Episode 115 – Rama’s conversation with Guha – An important lesson on the “Art of Effective Communication”!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed the significance of Guha’s unconditional surrender to Lord Rama and his way of hospitality to the three of them – Rama, Sita and Lakshmana. While Rama and Sita were sleeping on the floor, Lakshmana was walking around them slowly so as to protect them and comfort their sleep further. Upon seeing Lakshmana walking around Rama and Sita, Guha had a slight doubt in his mind if Lakshmana was plotting to kill Rama while he’s asleep! Hence to protect Rama from Lakshmana’s “plot”, Guha started to walk behind Lakshmana! Upon seeing Guha and Lakshmana walking around Rama and Sita, Guha’s followers were doubtful if both of them are trying a plot together so as to kill Rama and Sita! Hence, they too started to walk around Rama and Sita! Guha was a poor person, without any knowledge on Bhakthi, Spirituality, etc. Yet, he shows his compassionate love and affection towards Bhagawan and this is what Bhagawan likes and wants from us!

From this beautiful and touching episode, we witnessed how Guha and his followers were epitomes of unconditional surrender to the Lord! We of course illustrated two important episodes from the Mahabharata and saw how Vidhura was exhibiting the same kind of unconditional surrender towards Lord Krishna!

Now moving on, the next day morning when Rama and Sita wake up from their sleep, the three of them are now intending to cross the banks of the river Ganges to reach the other side. Rama requests Guha’s help to cross the Ganges. Accordingly Guha brings one of his rafts and he helps Rama, Sita and Lakshmana to get over it and sail.

While doing this, Guha couldn’t bear the fact that Rama is going away from him! He is in tears as Rama is going to board the raft! He says to Lord Rama, “Oh Rama! Why don’t you change your plan and be here only? Just look around! There’s a beautiful lawn/forest around us! There’s a beautiful river that passes through the forest! There is ample amount of food available around here. You of course have Sita with you every time! Why can’t you be here with us for the next fourteen years? Why do you want to go and suffer in some unknown place?”

Upon hearing this from Guha, Lord Rama was so moved by his devotion! However, he knows that he has a mission to accomplish! Rama was thinking how to bid farewell to Guha, without hurting his emotions. Here’s a lesson for management, especially for those who are into Marketing/Sales – The art of effective communication! Let’s see how Rama beautifully handles this situation through his words!

Rama replies to Guha, “Oh My dearest Guha! I’m so moved by your unconditional love and devotion to me! The way you did service to me the whole of last night was indeed unmatched and impressive! However, Guha, you should remember one thing: Only if there is a small separation, will there be the continuity of our healthy relationship with love and compassion. If I’m here all the time, you’ll get bored to see my face and I might also feel the same eventually over the years! Moreover, my father, King Dasharata is not satisfied with having just four sons – He wants more sons! Hence, he has sent me to the forest to bring three more of my brothers! Guha, now, you’ve become my fourth brother! I’ll have to go and bring two more of our brothers! Hence, I request you to help me in achieving this wish of my father!”

On hearing the words that Rama is accepting him as his own brother, Guha was moved to tears of joy! He couldn’t believe his ears! Guha says to himself “Me?? How can I be Rama’s brother? How is that possible? What qualification do I have to be Rama’s brother?”

Rama senses Guha’s feelings and hugs Guha with him with all his divine love and compassion! Guha became speechless and was full with tears of joy! This was Rama’s greatest gift to Guha – An ardent “Bhaktha” of the Lord! From this episode we should learn and realize that if we have the unconditional surrender and love for Bhagawan, He would protect us with His divine love and compassion at any cost and He would never leave us from His divine embrace! 🙂

According to Rama’s wish, now Guha brings the raft and Rama, Sita and Lakshmana get on to it. Guha gives the directions to sail forward from there and accordingly the three of them reach the other bank of the river Ganges and subsequently walk along to reach the ashram of Sage Bharadwaaja! What was Rama’s conversation with Sage Bharadwaaja? What are the next series of events? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out! 🙂


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