Episode 82 – The Auspicious Sita-Rama wedding – Reading of the “Pathrika”


In the previous episode we witnessed that King Janaka and King Dasharata formally meet each other and discuss the various aspects of the marriage ceremony. In due course, King Dasharata formally requests King Janaka to give his daughter Sita in marriage to his son Rama. In turn, King Janaka was overwhelmed and proposes the marriage of his other daughter Urmila to Lakshmana, Kushathvaja’s daughters Maandavi and Shuthakeerthi to Bharata and Shathrugna respectively. Thus there are going to be four weddings that are to take place at the same time!

Now it’s time for the reading out of the “Pathrika” of the marriage. Here “Pathirka” can be equated to the modern day invitation letter that is formally read on the occasion of marriages. It talks about the ancestors and forefathers of both the families and the invitation is given on behalf of all of them by seeking their blessings from the heaven! In today’s episode let us have a quick glance at the “Pathrika” of both the families!

We shall start with the family of Rama. Now everybody are assembled at the court room of King Janaka. Sage Vasishtaachaarya gets up and starts to read the “Pathrika” on behalf of the “Ikshvaaku” Dynasty – It starts with Lord Brahma, and then descends to his son Mareechi, Kashyapa, Vipasvaan, Manu and Ikshvaaku! It commences like this. In this great Ikhsvaaku Dynasty, Rama was the 35’th king. Thus Sage Vasishtaachaarya reads the names of all the thirty-four great kings who have descended so far in this great dynasty. We shall see it in brief:

“Tasmaan mareechihi samjagnye mareeche kashyapassuthaha!

Vipasvaan kasyavaathyagnye manur vaipasvathashmruthaha!!

Manufprajaapathif poorvam ikshvaakuscha mano suthaha!

Ikshvaakosthu tathashreemaan kukshipyeva vishruthaha!!

Vipukshethu mahaatejaaha baanaha puthraf prajaapavaan!

Anaranyaha prathaapavaan trishankuscha pratho rabhi!!

Dundhumaaro mahaayashaaha yuvanaasho mahaarathaaha!

Maandhaathaa prithivi pathihi sunrandhubhihi dhrosampathihi!!”

In the above slokas, I’ve tried to mention the main ancestors among the thirty-four great kings who have descended the Ikshvaaku Dynasty. Thus finally concluding, Sage Vasishtaachaarya says that it is the thirty-fifth descendent of this Ikshvaaku Dynasty by name Rama, standing here in front of all of us, who is to be married to the daughter of King Janaka!

Upon listening to this huge narration, the family of King Janaka was very happy. Now it is their turn to explain the rich history of their family. Thus accordingly, Sage Shataananda gets up from his seat and starts reading out the “Pathrika” of King Janaka’s family!

“Nimihi parama dharmaathmaa sarva sapthavathaam varaha!

Tasya puthro vichir naama janako mithi puthrakaha!!”

Thus, it starts from Vithi, Janaka, Udhaavasu, Nandhavardhana, Sukhetu, Devaraadha, Bruhadratha, Mahaaveera, Sudhruthi, Dristhikethu, Hayasvan, Maruhu, Devaveetha, Viputha, Saheedhraka, Keerthiraadha, Drishta roma, etc. and it is in this great clan that this King Janaka is standing in front of all of them, ready to give his daughter Sita in marriage to King Dasharata’s son, Rama.

“Seethaa raamaaya bhadhramthe urmilaam lakshmanaayavai!

Veeryashurkaam mama suthaam seethaam svaratharopamaam!!”

Thus, King Janaka declares that he is giving his daughter Sita to Rama, his other daughter Urmila to Lakshmana, Maandavi to Bharatha and Shuthakeerthi to Shathrugna.

“Bharatasya kumaarasya shathrughnascha dheemathaha!

Varayethe suthe raajan tayo raddhe mahaathmano!!

Puthraa dashatasyeme roopa yavvana shaarinaha!

Kulam dhanya vidham vannye yeshaam thou muni pungavao!!”

Thus King Janaka gets up and says out of extreme happiness, “Oh King Dasharata, today I feel that we are extremely proud to be associated with you and your family! I’m extremely glad to proceed further with the marriage ceremony!” Thus, both the families are ready to commence the main wedding ceremony in a few minutes. We shall wait for another 24 hours to witness the great auspicious wedding – Till the next episode! 🙂


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