Episode 79 – Rama refuses to be garlanded by Sita!!


In the previous episode we witnessed one of the major divine acts of Lord Rama, wherein he stunned the world not only by lifting the great ‘Shiva Dhanush’ in his hands, but also by breaking it to everybody’s amazement! Upon seeing this, King Janaka was happy beyond words and so was Sita! Sita was stunned for a moment and with all happiness and shyness, approaches Rama with a garland in her hands.

Thus, Goddess Sita Devi walks towards Lord Rama. The way she walked towards Rama was as if a divine celestial being is walking on the earth! Such a beautiful sight to admire – Her small hips were shaking as she walked and every step she took and placed on the ground was as if it would cause pain for “Bhoomaa Devi” (Goddess of the Earth). Such was the beauty of Sita’s walk towards her beloved Rama. Valmiki Maharishi also adds in this context that, while Sita was walking, there were a innumerable ornamental bits and pieces of gold that were spilling on the floor from her hair and there were people who were assigned to collect all those bits and pieces that fell on the floor! Such was the richness of Sita and her father, King Janaka!

Thus, as per the words of her father, Sita comes in front of Rama with the garland in her hands and shyness and smile in her face! Upon seeing her coming close to him, Rama thought to himself, “Oh boy! My ‘Aachaarya’, Sage Vishwaamithra asked me to go and lift the Shiva Dhanush and I did what he instructed me to do! That’s it! There was no agreement of marriage that was negotiated to me with this exercise and I cannot accept such things!” Thus, thinking this way, Rama turns to King Janaka and tells, “Oh King Janaka! Please stop this! I cannot accept this offer of marrying your daughter directly! All these important events should be discussed and approved by my elders – Specially my father, King Dasharata! Only if he gives his approval, will I proceed to marry your daughter!” Upon hearing this, Sita was doubly happy and impressed! In fact, it is said that only at this moment Sita really felt happy and impressed on Rama! It is because, had Rama accepted the garland from Sita’s hands by getting carried away in her beauty, Sita wouldn’t have liked it much! Whatever beauty or status might have been associated with her, Rama showed his true character!

Here is another “Dharma” that all of us should note: Whatever maybe the situation, a son should always be obedient and receptive to the words and instructions of his father! Rama once again proved to be an epitome of this “Dharma” through this episode! Rama thus conveyed his decision clearly to King Janaka that it is only with the approval of his father, King Dasharata, will this marriage proceed!

Accordingly, King Janaka was also overwhelmed by Rama’s call, and immediately sent a few of his messengers to Ayodhya to convey this news! Thus, Sita became sure about Rama’s valor as well as his ability to handle delicate situations well. Sita says to her father and Rama, “I shall wait for the marriage to happen! Let my father in law approve it and I would be more than glad to meet him first before the marriage!”

Thus, King Janaka sends his messengers to Ayodhya. Within three nights these messengers reached the palace of Ayodhya and meet King Dasharata with the news of the marriage proposal at Mithilapuri. (Geographically, we can draw a straight line here – From Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh to Mithilapuri in Nepal, would be a distance of about 200 miles or around 300 kilometers.) King Dasharata, upon hearing the news from King Janaka’s messengers, neither felt happy or sad, and he straight went to his Guru, Sage Vasishtaachaarya for advice! Here is another example of “Guru-Bhakthi”Even though King Dasharata was the father of Rama, and even though he was entitled to make his decisions for his son’s future, he still goes and consults his Guru and seeks his guidance! Such is the “Guru-Bhakthi” exhibited by King Dasharata. It should also be remembered that in one of the previous episodes we’ve already seen how king Dasharata immediately sent Rama and Lakshmana along with Sage Vishwaamithra, the moment his Guru, Sage Vasishtaachaarya instructed him to do so!

Thus, King Dasharata meets Sage Vasishtaachaarya and tells him, “It was only with your instruction that I had sent along Rama and Lakshmana along with Sage Vishwaamithra to the forest! Now, there is this news that Rama is getting an opportunity to marry the daughter of King Janaka of Mithilapuri! What should I do now? Do we proceed or reject this offer? I request your advice on this matter!”

Sage Vasishtaachaarya listens to King Dasharata carefully! Now the onus is upon him to make the final decision on this matter. What was his decision? Did he approve the marriage proposal? Or, did he reject it? Let’s wait and find out in the next episode!


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