Episode 140 – Sita “jokingly” reminds Rama of His promise!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that as Rama visits each of the ashrams of Maharishis in the Dhandakaaranya forest, all the rishis request Rama to protect them from the evil activities of the Raakshasaas (Demons) in that area. They explain to Rama about how these Raakshasaas have harmed and killed numerous innocent people in this forest area and they request Rama to destroy them and protect them from their atrocities. Accordingly Rama gives his word to the Maharishis that he would soon put an end to all the demons in this beautiful forest and restore peace.

However, as years rolled by, Rama seemingly never took any action to fulfill his promise! Sita was watching and observing Rama for all this time and at one point of time she thinks to herself, “Oh! I think Rama is so much carried away with my love and affection that he has forgotten his promise to the Maharishis! I think it’s time now that I remind him about it!” Thinking thus, one fine day, Sita slowly asks Rama, “Oh Rama! Why do you always hold this big bow in your hand? Why don’t you keep it down for some time?”

Rama was taken aback by this sudden question from his beloved wife! He was surprised as to who is she to ask me to keep my bow down! Thus Rama asks Sita, “Why do you say so?” Upon which, Sita says, “Oh Rama! I’ll now narrate few small stories, which I’ve heard from my father during my childhood days, to substantiate the validity of my question!”

Rama was amused by these words from Sita! He thinks to himself, “Oh my goodness! Thank God that I had married her at the age of six itself! Within just six years of age, if she has learnt so much and is able to narrate this many stories, if I would have married her at a later age of maybe 12-13, she herself would have composed another Ramayana!” 🙂

Thus, Rama laughs within himself as Sita starts narrating the first story! I’ll explain just this story in brief – It seems that there was a Rishi (Saint) who was doing deep penance. There was a hunter who passed by this rishi who wanted to go on a “Sacred Yaathra” (Spiritual journey). This hunter had a big sword in his hand. Since he cannot take this sword along with him for this spiritual journey, he requested this rishi to take care of his sword till he comes back! However, the rishi initially denied his request, but since the hunter persuaded him repeatedly, he accepted it. Thus, the sword was lying in one corner of his ashram as he was continuing his penance! Five minutes passed by! The rishi had a fear within him that what if someone steals the sword! Hence, he took the sword and placed it beside him and restarted his penance! 🙂 However, the rishi wasn’t very convinced! What if someone takes the sword away again? He again takes it and keeps it on his lap! 🙂 Again the rishi wasn’t convinced! What if someone takes the sword away from his lap? Hence, he holds the sword in his hand as he does the penance! 🙂 Normally if the sword is in the hands of a person, it is always alive! It would motivate the person to attack something or somebody! Thus, this rishi too, starts to attack and kill passerby animals and people! 🙂

Thus, Sita says this story to Rama and validates her question now! She asks, “Oh Rama! Just like how this rishi started misusing the sword by killing passerby people, if you are having this bow always in your hands, some day you would also start misusing it! 🙂 Hence, why don’t you keep it down?” Sita is thus wantedly and jokingly provoking Rama to remind him of his duty!

Rama quickly realizes Sita’s words and thinks to himself – “Oh hoo!! This Sita is trying to remind me that I’ve not done anything with this bow so far!” 🙂 He replies to Sita thus,

“Apraham jeevitham jagyaam thaam vaa seethe cha lakshmanaam!

Lalifprathignyaam samshruthya braahmanebhyo visheshathaha!!”

Rama says to Sita, “Oh Sita! Please remember that I would never leave you alone! I’ll never leave Lakshmana too! More than anything else, I shall never leave my promise! I shall definitely fulfil the promise that I’ve given for the Maharishis! Just that, I’m waiting for the right time for it!”

It’s only upon hearing this answer from Rama, did Sita calm down! Thus, Rama, Lakshmana and Sita are waiting for the right opportunity to fulfil the promise given to the Maharishis! We shall also wait till the next episode to find out how did Rama fulfil the promise! 🙂


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