Episode 174 – Sugriva shows Sita’s ornaments to Rama!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Rama and Lakshmana make friends with Sugriva and the Vaanaras as Hanuman formally introduces to everyone. As Rama and Sugriva pledged friendship with each other with the fire, the entire Vaanara community was very happy and celebrated the event. Subsequently Rama and Sugriva sit down together and are about to discuss each other’s problems in more detail.

As they sit down, the beauty of Lord Rama moves Sugriva and he is unable to take his eyes off Rama’s face! Sugriva and Rama thus start talking about the various possibilities as to how Vaali could be defeated. Sugriva explains to Rama about the strengths of Vaali and how dangerous an enemy he is! He narrates to Rama as to how he was chased away by Vaali and how Vaali abducted his wife Taara. Upon hearing this from his dear friend Sugriva, tears rolled down Lord Rama’s eyes! He felt sorry for what had happened to Sugriva and he thus pledged in front of the Vaanaras and Sugriva that Vaali would be killed at any cost, for all the mistakes that he had committed to his brother. Upon hearing this from Lord Rama, the Vaanaras were extremely happy and also had a new sense of security for their life. (It should be remembered at this point that the lives of Sugriva and his supporters are in great danger from Vaali!)

After this discussion was over, Sugriva was eager to listen to Rama’s story and how could he be of help to put Rama’s problems to an end. At this point, Lakshmana explains to Sugriva and the Vaanaras as to how he and Rama were residing in the “Dhandakaaranya” forest for the past thirteen years and towards the end of their “Vana Vaasa” (Exile life) the demon king Ravana abducted Sita and carried her away to an unknown location. Lakshmana also narrated how he and Rama walked all their way down through the banks of River Godaavari and reached this place of Sugriva. As he narrated the entire story, both Rama and Lakshmana were in tears of sorrow and Rama was missing Sita more and more every minute!

As Sugriva was listening to the story of Rama and Lakshmana, he suddenly remembered something – There were a set of ornaments that he and the other Vaanaras had discovered fallen in nearby vicinity! Suddenly Sugriva has a doubt if Sita might have thrown those ornaments down while she was being abducted! So he asks Hanuman to quickly bring those ornaments and show it to Rama and Lakshmana.

Upon hearing this from Sugriva, Rama was surprised and shocked! He exclaimed to Sugriva by saying, “Oh Sugriva! This is really surprising and miraculous to know! Please bring the ornaments immediately!” Accordingly, Hanuman brings those ornaments to Rama and Lakshmana and asks Lord Rama if he can identify them! As Hanuman opens the bundle of ornaments, Rama’s eyes were fully in tears and he wasn’t able to see them! Hence he requests Lakshmana to check if he could identify any of them.

Now, Hanuman opens the bundle and shows each of the ornaments to Lakshmana – A necklace, a set of bangles, a ring that is suited to wear around the hips, etc. As Lakshmana was looking at each of the ornament, he couldn’t identify any of them. Hanuman was surprised by this and Lakshmana replies, “Oh Hanuman and Sugriva! I’ve never seen Sita’s hands! I’ve never seen Sita’s face this closely to identify ornaments! All I do everyday is worship her divine feet! Hence, I know only those ornaments that she wears in her feet! So, please show me those ornaments if any!”

“Naaham jaanaami keyure naaham jaanaami kundale!

Nuupurekthamapi jaanaami nithyam paadaara vindanaath!!”

 Thus from the above sloka, Valmiki Maharishi emotionally describes Lakshmana’s ardent devotion towards Goddess Sita Devi and from this we can understand the depth of devotion Lakshmana had for Lord Rama and Goddess Sita and how selflessly he was of service to both of them!

It was at this point, Sugriva and Hanuman find out the “Nuupura” (The ornament that is worn in the feet) and show it to Rama and Lakshmana, and Lakshmana was immediately able to identify it and finalized that all these ornaments were of Sita’s only! It was also clear to them that Ravana – the demon king abducted Sita! Upon hearing this, Lord Rama became extremely furious! His anger knew no bounds! He lets out a huge scream of frustration and pledges in front of all the Vanaras that he would be the person who will put an end to Ravana and free the world from his attocricies!

Seeing his hero Rama getting so angry and frustrated with grief, Hanuman couldn’t hold on! He goes and falls on the feet of Lord Rama and tries to pacify him. Hanuman pledges to Rama and says, “OH my Lord! Please calm down! We are all here to help you find your beloved Sita! Please do not worry! All your sufferings have come to an end!”

Upon hearing this, Rama starts crying uncontrollably as Lakshmana looks on! For today, let us wait till Rama cools down a bit. We shall witness in the next episode as to what happened next!


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