Episode 180 – Vaali questions Lord Rama’s approach!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed a very important event wherein, Lord Rama successfully defeats Vaali, but raised few eyebrows with regards to his approach for the same. We witnessed that Rama, instead of going in front of Vaali and fighting, remains hidden and points one sharp arrow towards Vaali and eventually pushes him off to the ground!

When Vaali comes to know that it was Rama who did this, he becomes stunned and shocked beyond words! He couldn’t believe as to what had just happened! He suddenly realizes that he has gone too far ahead with arrogance when his wife Taara had warned him! At the same time he was furious as to why did Rama perform such an act of cowardice! He had many unanswered questions in his mind! Today let us see what are the various questions that Vaali puts forth to Lord Rama, seeking answers.

“Papaadha sahasaa vaali nikruthhaiva paadhapaha!”

Thus, Vaali was pushed to the ground, hurt by Rama’s sharp arrow.

“Aadithyamiva kaalena yugaanthe bhuvi bhaadhitham!

Mahendramiva dhur dharsham upendramiva dussaham!!

Lakshmanaamuchamo raamo dadarsha upasvasvarpa cha!

Tham dadhathvapi tham veeram gathaakshichamivaanaram!!

Tham drushtva raaghavam vaali lakshmanam cha mahaa bhalam!!”

 Thus from the above slokas, Vaalmiki Maharishi clearly brings out the scene wherein Vaali was shocked upon realizing that it was Rama who had sent the sharp arrow from his back to kill him! He asks Rama a set of six questions as follows: But before that, Vaali brings out his anger and fury towards Rama for the act that he had done! “Oh Rama! By killing me from the back, what kind of fame are you going to achieve? Oh Rama! Your entire clan is known famously for meticulously following the principles of the ‘Manu Dharma Shaastra’! You’re from the great Ikshvaaku Dynasty isn’t it? Is this the Dharma that Manu Bhagawan had taught you? Did Manu Bhagawan teach you that you could kill someone from his back? Oh Rama! I don’t understand one more thing – Just because some “Raakshasa” had abducted your wife, will it be compensation that you come here and kill a monkey? Rama! Till date I was thinking that you were an intelligent person, but today I realized that my notion about you was wrong!”

Vaali continues to pour out his anger towards Lord Rama: “Oh Rama! You know what? Ravana, who has abducted your wife, will listen to each and every word of mine! He has such a lot of fear for me! If you wanted to reclaim your wife, you should have come to me – The moment I say one word to Ravana, the next minute he would immediately bring your wife here! However without doing this, you went and made friendship with Sugriva, who isn’t capable of doing all this! Oh Rama! I don’t understand what is your intention behind this approach of yours!”

Vaali continues,, “Oh Rama! Moreover, you were born as the brother of the great Bharata! He is one who doesn’t know anything else other than Dharma or the righteous path! As a brother of Bharata, how can you ever do this way? Moreover, now I know why you’re doing all wrong things – Now you are without your wife Sita Devi! If she is always there near you, you’ll do all the right things! But just because Sita is not with you at the moment, there is nobody to advise you on which is right and which is wrong!”

As Vaali was asking questions one after the other, Rama was standing in front of Vaali without opening his mouth! He never spoke a word in the middle! This is a very important learning for modern day leaders – If someone is talking with us, we should allow them to complete their point fully without interrupting them in the middle! Especially in the modern day media channels, while conducting the so-called “debates”, the news anchor frequently keeps interrupting the person who is putting forward his/her points on the table! This is totally an absurd practice of conducting a debate! If someone is constantly interrupting and trying to shout over others, it means that they do not have the adequate knowledge or preparation on the subject! Only if someone is steady in his/her approach, it can be understood that they have the requisite knowledge. I’m emphasizing this point because, during a debate if the opponent has a steady approach, it becomes very difficult to win over him/her! Whereas, if the person loses his/her calmmess and steadiness, it would be very easy for the opposition to win over! Thus in this case also we see that Lord Rama is calm and silent as Vaali is putting forth his questions! Upon seeing this, people near Rama knew that he has a very long answer for all the questions!

Thus, Vaali is continuing to ask the questions to Lord Rama. We shall also wait till the next episode to see the rest of the important questions put forth by Vaali and subsequently Rama’s answers to each of the questions! 🙂


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