Episode 151 – Ravana is shocked on seeing Soorpanaka’s condition – Vows to take revenge on Rama!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed the important event wherein Lord Rama was victorious over the 14,000 raakshasaas at Janasthaana. We also saw how Rama singlehandedly took control over the situation and won over the Raakshasaas, thus fulfilling his promise given to the Maharishis at Dhandakaaranya. Doing thus, there was one raakshasaa who escaped and fled the scene and it was none other than the smart Akampana who was the chief advisor to Ravana – the king of the Raakshasaas at Lanka. Akampana hurries his way towards Lanka and briefs Ravana about the situation at Janasthaana! He explains to Ravana how this prince by name Rama from Ayodhya singlehandedly killed 13,999 raakshasaas within a jiffy!

It was at this time during Akampana’s explanation that Soorpanaka comes into Ravana’s chamber – Her nose and ears bleeding profusely! Upon seeing the condition of his dear sister, Ravana was shocked beyond words! He asks Soorpanaka what had happened, and upon which, Soorpanaka explains the entire story that had happened at Panchavati! She narrates how she fell in love with a handsome prince by name Rama, and how she approached him! She also narrated how Rama and his brother Lakshmana insulted her one after the other before finally chopping off her nose and ears!

It is only upon hearing this explanation from Soorpanaka, did Ravana’s anger increase exponentially! He vowed in front of everyone that he would definitely seek revenge against Rama and Lakshmana in some way!

Soorpanaka further explains about the “weakness” that Rama has! Here she explains about Sita and how beautiful she was. Soorpanaka says to her brother, “Oh Ravana! From my observation, Rama’s greatest weakness is his wife Sita! If you attack her, he would lose himself and get wounded heavily! So try and target this beautiful woman! Moreover, you can even think of marrying Sita while Rama is alive! This would be the greatest punishment that you can give to that wicked Rama and Lakshmana!”

This suggestion from Soorpanaka kindles Ravana’s mind in a wicked way and thus the plan was made! Ravana decides to abduct Sita at any cost and by that, teach Rama and Lakshmana a fitting lesson for what they had done to his sister!

While this was happening at Ravana’s palace at Lanka, let’s see what’s happening at Panchavati. Rama, after defeating the Raakshasa army, returns back to their hamlet. Sita sees Rama coming back victorious, however, his body was full of injury marks everywhere with stains of blood all over his body!

“Tham drishtvaa shathruhanthaaram maharishiinaam sukhaavaham!

Babhoova drishtvaa vaidehim bharthaaram parishasvaje!!”

Upon seeing Rama coming towards her with victory, Sita was extremely happy (“Babhoova drishtvaa”) and hugged Rama with all her love and affection! It seems that Goddess Mahalakshmi’s body was full of herbs with medicinal value! Thus, while she hugs Rama, she lifts her beautiful face and looks at Rama (“Tham drishtvaa”) who had promised the Maharishis of freeing them from the clutches of the raakshasaas and thus fulfilling it! It should be remembered that it was Sita who had put Rama under test as to whether he remembers the promise that he had made! Thus, Rama replies Sita through his eyes, “Oh my dear Sita! You asked me why am I holding this bow in my hand everytime! This is the reason I hold it – To destroy the Raakshasaas and to restore the Dharma in this world!”

Moreover, Rama was having a thought deep within him for so many years now – In fact, for the past 13 years! Readers, you might be remember that in one of our previous episodes, when Rama was starting to the forest from Ayodhya, Sita wants to accompany Rama. But when Rama refuses to take her along, she scolds Rama by saying, “My father has been cheated because he has got a son-in-law who is a girl, dressed in the attire of a boy!” Indirectly, Sita scolds Rama that he was not courageous enough to protect his wife in the forest and wants to leave her in the kingdom! Upon hearing this from Sita, Rama was shocked and ashamed. He had been thinking within himself for all these years, “Oh my goodness! I made a big mistake by picking up this kind of an argument with this Sita! 🙂 I never knew that I would be embarassed to this extent! Somehow, I need to change this opinion that Sita had formed within her about me!” Now that Rama had emerged victorious against the 14,000 Raakshasaas, Sita realizes that Rama had proved himself against the impression that she had! Thus, Sita was so immensely happy and she hugs Rama with all her love and affection! Once Sita’s body touched Rama’s, with the impact of all the medicinal herbs, Rama’s body was cured of all the wounds and injuries he had acquired during the war!

As this was happening at Panchavati, Ravana takes to his “Pushpaka Vimana” and lands at a place somewhere close to Panchavati and meets Maareecha. What did Maareecha say to Ravana? Did Ravana pay heed to his words? Let’s find out in the next episode!


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