Episode 149 – Fourteen thousand “Raakshasaas” attack Rama!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed one of the most important turning points in the entire Ramayana wherein Soorpanaka attacked Sita and eventually Lakshmana steps in and chops off her ears and nose! Soorpanaka veils in pain and frustration of defeat and takes a vow to seek revenge for what she had undergone!

Thus with her bleeding ears and nose, Soorpanaka goes to “Janasthaana”where there were around fourteen thousand “Raakshasaas” residing there! All were her friends and relatives! 🙂 Now before we go into the next event that unfolded, let’s check out the geographical location of this place called “Janasthaana”. So far we’ve been seeing that Panchavati is the place where Rama, Sita and Lakshmana had been staying. This Panchavati is located near the present day city of Nashik in the state of Maharashtra in Central India. Many of us might know that Nashik is located somewhere around 200 kilometers north east of Mumbai. Now this “Janasthaana” is situated at a small distance south of Nashik-Panchavati. Normally “Janasthaana” is a place wherein lot of people live together like a township. It is this “Janasthaana” which was the hub of all the “Raakshasa” activities, wherein there were around 14,000 Raakshasaas (Demons) residing there under the leadership of Kara and Dhooshana.

Soorpanaka was thus going to this place wherein Kara and Dhooshana were residing. Upon seeing Soorpanaka approaching them with bleeding ears and nose, Kara was shocked and asks her what happened! Upon Kara asking her, Soorpanaka should have ideally replied what had happened straightaway! Isn’t it? Surprisingly she tells the following beautiful sloka!

“Tharunau roopa sampannau sukumaarau mahaabalau!

Pundareeka visaalaakshau ksheerakrishnaajiraamvarao!!”

Look at the beauty of the above sloka! Even the great Aalwars and Aachaaryaas wouldn’t have sung such beautiful slokas describing Bhagawan Rama! 🙂

Through the above sloka, Soorpanaka describes Rama as an exceptionally young prince (“Tharunau”), who is extraordinarily beautiful (“Roopa Sampannau”) and is so soft, silky and sensitive (“Sukumaarau”), yet is full of invicible power (“Mahaabalau”)! Moreover, his eyes are so long and admirable (“Pundareeka visaalaakshau”) and he’s dressed like a saint (Ksheerakrishnaajiraamvarao”)!

Upon hearing all these beautiful descriptions from Soorpanaka, the Raakshasaas including Kara and Dhooshsana couldn’t understand anything! They were looking at each other and thinking, “Normally this Soorpanaka talks only about killing people and blood! But what is she talking about today?” Thus, Kara shakes her up and asks again, “Oh Soorpanaka! Tell us clearly what happened!” Upon which, she replies, “Oh Kara! It is this beautiful prince who was responsible for this pain that I’m experiencing now! This is what I wanted to convey!” 🙂

Normally even we do this kind of talking – Given a subject, we keep talking everything else apart from that subject! This is exactly the same thing that happened here too! Once there was a person who went for an exam. He had read everything about the benefits of a coconut tree, assuming that this question would appear in the exam! Unfortunately to his bad luck, the question paper had asked the benefits of a cow, and not the coconut tree! He didn’t know the answer obviously! So this person was smart enough and wrote all the benefits of the coconut tree and finally at the end, he wrote that this cow is tied to the coconut tree! 🙂 Same is the case that had happened to Soorpanaka here too! She was so impressed by Rama’s beauty that, even when she was hurt and insulted, she had the words to praise him!

Upon hearing the story from Soorpanaka, Kara and Dhooshana were fuming with anger and they wanted to seek revenge! Hence, all the fourteen thousand raakshasaas unite together and prepare themselves to wage a war against these two handsome princes of Rama and Lakshmana! Thus, the omens of a deadly war start appearing at Panchavati and Rama and Lakshmana prepare themselves to face the enemy! The enemy came in the form of 14,000 raakshasaas!

Now, Rama directs Lakshmana to stay at the hamlet and protect Sita, while he goes alone to fight all the fourteen thousand raakshasaas! What happened next? Did Rama manage to defeat them single-handedly? Let’s wait and find out in the next episode! 🙂


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