Episode 152 – “Vinaasha kaale vibhareetha buddhi!” – Ravana fails to listen to Maareecha’s advice!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Ravana comes to know the condition of Soorpanaka and is shell-shocked! Eventually he vows to take revenge on the perpetuators and thus makes a plan in his mind. Meanwhile, Soorpanaka provokes him by explaining the beauty of Sita and that, Ravana should target Sita to defeat Rama and Lakshmana easily. Finally, Ravana became interested and focused on Sita and how to abduct and marry her! The plan was made!

Thus Ravana sets out immediately from Lanka in his “Pushpaka Vimaana” (it’s very interesting to note that the concept of an aircraft was known even in those days!) and reach a place, which is at some distance from Panchavati and Janasthaana. He straightaway goes to meet Maareecha, who is one of his uncles. It should be remembered by the readers at this point that it was this Maareecha whom Rama chased and pushed into the ocean while killing Shubaahu. It might be remembered that this incident had happened when Rama and Lakshmana were with Sage Vishwaamithra on the way to Mithilapuri. Thus, this same Maareecha manages to escape and make his way out of the ocean after a few years and is living in close vicinity to Panchavati. However, he had learnt his lesson from the drubbing he had received from Rama and thus started living a saintly life.

Ravana now approaches Maareecha for seeking his help for achieving his mission. Maareecha welcomes Ravana into his hamlet. In due course of the conversation, Ravana explains his mission to Maareecha. Upon hearing this weird mission, Maareecha was shocked! He tries to educate Ravana and make him aware of whom is he trying to fight with!

“Apprameyam hi tathveshaha yasyasaa janakaathmajaa!!”

Maareecha warns Ravana by saying, Oh Ravana! You don’t seem to understand to whom are you seeking revenge upon! Please do not commit this sin to Sita and Rama! You do not know their significance! Let me explain you their uniqueness!” Ravana immediately quipped, “How do you know about these two people?” Maareecha now explains, “Yes Ravana! I know it and that’s why I’m advising you accordingly! I saw Rama when he was a twelve-year-old child! When he had come with Sage Vishwaamithra to protect his “Yagna”, Shubaahu and myself went and attacked him. The drubbing that I had received at that time is still fresh in my mind! Shubaahu was killed and I was blown and chased away by his arrows into the ocean!”

There is a popular phrase in Sanskrit that goes to say, “Rakaaraadhi naamaani”. It signifies that, if we like someone so much from our heart, we’ll be able to remember and see him or her all the time around us. Similarly, if we have a fear towards someone, we would be able to remember him or her even when we are asleep! 🙂 Thus Maareecha adds on, “Oh Ravana! Even if someone opens their mouth and utters the alphabet “Raa”, I start shivering within myself, upon thinking what I’ve gone through! Your name is Ravana. Even if I’ve to utter your name, since it starts with “Raa”, I feel so scared! Hence, I’m advising you to go back to Lanka! Just forget what has happened! Oh Ravana! Please realize that Soorpanaka committed a mistake and hence she was punished accordingly! There ends the matter! Please do not blow this up further and get into trouble! Please pay heed to my advice! Make sure that you don’t get yourself into unwanted trouble with Sita and Rama!”

Upon hearing this, instead of coming to terms with the reality, Ravana gets even angrier! This is where we say, Vinaasha kaale vibhareetha buddhi! Wherein, if the bad times arrive, our mind would go into the wrong direction and even if someone tries their best to advise and mend ways, it becomes futile! Similar is the case of Ravana here! His “Vinaasha Kaala” (Bad times) is fast approaching and thus, his mind is now channelized in a wrong direction (“Vibhareetha Buddhi”). Ravana replies back to Maareecha, “Oh Uncle! You’re talking such things even after knowing that I’m an invincible person on this earth! Nobody in this world has the guts to come and stand in front of me in a war! You’re talking about Rama, who is afterall a powerless saint-like human being! Can he even think in his wildest dreams to take on this mighty Ravana? He has had the audacity to insult my sister in the worst way possible! I will definitely seek revenge on him and his life is going to be finished only by this mighty Ravana! Thus, Maareecha! Go to the place of Rama and Sita and roam around by taking the form of a beautiful golden colored deer! Try and attract Sita’s attention! All the other things would automatically fall in place! Do as I said!”

Maareecha, thus failing to convince Ravana, gives into his order and takes the form of a beautiful golden coloured deer. He goes near the hamlet of Rama and Sita and roams around, seeking the attention of Sita who was sitting there! What happened next? Did Sita fall into the trap? What did Rama and Lakshmana do? Let’s wait eagerly to find out in the next episode!


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