ideally speaking, Rama should have killed both Maareecha and Shubaahu at one shot – But he did not do that! Rama kills Shubaahu, but chases away Maareecha and pounds him several miles into the ocean! Thus we can understand the very important event here, that Lord Rama killed only one of the demons and chased the other one away! Immediately a question would arise here as to why did he do that? Why didn’t Rama kill both of them? If Rama would have killed Maareecha here itself, there would have been no problem at all! Even our blog series would have come to an end by today itself! 🙂 It is only because Rama didn’t finish off Maareecha’s story here, that he became instrumental at a later stage to pull Lord Rama and Sita Devi into trouble with Raavana!

Because of the above questions, one can easily arrive at a conclusion that this is one drawback of the Rama Avatar. You might wonder why am I making such an unwarranted allegation! Let’s connect a few dots and see why this allegation props up! Every time whenever Rama fights the “Raakshasaas”, he would always leave one “raakshasa” to escape! In the entire Ramayana story we can see this happening! Let’s now connect the dots – At a later stage, Soorpanaka, the sister of Ravana comes to fight with Rama and Lakshmana. Ideally she should have been killed, but Rama let her go! After that the 14,000 Raakshasaas come to fight with Rama. Even in that, he kills 13,999 of them, and lets “Akampana” escape from the scene! It was this Akampana who briefed Ravana about Rama and his valor. Thus we can see, at any point during a war, Rama doesn’t kill all the opponents, but let’s someone or the other to escape!

This kind of a problem never existed in the case of Lord Krishna! Just for a lighter moment, let’s look into the life of Lord Krishna! Anybody who came into “Gokula” (Lord Krishna’s childhood dwelling place) never had a history of going back! All the demons that came to attack little Krishna were killed then and there and nobody was allowed to escape! The first to come was “Poothana” and the last to come was “Kesi” – All of them were killed and were shown their place! Koorathaazhwaar beautifully portrays this in his famous text called “Abhimaanushasthavam”. He says, “Oh Lord Krishna! You are like a lamp of fire amidst the ‘Aayar Kula’! All the raakshasaas who came to attack you were like small insects that are mesmerized by that lamp of fire and automatically fall into the lamp and die!” Such was Lord Krishna’s characteristics! In the modern day we see at many places in major cities, something called as a “One-way traffic”! Perhaps, at the entrance of Gokula, there was a signboard signifying “One way traffic”! 🙂 That is, you can go inside, but you cannot come out! This is true even in the case of devotees too! Of course, the Raakshasaas are going to be killed and they are not going to come out unscathed, but what about devotees? Why should we come out of Lord Krishna’s dwelling place, once we enter inside? It’s the place of the divine! Hence, it is a “One-way traffic” even for devotees like us! This is how Lord Krishna ruled Gokula!

But all said and done with all the funny comparisons, there is a very important reason and an in-depth meaning as to why Lord Rama in this context, killed Shubaahu and allowed Maareecha to escape from that place. What is that important reason? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!


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