Episode 176 – Sugriva puts Lord Rama to test!!!



In the previous episode we witnessed that Sugriva is explaining to Rama and Lakshmana in minute detail regarding the past happenings that he had experienced with his elder brother Vaali, and subsequently about the immense strength and invincible powers that Vaali possesses. Rama and Lakshmana listen to the entire narration carefully and thus both Rama and Sugriva plan a strategy to kill Vaali.

As Sugriva was narrating the entire story, he suddenly has a doubt within himself and thinks, “Oh! I’m narrating all this without even knowing what is this Rama capable of! He says that he would finish Vaali off, but that is not so easy as he thinks! Hence, I need to test Rama’s capabilities before letting him fight with Vaali!” Thinking thus, he expresses this wish to Rama! Upon hearing this from Sugriva, Rama was amused within himself and gets ready for the “test”! Lakshmana was equally surprised, as he has never seen anybody daring to test Rama’s strength till date!

Now, Sugriva points out to this “Dundubhi’s shareeram” (Shareeram means dead body) and says, “Oh Rama! If you really possess the required strength to take on Vaali, try to kick this dead body and show your strength to us! It was this same dead body that Vaali was able to kick for a long distance easily with his powers!” Upon hearing this from Sugriva, Rama accepts the challenge and he kicks the body with all his strength. The body flies away and falls after travelling a long distance!

Seeing this, Sugriva was satisfied, but was still not convinced! He thinks to himself, “Ha! Rama was able to kick this dead body to far off distance! Fine! But now this dead body has decayed and lost everything in it! Whereas when Vaali kicked it, it was too heavy with all the flesh and blood in it! Hence I should give Rama another test! As Sugriva’s thoughts were running this way, Rama understood what was going on and he knew that he had to prepare himself for another test! 🙂

Sugriva now spots a bunch of “Saala-Vrikshaas”, which were nothing but a set of seven tall trees. Pointing out to them he asks Rama, “Oh Rama! You can see in front of you, seven huge trees! Our Vaali had once destroyed each tree with just one arrow! Can you try and replicate what Vaali had done?” Hearing this from Sugriva, Rama thinks within himself again, “Fine! I can do that! I can use one arrow for pulling down one tree! But what if Sugriva is still not convinced? How many tests should I take?” 🙂 Thinking thus, Rama replies back to Sugriva, “Oh Sugriva! I shall do something different here! You said Vaali destroyed one tree with one arrow isn’t it? Now let me destroy all the seven trees at one shot with just one arrow! Now this would be a proof to you that I can take on Vaali!”

Saying thus, Rama takes his bow and arrow, sends one sharp arrow towards all the seven trees that were in line. As the arrow is released from the bow, all the seven trees were destroyed one after the other and eventually fall down on the ground!

Upon seeing this, the entire group of Vaanaras was shell-shocked! Sugriva was is in awe and became speechless! So were Jaambavaan, Angadha and Hanuman! They surround Rama and praise his valor! Now, Sugriva and the Vaanaras were completely convinced that Rama has all the capabilities and strength to take on Vaali single-handedly and defeat him!

What happened next? What was the plot to kill Vaali? Did Vaali fall into the trap? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!


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