Episode 73 – Lord Rama grants relief for Ahalyaa Devi!!


In the previous episode, we saw in detail about the historical significance of the great river Ganges, which is even today considered as the most sacred river in India. It is believed that by taking bath in the river Ganges, we can liberate ourselves from all our sins that we’ve committed in our lives so far. Now moving on, today we shall see the subsequent happenings with the three of them, en-route to Mithilapuri.

Thus, having learnt about the river Ganges, Sage Vishwaamithra takes along the children Rama and Lakshmana in the northern direction from Patna, and reaches the city of “Vishaala”. We can see this “Vishaalaa” city even today. It is called “Haajipur” in the modern day, located north of Patna, the capital city of the Indian state of Bihar. Once they enter the Vishaala city, the king of that place gets to know the arrival of Sage Vishwaamithra and immediately comes and welcomes him. The king of Vishaala enquires about the two handsome kids that have accompanied Sage Vishwaamithra and accordingly he introduces Rama and Lakshmana to the king. Upon hearing about the two children, the king of Vishaala says to Sage Vishwaamithra, “Oh Brahma-Rishi! It is only you who would perform this circus activity of making these two children walk such a long distance! 🙂 Upon looking at their feet, I can feel the tenderness and the softness! I request you to rest for tonight at my palace and you may proceed further tomorrow!” Accordingly, Sage Visheaamithra accepts the king’s request and they halt at Vishaala city for the night.

Next day, the three of them start from Vishaala and move further northwards towards Mithilapuri. The next important event that unfolded here was “Ahalyaa Shaapa Vimochanam”. Ahalyaa Devi was the wife of Gautama Maharishi. Once upon a time, Gautama Maharishi had a doubt of infidelity over his wife Ahalyaa Devi and thus cursed her to become an immovable stone. Ahalyaa Devi was in tears and tried to pacify her husband and after a while, Gautama Maharishi declared, “Oh my dear wife! You would get relief from this curse when Rama’s feet touches your stone-like body!” Thus, Ahalyaa Devi was lying there like a stone in front of the ashram of Gautama Maharishi. Now, Rama and Lakshmana are walking via this ashram. Of course, Sage Vishwaamithra knows this episode and thus he takes along the two children purposefully through the Gautama Ashram. Accordingly, while passing through the ashram, Rama’s feet brushed upon the stone and the stone transformed into a woman! Ahalya Devi regained her form and conscience and worships Lord Rama, thanking him for granting relief from the curse of her husband! We can worship Gautama Maharishi’s ashram even today! It is at a beautiful place where the river Ghantaki meets the river Ganges in the Indian state of Bihar.

Thus, after granting relief to Ahalyaa Devi, Rama and Lakshmana are about to enter the Mithila country of King Janaka! Now here starts the very interesting and the most important event of Lord Rama’s life! Let’s wait till the next episode to witness the beautiful event in more detail!


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