Episode 70 – How should a “Sishya” conduct himself in front of his “Guru”?


In the previous episode we witnessed that Lord Rama was engaged in a fierce battle with the two demons Maareecha and Shubaahu who were in turn the sons of Thaataka. At the end of the war, the two demons were rendered powerless in front of the invincible Lord Rama and ultimately, Shubaahu was killed and Maareecha was chased away and pounded several miles into the ocean by Lord Rama’s arrows! In the due course of yesterday’s discussion we also saw the in-depth meaning as to why Lord Rama killed one of the demons and let the other one escape. Thus, we should understand from all these episodes of the Ramayana that every event of Bhagawan’s Avatar would comprise of numerous inner significances and greater in-depth meanings, apart from just the “external” storyline. This is the main purpose of writing this blog series too! Of course, a vast majority of us already know the Ramayana storyline as we’ve been listening to it right from our childhood days! What is more important in this context is the inner significance of the main storyline, and this is what I’m trying to bring out from each and every life incident of Bhagawan Shri Rama.

Now, let us move on! Sage Vishwaamithra is very happy that Rama and Lakshmana were able to successfully protect the “Yagna” that he had performed. What are the events that unfolded after this? Let’s have a look today! What was Sage Vishwaamithra’s next course of action? We shall start with the following sloka:

“Prabhaataayaantu sarvaryaam kritha pourvaanthitha kriyou!

Vishwaamithra rishischaanya sahithaava abhijagmadhuhu!!

Mythalasya nara shreshta janakasya bhavishyathi!

Yagnaf parama dharmishta tathra yaasyaamaye vayam!!”

Sage Vishwaamithra’s agenda of bringing the two children with him was over isn’t it? So look at how selfishly he talks now! He says, “Oh Rama and Lakshmana! Thank you for successfully protecting my Yagna for six days and six nights! I’m proceeding towards Mithilapuri for another Yagna arranged by the king Janaka! You may go back to Ayodhya as I proceed towards Mithilapuri!” Upon hearing this, Rama was surprised! He thinks to himself “Ah! This Sage Vishwaamithra has forgotten what Guru Vashishtaachaarya had said before we started from Ayodhya – That, it was only for my good, that my father is sending me with Sage Vishwaamithra! Now his work is over and he’s trying to let go of me from here! But, my purpose of visit is not yet fulfilled – I’ve come with him to marry Sita and that is yet to be fulfilled! So I’ve to convince this Sage Vishwaamithra to take me along to Mithilapuri!” Thus Rama replies back to Sage Vishwaamithra saying that, he and his brother Lakshmana would follow him wherever he goes and this is as per the instructions of their father!

“Yeva mukthvaa muni varaha prasthaanamaparoktathaa!

Uttharaamdishamuddhischa prasthaathum upa chakrame!!

Dehathvaa dhooramatthaanam lambamaane divaakare!

Vaasam chakrum muniganaaha shonaakoole samaanhithaaha!!

“Imausma munishaardhoola kim karao samu paschithou!”

Thus, at this point Lord Rama with folded hands, requests to Sage Vishwaamithra, “Oh ‘Munishaardhoola! (The greatest amongst all Saints) Both of us are here (Imausma) to perform whatever duties you want us to do and as per our father’s instructions, we are ready to follow you wherever you are going and wherever you wish to take us!” Again, we can see here that Bhagawan (Paramaathma) says this to a Samsaari (Jeevaathma). What does this mean? Why are we stressing this over and over again? It is simply for the reason that Bhagawan illustrates through his own life that a “Sishya” (Student) should be of unconditional service to his “Guru” (Teacher). It is only for us to understand this “Dharma” that Bhagawan implements this in his life and sets an example for us to follow!

Upon Rama’s request, Sage Vishwaamithra was so impressed with the child’s “Guru-Bhakthi” and he is convinced enough to take the two children along with him to where he goes next. Now the next set of questions for us to explore is that, where is Sage Vishwaamithra taking the two children again? What are the events that unfolded after this? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!


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