Episode 92 – Sage Parasurama confronts Rama – End of “Baala Kaanda”!!


In the previous episode we concluded the auspicious event of the Sita-Rama wedding with the important ritual of “Thirumangalya Dhaaranam”. In the due course of the entire discussion on this subject, over the last 10-15 episodes, we also witnessed how important is a marriage even in the modern day and the various important purposes of getting into this happy bonding in life.

Now moving on further, after the marriage ceremony is over at Mithilapuri, King Dasharata and co., start their journey towards Ayodhya with his sons and their newly married wives! King Janaka gives his daughters a tearful send-off as they commence their journey. During the midst of the long journey, King Dasharata suddenly started seeing bad omens all around! By seeing the bad omens, he was pretty sure that some danger awaits him and his children. The danger came in the form of Sage Parasurama! Sage Parasurama, as I had described in an earlier episode was an embodiment of anger! He was coming in front of King Dasharata and Co. with all his fury, and while he came towards them, King Dasharata was stunned and became scared!

It might be surprising for us that King Dasharata got scared when he saw Parasurama in front of him, although being one of the greatest warriors and an invincible king! But why did he feel scared? The simple answer is that, upon seeing his little Rama and Sita, any great warrior will feel scared! King Dasharata was saying to himself, “Oh!! May God protect these little tender children! May they be unharmed!”

“Ghoraasthu pakshino vaacho vyaaharanthi samanthathaha!

Bhoumaaschaiva mrigaassarve gacchanthisma pradakshinam!!”

Thus, in the above sloka Valmiki Maharishi beautifully explains that King Dasharata is seeing all the possible bad omens upon the arrival of Sage Parasurama – He says that the animals were walking in a peculiar fashion, birds were making some unusual sounds, they were flying and rounding about in an anti-clockwise direction, etc. Thus, amongst all these bad omens, Sage Parasurama arrives!

“Poorvam kshatravatham krithvaa gadhamanyur gadhajjvalaha!

Yeva mukthvaakthamaadhaaya bhaargavam bheema darshanam!!”

Thus, Sage Parasurama came in front of them with all his fury! He was having a fierce look of anger on King Dasharata and especially on the little Rama!

“Dhanusho bhedhanam chaiva nikilena mayaashrutham!

Thatatgadha manu chintyamcha bhedanam manushat gathaa!!”

Now Sage Parasurama talks to Rama and he says with all his anger, “Oh Rama! I heard that you were widely appreciated at Mithilapuri just because you had lifted a broken Shiva-Dhanush! I cannot accept all that! Now I have the unbroken “Vaishnava-Dhanush”! I can accept you as an invincible prince only if you’re able to lift this from my hand!” Upon hearing this, King Dasharata was shocked beyond words! He doesn’t know what to do and hence he falls on Parasurama’s feet and begs for mercy! But Sage Parasurama is not going to relent from his stand!

It is at this moment Lord Rama steps in! He accepts Sage Parasurama’s challenge and to the utter amazement of everybody around him, Rama easily grabbed the “Vaishnava Dhanush” from the hands of Sage Parasurama! Upon seeing this, Sage Parasurama was stunned and his anger started to come down slowly! King Dasharata was astonished at the miraculous event that has just taken place!

However, once Rama lifts the bow and locks the arrow inside it, it cannot be withdrawn! It is called “Amoha-Baanam”! Thus, Rama asks Sage Parasurama as to where should be fire the arrow. Sage Parasurama requests Rama to fire the arrow on his “Tapo-Bhalam” (The power obtained by his immense penance)! Thus, after this episode it is believed that Sage Parasurama proceeded towards the southern direction and reached the “Vaamana-Kshethram” (The present day south Indian state of Kerala) and was doing penance for a long time!

“Hum kaarena mahaadevaaha tamvidhodat trilochanaha!

Adhikam medhithe vishnum devaaha sarshiganaarthaha!!”

Thus, Sage Parasurama accepted his defeat in front of Rama and proceeded towards Kerala for doing penance! King Dasharata was relieved after he left that place and thus all of them proceeded towards Ayodhya! Since then, all of them were living happily together for the next 12 years!

With this note, we come to the end of the “Baala-Kaanda”! Phew! We’ve taken 92 episodes to finish Baala Kaanda alone! However, the reason why we took so much of time is that, there were loads of important things to talk about and describe in detail! We shall move on a bit faster from now on! Now the story shifts the scene to twelve years later! What happened next? We shall start with the “Ayodhya Kaanda” from the next episode! 🙂


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