Episode 148 – Soorpanaka attacks Sita – Lakshmana “chops off” her nose and ears!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Soorpanaka (Ravana’s sister) falls in love with Rama and expresses the same to him. However, Rama softly turns down Soorpanaka’s proposal and asked her if she can try her luck with his brother Lakshmana!

Thus, Soorpanaka is now walking towards Lakshmana and expressing her wish to him. Soorpanaka still didn’t lose hope as she atleast gets a chance to try the other prince, who is equally handsome in appearance! Now when Soorpanaka expressed her wish towards Lakshmana, he replies,

“Katham daasascha me daasi bhaarya bhavithumicchasi!

Aaryaschathvam visaalaakshi bhaarya bhava yaveeyasi!!”

From the above sloka, Lakshmana says to Soorpanaka, “I’m afterall a “Daasa” (Servant) to my brother Rama. How can a “Daasa” have a “Daasi”? Can a servant have another servant? It’s still okay to be a “Daasa” to Bhagawan. But what is the use of being a “Daasi” for a “Daasa”? Oh Soorpanaka! You better go back to Rama and try!” Saying thus, Lakshmana redirected her towards Rama!

Thus, Soorpanaka again comes to Rama and Rama again directs her to Lakshmana! This game continued for a while and Soorpanaka realizes at a point of time that she was made to look like a fool! Thus, Soorpanaka becomes angry now and takes her original form of a “Raakshasi”. She now makes a plan. She was determined to marry Rama at any cost! Hence she thought to herself, “Ha! This Rama is rejecting my proposal only because of this Sita who is by his side, isn’t it? Now, let me attack Sita and finish her off! Then automatically Rama will have no other option but to pay heed to my proposal!”

Thinking thus, Soorpanaka jumps over with her ferocious face to attack Sita! Rama immediately sends a message to Lakshmana to take over!

“Ithyukthvo lakshmanaha tasyaaha kruddho raamasya pashyathaha!

Uddhruthya kandam chit chetha karna naase mahaabalaha!!”

Thus, Lakshmana gets the message from Rama and he pulls out the sword to counter Soorpanaka! He throws the sword towards Soorpanaka and the sword cuts down her nose and ears (“Chit chetha karna naase”) Thus, Soorpanaka was badly injured by Lakshmana’s sword and she was bleeding all over her face!

More than just a physical injury, Soorpanaka considered it to be an insult to her and her great brother, Ravana! Hence her anger towards Rama, Lakshmana and Sita increased manifold and this particular episode marks the start of all the subsequent events that unfolded! Soorpanaka takes an oath in front of the three of them and fumes by saying, “Oh Rama, Lakshmana and Sita! You’ve committed the greatest mistake of your life by playing with the sister of Ravana, the great king of Raakshasaas! For this, all three of you would pay the price very soon! I shall never rest till I see you suffer!”

Fuming thus, Soorpanaka runs with her cut nose and ears towards a place called “Janasthaana” wherein around 14,000 raakshasaas were camping and creating havoc in and around that entire area! What happened next? What are the next series of events that unfolded? Let’s wait to find out in the next episode!


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