Episode 183 – Vaali apologizes for his misdeeds & passes away!!!


Till yesterday we’ve been witnessing that Vaali is frustrated with Rama’s approach of killing him from the back. Vaali had asked Rama a set of six questions and in yesterday’s episode we witnessed the answers given by Lord Rama in response to Vaali’s questions. Upon hearing the assertive and straightforward answers of Rama, Vaali is in tears! He realizes his mistakes and is now greatful to Rama for liberating him from his misdeeds.

“Nachaye varshaye paapam kshathriyoham kuloktathaha!

Auraseem bhagineem vaageem bhaaryaam vaagyanujasracha!!”

 Saying thus, Vaali realizes his faults and regrets for them. Sugriva is looking on and he too feels sorry for his brother. The enmity between the two brothers thus fade away! At the time when death is knocking doors for Vaali, he calls his little son Angadha near him and says to Rama, “Oh Rama! Just because I’m faulty, it doesn’t mean that all my other family members are faulty as well! Here is my young son Angadha. Please accept him as your “Daasa”!”

Lord Rama wholeheartedly accepts Angadha as his own son and upon seeing this, Vaali is very happy. He continues by saying, “Oh Rama! Tomorrow after you go back to Ayodhya and when your brothers Bharata and Shathrugna talk that Sugriva plotted a plan to kill his elder brother Vaali, just to gain control over Kishkinta, please stop them from doing so!” Upon hearing this, Rama was surprised. He thinks to himself, “How is that this Vaali is protecting Sugriva even at the time of his death! It was only because of the enemity between them, Vaali is in this condition. However, why is Vaali so protective about Sugriva?”

Now Vaali clears the air. He continues to say, “Oh Rama! All of you might think that Sugriva had snatched away the Kishinkta kingdom from me by killing me. It is not like that! Sugriva has done something exceptionally good to me. Kamba Naadar in Tamil brings this out beautifully in his Ramayanam text: He says,

“Vettrarasu yembiyaigi veetarasu enakku eerndhaan!”

 From the above line, Vaali says to Rama, “You know what? Sugriva has taken the petty kingdom of Kishkinta (Vettrarasu) but he has given me the highest kingdom of “Moksha” (Veetarasu)! Hence, if your brothers make derogatory comments about Sugriva, please correct them and let them know this noble truth! Now I feel that I’m relieved of all the misdeeds that I’ve done and I do not have any objections for anything! I’m leaving this world happily!”

Saying thus, Vaali ends his life and passes away to the highest Moksha Saamraajya. As Vaali passes away, Rama is standing beside him and rests his long bow on the floor. As Rama was standing beside Vaali, Taara comes running to that place! Upon seeing that her husband had been killed, she couldn’t hold her tears back! She cries aloud and reminds herself that she had warned her husband not to go and fight Sugriva for the second time!

In what further way did Taara react? Did she feel angry on Rama for what he had done to her husband? Or did she feel that Rama had stood by his dharma by killing her husband? Let’s wait to find out in the next episode!


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