Episode 184 – Taara praises Lord Rama’s magnanimity!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Vaali is deeply satisfied with the answers Lord Rama gave to each of his questions. At the end of it, all his doubts were cleared and he realized his wrongdoings. He asks for forgiveness and at the same time requests Rama to accept his son Angadha as his “Daasa” (devotee). Moreover, Vaali praises Sugriva for the sacrifices that he had made and also declares to the world that Sugriva had given him this golden opportunity to reach the “Svarga Lokha” (Heaven) and eventually passes away!

At this time, as Rama was standing by Vaali’s body Taara comes running as she receives the message of her husband’s demise. Tears roll down her cheeks as she sees her husband on the ground, dead! Immediately she feels the urge to shout at Rama and vent out her frustration. But as she has a look at her husband, she changes her mind! She starts sobbing and says, “Oh my dear husband! I repeatedly insisted that Sugriva has tied up with this Rama and is inviting you for a fight again and again! But you never paid heed to my words! Now see what has happened to you and me! How am I going to see you alive again ever? You confidently told me that Rama would not do something like this! But see what has happened at the end!” Saying thus, Taara started sobbing uncontrollably!

As she was crying aloud, Hanuman tries and consoles her. Once Taara regains her normality, instead of venting out her frustration on Rama (as thought before), she now hails and praises Rama for his magnanimity! She says, “Oh Rama! Your significance will never come down any time! Till today there was no male who hasn’t looked upon me with desire. I’m such a beautiful woman! Even then, you never set your eyes on me! From this I understood that you’ve gained complete control of your senses! Vaali had done misdeeds in his life and that’s why he had to meet such an end! I understand it completely and I have no regrets. Moreover, although you’ve defeated the king of Kishkinta, you’ve never had an intention to take over this kingdom. Instead you’re having that magnanimity to pass it on to Sugriva! I’ve never seen such high levels of magnanimity in any king till date!”

Saying thus, Taara praises Lord Rama for his magnanimity. Subsequently Rama asks Lakshmana to coronate Sugriva to the throne of Kishkinta. Since Rama was not supposed to enter into a city during this 14-year tenure of exile, he requests Lakshmana to enter Kishkinta and perform Sugriva’s coronation. Thus, Sugriva is going to become the king of Kishkinta city henceforth! We shall also wait till the next episode to find out how Sugriva reciprocates Rama’s help! Did he act immediately? What happened next? Let’s wait to find out!


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