Episode 181 – Vaali’s six questions to Lord Rama!!!



In the previous episode we witnessed that Vaali, after being hit by Rama’s arrow falls on the ground. Upon knowing that it was Rama who had hit him from his back, Vaali becomes furious and expresses his anger and frustration towards Rama upfront! Rama stands near Vaali with all his silence and is listening to Vaali patiently. Eventually following his fury, Vaali asks Lord Rama a set of six questions to know exactly the reason as to why he should attack him from the back! In today’s episode we shall discuss each of the questions and in the next episode we shall see the answers that Lord Rama gave for each of the questions!

So Vaali continues..

“Vishayevaa pure vaathe yathaa aapam karomyaham!

Na cha thvaam abhijaanevam tasmaathvam hamsa kilmisham!!”

The first question goes like this: “Oh Rama! Both of us do not have any kind of a dispute with respect to land or territory. You are from a different place and I’m from a different place. You are no way related to me. If this is the case, why should you kill me?”

Now comes the second question:

“Na kaajjaanekam tasmaarthvam hamsakilvajam!”

 Vaali continues, “Oh Rama! Both of us never knew each other before, until today! Given this case, why do you want to kill me?”

Now, the third question: Vaali asks, “Oh Rama! We are monkeys! We roam around in jungles like these, whereas, you are from a very high clan of human beings. Given this huge difference, what is the necessity to kill me?”

The fourth question: Vaali continues, “Even if there is something to kill me, why should you kill me from the back? You should have come forward and fought with me legitimately. Why did you do this?”

Now, the fifth question: “Assuming that you are killing me for a cause, of what benefit is killing a monkey? Normally people hunt deers for their skin, rabbits, birds, etc for their flesh, elephants for their tusks, etc. As monkeys, we do not fall under any of the above list. Why should you kill me?”

And now the sixth & the last question: Vaali continues, “Oh Rama! Assuming that you are killing me for a mistake that I’ve committed. If that’s the case, what is that mistake for which you’re giving me such a big punishment? Did I kill a cow? Did I kill a woman? I’ve never done such mistakes ever in my life. Hence, why should you kill me?”

Thus, Vaali puts forth the above-mentioned six questions to Lord Rama and waits for him to answer them! As discussed already, Rama is silent till Vaali completes all his questions and then slowly starts answering one question after the other! What were the answers that Lord Rama gave? Were they convincing enough for Vaali? Let’s find out in the next episode! 🙂


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