Episode 189 – Sugriva plans the “Search Mission” – Hanuman not interested!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed a very important part of the Kishkinta Kaanda wherein Taara consoles Lakshmana and makes him realize that any mission is impossible to be accomplished with anger and emotions running high! Soon, Lakshmana realizes his folly and decides not to go ahead and fight the Vaanaras. Meanwhile, Sugriva is up from his inactive state and gets ready to meet Rama and Lakshmana.

Accordingly, the entire Vaanara camp headed by Sugriva march towards the Maalyavaan Mountain and meet Rama. Sugriva falls on Rama’s feet as Rama welcomes him with his usual beaming and beautiful smile. Sugriva initially apologizes for the delay from his side in commencing the mission of searching for Sita.

Now, Rama, Lakshmana and Sugriva sit down and start to plan the mission of search. Sugriva calls for all the Vaanaras from all over the “Bhaarata Desha” to assemble in Kishkinta immediately. As all of them arrive, the plan for the mission is underway! Sugriva assigns the Vaanaras group after group to search in different directions. Some groups were sent towards the northern direction, some were sent towards the south, some towards the east and some towards the west! Amongst all the groups, Sugriva nominates the important group led by Jaambhavaan, Angadha and Hanuman to search in the southern direction.

Now as the leader of the entire Vaanara community, Sugriva guides through the ways and means as to how and where to search. He gives exact details of even the smallest of the small pathways to proceed and search! Upon looking at this, Rama was in awe! He was so surprised and asks Sugriva at one point out of curiosity, “Oh Sugriva! How come you know each nook and corner of all the places so accurately? I’m the person who had created this whole world! But even I do not know places as accurately as you do! What is the secret behind this?” Upon which, Sugriva laughs for a moment and replies, “Oh Rama! I know all these places accurately because, when Vaali was chasing me, I had to run through all these places so as to escape from him! 🙂 Hence I remember all these places so accurately!” Hearing this, Rama was amused and thinks within himself, “Oh Wow! While this Sugriva is running for his life, he is able to remember this much! If he goes in the normal condition, how much more will he remember!” Thus they share a lighter moment with each other as the search operation gets planned swiftly and accurately!

Meanwhile as the planning happens, Sugriva also guides the Vaanara army not to go to certain places – One of them is TirupathiThe very famous and powerful sanctorium of Lord Venkateshwara!

Here is a very important deeper meaning: Why is Sugriva not asking Vaanaras to go to Tirupathi hills to search for Sita? The inner meaning to this is that, the moment one goes and spends a moment at Tirupathi, all his/her sins are washed away and the person directly can attain Moksha! This is the significance of the great Tirupathi and we can see this great significance brought out beautifully even in the Ramayana text!

Sugriva thus replies back, “Oh Hanuman and group! I’m telling you to avoid this place because, when you go and stand there all your sins would be washed away and you would get Moksha! Now, I’m more interested in finding out Sita rather than you going to Moksha! If you attain Moksha, who would complete the mission of finding Sita?” Saying thus, Sugriva brings out the significance of the great place called Tirupathi. This is the reason why it is believed that if we visit Tirupathi once in our lifetime, all our sins are washed away at that very moment! Even today, this shrine is one the world’s most visited pilgrimage spots.

Thus, the Vaanaras are preparing themselves to undertake the great mission. They are now ready to start in the respective directions assigned to them. As Sugriva was jotting down all such points, at one stage, Hanuman loses interest! He goes and sits in one corner of the place. Why does he do so? Why wasn’t Hanuman interested to go and search for Sita? Let’s wait for the answers for these important questions till the next episode! 🙂


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