Episode 177 – Rama sends Sugriva to fight Vaali!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed a very important and a unique happening wherein Lord Rama was put to test by Sugriva so as to ensure that he had all the capabilities to defeat Vaali. Accordingly Rama was up for the test and subsequently we also witnessed how Rama cleared both the tests of Sugriva successfully! Now the entire Vaanara group was overwhelmed with the indomitable strength and power of Lord Rama and was confident that he would be the one who can take on the strength of Vaali. The plan was made!

“Shaala buddhischa chiksheba koorayancha ravairdishaaha!

Vikthvaan kaalaangiriprasthvam saptha bhoomir viveshaha!!

Raamasya sharavegena vismayam paramam gathaha!

Alankaarena veshena pramaanena gathena cha!!”

Thus, Sugriva gets ready to fight out Vaali. He takes his “Gatha” (A weapon commonly used during warfare) and dresses himself with his armour and sets out to the entrance of Kishkinta. He lets out a huge cry, inviting Vaali to fight him out! He says, “Oh Vaali! This is Sugriva here at the entrance of Kishkinta! I’ve come here to wage a war with you. If you have the guts, come outside the palace and fight with me! Let’s settle our scores today and see who wins!” Upon hearing this from his brother Sugriva, Vaali was furious and he gets ready to fight the war and take up Sugriva’s challenge!

The war begins! Vaali and Sugriva start fighting like two wild cats! The fight becomes so intense as every minute passes by! However, Sugriva couldn’t stand the immense strength of Vaali and thus gets beaten up heavily. As time passes by, Sugriva loses his strength to hit back at Vaali.

As this was happening, Rama was hiding from a corner and watching the entire fight. (Even today we can see this place, by name “Chintaamani” near Hospet/Hampi in the Indian state of Karnataka. If we visit that place we can see that if we stand at the place where Rama was hiding, we can see the place where the Sugriva-Vaali fight took place, however if we go to the other side, we cannot see the place where Rama was hiding!) However, due to the identical appearance of both Sugriva and Vaali, Rama couldn’t differentiate between the two! He was confused as to who is Sugriva and who is Vaali and thus stood there without interfering! Rama was scared if he would end up killing Sugriva by mistake, instead of Vaali!

Thus, Sugriva gives it up at one point of time and runs away from that area. He comes back to his hiding place at Rishyamukha Mountain, sits near Rama and asks him, “Oh Rama! I was happily staying at Rishyamukha Mountain! You came to me and accepted me as your friend, assured me that you would kill Vaali and reinstate me as the king of the Vaanaras. Now see what you have done! If this would have been the case, you needn’t have done all this!” 🙂

Rama was equally speechless and didn’t know how to console Sugriva! What happened next? How did Rama handle this tricky situation? Let’s wait and witness in the next episode! 🙂


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