Episode 95 – Ayodhya goes into celebration mode – For the third time now!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Sage Vasishtaachaarya gave his approval for King Dasharata to coronate Rama to the Ayodhya throne. It is after this approval that King Dasharata goes to the people of Ayodhya and ask their opinion on this matter and all of them in unison approved King Dasharata’s decision to coronate Rama as his successor. Thus the entire city of Ayodhya started to rejoice this decision by their beloved king and were eagerly waiting for the coronation ceremony of Rama to take place. Accordingly, Sage Vasishta and others in King Dasharata’s courtroom try and fix an auspicious day and time for the ceremony to take place. Luckily, since the very next day was an auspicious one, it was decided that Rama would be coronated to the throne the next day itself!

Ayodhya swung into action and preparations were afoot to get ready for the ceremony! The people of Ayodhya were eagerly waiting to see their beloved Rama as their king and waiting for the “Rama Rajya” to commence! King Dasharata was overwhelmed with joy beyond words and asks the people of Ayodhya as to what did they see in Rama, that they want him to take over so quickly! The people describe Rama’s external and internal beauty and thus declare that if at all someone should rule Ayodhya, it should be Rama only! In the last episode we saw the beautiful description of Rama’s external beauty with the help of Thiyagaraja Swami’s famous composition, “Saamaja Vara Gamana!” Today we shall witness the internal beauty of Lord Rama. Valmiki Maharishi gives a beautiful description as follows:

“Vyasaneshu manushyaanaam brijam bhavathi dhukhithaha!

Utsaveshu cha sarveshu vitheva pari dushyathi!!

Sathyavaari maheshvaasaha vriddhasevi jithendriyaha!

Smitha poorva bhaasheecha dharmam sarvaathmanaa shruthaha!!”

Thus the people of Ayodhya narrate: “Oh Dasharata! All of us know our Rama very well! He doesn’t even know anything other than speaking the truth! He is straightforward and transparent in his approach towards everything! In every house of Ayodhya, for whatever auspicious event that takes place, it would be Rama to come and take part with all of us! Even before a father feels happy and smiles, Rama would smile! Similarly, if there is any sad happening at any house in Ayodhya, even before a mother sheds tears, Rama would shed tears and console the whole family! Oh Dasharata! For us, Rama is our son, our relative, our beloved friend, etc. more than just our king! Thus, Rama is a person who takes care of every family in Ayodhya as his own family! Thus, if there is ever a king for Ayodhya, it should only be Rama!”

Thus by hearing this from the people, King Dasharata was overwhelmed and he now consults his ministers and other great “Rishis” (Saints) in his courtroom! Everybody are overwhelmed with King Dasharata’s decision! Thus, the preparations begin and Ayodhya enters into the festive mood once more – For the third time now! It should be remembered that Ayodhya was in festive mood when Rama was born and when Rama’s marriage was announced!

Sage Vasishtaachaarya gets ready for the coronation ceremony to commence and first up, he asks Rama and Sita to have bath in the holy river of Sarayu and perform a very important duty, before proceeding towards the coronation ceremony! What was that most important duty? Let us wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂



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