Episode 84 – The auspicious Sita-Rama Wedding comes to an end!!


In the previous episode we finally witnessed the auspicious event of the wedding ceremony at Mithilapuri, wherein Sita gets married to Rama. Similarly, Lakshmana married Urmila, Bharata married Mandavi and Shathrugna married Shuthakeerthi. Thus, the four sons of King Dasharata were married to the four daughters of the great kingdom of Mithilapuri. There are a few more significant points to be highlighted before we go into exploring the lessons for the modern day that can be learnt from this very important event of Ramayana.

Thus with the marriage ceremony taking place in the grandest of the grand fashion, everybody including Sage Vishwaamithra, Sage Vasishtaachaarya, Kings Dasharata and Janaka, Rama, Sita, etc. were extremely happy! However, irrespective of all these people’s happiness, there is one important person who should be happy with all the happenings and if that one person is not happy, the happiness of everybody would turn into a disaster!! Who is that one person? It is none other than the mother-in-law of Sita – Kaushalya Devi! 🙂 Was she happy? Yes! Kaushalya Devi was the happiest person amongst everybody on seeing the little Sita holding her child Rama’s tender hands!

Thus, after the main ceremony of the wedding is over, there is the concluding event called “Nalungu” that takes place. It is like a small get together with the two families and they have some fun with each other! This event is in practice in today’s weddings too! Saint Thiyagaraja sings “keerthanams” (compositions) for each of the events that took place as part of the grand wedding! Here too, as the “Nalungu” event approached, Thiyagaraja Swami sings the following famous composition:

Nagumomu galavaani naa manoharuni! Jagamelu shuruni jaanaki varuni!!

Devaadi devuni divya sundaruni! Shri vaasudevuni sitaa Raaghavuni!!

Bodhato palumaaru poojinci neraadhincu Shri thyaagaraaja sannutuni!!”

During the occasion of the marriage ceremony, there were innumerable priceless ornaments and other jewelry in terms of gold, silver, diamonds, etc. accompanied with flowers that were countlessly used. Flowers like lotuses, roses, etc. were spread around the “Divya Dhampathis” (Noble couple) of Rama and Sita. Saint Thiyagaraja sings the following:

“Challare Raamachandru nee pai puula!!

 Sompaina manasuto impaina bangaaru gampalato manci campakamulanu!!”

Thus in this fashion, the marriage ceremony was held and celebrated at Mithilapuri in a grand fashion. Rama was extremely happy that it was his parents who conducted the marriage ceremony in such a grand fashion. Similarly, Sita was happy that she got her precious “gem of a husband” with the approval of her parents! Thus, as common people like us, we should pray that this auspicious “Dhivya Dhampathi” should stay happy together and bless all of us throughout our lives!

Saint Thiyagaraja sings the following famous composition in praise of this newly married couple:


 Vadana dyuti jita soma vasudha maanasa! Kaama mada maanava gaana bhima maam paahi Shri Raama!!

 Janaka suta hrd-ramana jamadagnija mada harana! Pranataakhaanala vruna paahi maam muni sharana!!

 Vara thyaagaraajanuta vaarija sambhava taata parama kalyaana yuta paahi maam shubha charita!!”

 Thus, it is time for the four newly married couples to commence their journey towards Ayodhya, after all the rituals were over! King Janaka and co. was in tears while sending off his dearest daughter Sita to Ayodhya! However, he was extremely pleased and happy while doing so! Thus the couples finally leave for Ayodhya to start a new journey of life!

There are innumerable lessons that are to be learnt from this auspicious Sita-Rama wedding! We shall commence them from the next episode! Stay tuned! 🙂



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