Episode 80 – Ayodhya goes into a festive mood – For the second time!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Sita was about to garland Rama after he broke the “Shiva Dhanush” as part of the Syamvara. Upon seeing Sita approaching him with the garland in her hands, Rama immediately stops her, turns towards King Janaka and says that all these marriage related matters should only be discussed with King Dasharata and not directly to him. On hearing this from Rama, both King Janaka and Sita were extremely happy. Immediately, King Janaka sends his messengers to convey the happy news to King Dasharata at Ayodhya. Upon hearing the news, King Dasharata immediately takes it to his Guru, Sage Vasishtaachaarya and seeks his advice on this regard.

We are currently at this stage of discussion, and Sage Vasishtaachaarya carefully listens to King Dasharata’s explanation about the situation. At the end of it, Sage Vasishtaachaarya was overwhelmed with the news and conveys to King Dasharata, “Oh Dasharata! Don’t you remember what I told you when I asked you to send Rama along with Sage Vishwaamithra to the forest? Didn’t I tell you that Sage Vishwaamithra is calling your son for something auspicious? Now here is that auspicious happening that is going to take place in your son’s life! Come on.. Let’s go!” King Dasharata was extremely happy upon hearing this from Sage Vasishtaachaarya and he sends back King Janaka’s messengers with the happy news of his approval for the marriage!

Meanwhile, this happy news spread to the entire city of Ayodhya and all the citizens were overwhelmed with happiness! The entire city was in celebration mode! All the people were singing and dancing in praise of King Dasharata and their little Rama! King Dasharata, along with his wives, Kaushalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra, his sons Bharata and Shatrughna get ready to start their journey to Mithilapuri. Sage Vasishtaachaarya also accompanies them. Along with them, there are numerous other people like Brahmin pandits, soldiers, etc. The entire lot of people commence their journey towards Mithilapuri, while the other citizens of Ayodhya are waiting for their young prince Rama to arrive with his newly wed wife, Sita!

Thus, the entire group reaches Mithilapuri. Upon hearing their arrival, King Janaka runs to the entrance to welcome them! King Dasharata is given a warm reception and all of them make their way into the palace of King Janaka.

“Janakaanaam kule keerthim aaharshyathi me suthaa!

Geethabhakthaaramaasathya raamam dasharathaathmajam!!

Mama sathyaa prathignyaasaa veerya sukhyethi kaushika!”

Thus, King Janaka is in all smiles and happiness in welcoming King Dasharata and expresses his deepest gratitude to Sage Vishwaamithra for bringing Rama and Lakshmana to Mithilapuri and for all the successive events that took place! Just like Ayodhya, Mithilapuri was also in a complete festival mood as their darling daughter Sita is about to get married! Sage Vasishtaachaarya now enters the palace along with King Dasharata. Upon seeing all of them, Rama runs towards them and bows down to Sage Vasishtaachaarya. Upon seeing this, Sage Vishwaamthra thinks to himself, “Alright!! Till now, Rama was worshipping me all the way… But now when Vasishtaachaarya comes, he switched sides! All the hard work is done by me, and the benefits of it is going to be reaped by somebody else!” 🙂 

Thus, when everybody were at the palace, Sage Vishwaamithra, Sage Shataananda, Sage Vasishtaacharya and the other great sages who were present there, get together and fix up the auspicious date and time for the marriage function to take place. After lot of deliberations, it was decided that the day would be when the “Utthiram” star falls, during the month of “Panguni”. (This can be approximately equated to the present day months of March-April of the modern day calendar.)

Thus, everybody were eagerly waiting for this auspicious day to come! We shall also wait for this day till the next episode and find out what happened next! 🙂


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