Episode 179 – Rama hits Vaali from “behind” – Vaali falls down furious!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Lord Rama motivates Sugriva to go and fight Vaali for the second time. This time Lakshmana puts a garland made of “Gaja Pushpam” on Sugriva’s neck to be as a differentiator between Vaali and Sugriva. Now as Sugriva goes again to the entrance of Kishkinta, he is all the more confident of victory owing to the immense motivation and support from Rama & Lakshmana. As he nears the entrance, he lets out a huge war cry.

We also witnessed that as Vaali prepares himself to fight Sugriva, his wife Taara stops him and tries to pacify his anger and emotions. She advises Vaali to be careful and strategise the fight, rather than going directly and getting hit. However, due to the extreme rush of emotions, arrogance and over-confidence, Vaali rejects Taara’s advice and proceeds further to the entrance of the Kishkinta palace where Sugriva was waiting. Vaali ridicules Sugriva’s repeated attempts to defeat him and he is too proud of his own strengths and powers.

Thus the war begins again – For the second time! As the war chugs along, Vaali beats up Sugriva once more! Sugriva couldn’t stand Vaali’s strength and power! However this time Rama knows the difference between Vaali and Sugriva because of the garland. The plan works perfectly now! As Rama was hiding at a corner, he takes his bow in his hand, points one sharp arrow towards Vaali and lets it go! The arrow hits Vaali at his back and that was enough! The arrow with all its speed, penetrates through Vaali’s back and chest and Vaali falls down on the ground! Vaali lets out a huge cry “Haaaaa” as he falls on the ground!

“Tatho raamo maho tejaaha aarthan dristhvaa hareeshwaram!

Sasaram veekshathe veeraha vaalino vadha kaamkshayaa!!

Tatho dhanushi sandhaaya sharamaashee vishopamam!

Koorayaamaasa tathchaapam kaala chakra vivaankthathaha!!”

From the above slokas, Vaalmiki Maharishi beautifully describes the scene wherein Rama wins over Vaali with just one pointed arrow! It was as if the arrow was exploding a huge mountain that Vaali’s body was penetrated! As Vaali falls down on the ground, all the celestial beings above the earth were in tremendous fear. They were talking to each other that Rama’s invincible powers were proved once again! Nobody has ever seen such a powerful person being hit so easily by Rama!

As Vaali falls on the ground, he tries to pull out the arrow from his body. As he does that, he spots the shabdha “Rama” written on the arrow! Upon seeing this, Vaali was stunned and shocked beyond words! He had never expected this to happen, although his beloved wife Taara advised him! He realizes his fault of not paying heed to the words of his wife! However, he was angry at Rama as to why did he try to kill him from the back!

Now here comes a very important debate – Why did Rama kill Vaali from behind? If Rama was a true warrior, he should have come in front of Vaali and fought him face to face. Rather, why did Rama take this approach to kill Vaali? Is it right or wrong? Even today, we would be able to see lot of debates in this issue only – Was Rama’s approach right or wrong in this case? – As if Vaalmiki Maharishi is going to alter his storyline based on the outcome of this useless debate! 🙂 As I’ve mentioned in the earlier episode, we are not supposed to debate things that are beyond our thinking and imagination. Instead of asking right or wrong, it is always better to ask, “Oh! I’ve not understood the significance of this particular event. Can you explain with more clarity?” All these kind of matters are unsuitable for petty debates that we do today. Why am I saying all this? I shall explain in the next episode as to why Rama took this particular approach to kill Vaali. After that, everything would be understood well. Vaalmiki Maharishi has amply presented all the descriptions in minute detail. It is upto us to understand it properly rather than debating half-baked stuff! Let’s wait till the next episode to find out more on this!


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