Episode 178 – Vaali ignores Taara’s advice – Goes to fight Sugriva for the second time!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Sugriva goes to fight Vaali in Kishkinta, on pretext of the motivation given by Rama. However while the fight between the two brothers was going on, Rama couldn’t distinguish between the two of them owing to their exact physical similarities. Hence he was confused as to who was Vaali and who was Sugriva! Thus the plan that was made couldn’t be executed and as a result, Vaali pounds Sugriva. Eventually Sugriva had to run for his life!

Upon coming back to the Rishyamukha Mountain, a dejected and hurt Sugriva asks Rama the reason for his inaction while he was being beaten up. Rama replies that he wasn’t aware that both the brothers look alike. This time, the plan is tweaked a little bit. Lakshmana spots a unique flower by name “Gaja-Pushpam” amidst the mountains. He collects all the flowers and makes a garland out of them. At this point, Rama says, “Oh Sugriva! Wear this garland as a differentiator and now go to fight Vaali! I’ll take care of the rest!”

“Gaja pushpee vimaam kullaam pushpaashta shuba lakshanaam!

Kuru lakshmana khantebhya sugreevasya mahaathmanaha!!

Lakshmano raja pushpeenthaam dasha kante vyaveshayath!

Rishyamukhaascha dharmaathmaa kishkinthaam lakshmanaagrajaha!!”

 Thus, Lakshamna makes a garland with the “Gaja Pushpam” and puts it around the neck of Sugriva. Now Rama asks Sugriva to go and invite Vaali for a fight – For the second time! Accordingly Sugriva goes with all his confidence and courage to the entrance of Kishkinta. He makes a loud sound and asks Vaali to come out and fight him once more! He says, “Oh Vaali! I’m Sugriva again! I’m back at your doorstep to fight you once more! If you have the guts, come out and fight with me one more time!”

Vaali hears this loud sound of war cry from Sugriva and once again gets ready to fight him out! Last time he had let Sugriva escape as he fled for his life. This time he is determined to finish off Sugriva. As Vaali prepares himself and comes out of his chamber, his wife Taara stops him on his way! She warns him by saying, “Oh Vaali! Please stop! Do not go further! You are going to a wrong place. If a person who is scared of you comes again and again inviting you to fight him, there is some mystery behind this. At this juncture, your anger and swiftness wouldn’t be of any help! Please calm down and think for a moment!”

Upon hearing this from his wife, Vaali laughs at her and ridicules her advice. He replies back, “Oh Taara! When did you fall into the side of Sugriva? He is afterall a coward! At any point in time, he cannot stand in front of my powers and strength! When he came to fight me last time, I should have finished him off. However, it was my mercy with which he escaped and fled away! This time, be sure that he’s going to be history! Saying thus, Vaali tries to leave the place.

As Vaali moves forward, Taara senses that her husband is full of arrogance and over-confidence and she tries to pacify him once again. She says, “Oh Vaali! There is no doubt that your strength and power is unmatched in this world! However, please remember that Sugriva is now under the refuge of Rama! I’m sure you must have heard about the greatness of Rama and his father King Dasharata! I heard that he is in the forest and Sugriva smartly went and seeked refuge under Rama! It is only for this reason that Sugriva is not having the fear in him unlike the previous times! So please wait for a moment, strategise your plans and then go for the fight!”

As Taara explains all this, Vaali was not in a mood to listen to her advice! He replies back, “Oh Taara! I know about Rama very well! Rama would not go and develop friendship with a coward like Sugriva. You don’t worry! I shall somehow finish off Sugriva today!” Saying thus, he walks past Taara with all his fury!

Here is an important learning for corporate leadersIf there is a tough decision to be taken, it is better to listen to people who gives valuable advice and act accordingly, rather than giving room for anger and intolerance to take over!

Moreover, in a critical situation, it is always better to plan a counter-strategy to deal with the problem and look for a long-term solution, rather than going by the rush of emotions and thereby looking for a short-term solution.

Thus, Vaali encounters Sugriva at the entrance of Kishkinta and the two brothers are ready to commence their fight for the second time. What happened next? Who was the winner this time? Did Vaali’s arrogance and ignorance of Tara’s advice prove to be costly for him? Let’s wait to witness in the next episode!


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