Episode 291 – Ravana’s arrogance paves way for the “Summit Clash”!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Lord Rama and Ravana are now on the battlefield face to face for the first time. Even as Ravana comes near him, Lord Rama is still not ready to fight Ravana. Rather, he wants to give Ravana another chance to realize his mistake and to avoid a war. This shows Lord Rama’s benevolence in forgiving in his worst enemy! Eventually we also witnessed that Lord Rama has posed Ravana with a set of questions for him to think about and realize his wrongdoing. However, is Ravana ready to relent? Let us see today.

As Lord Rama asks Ravana a series of tough questions to ponder about, Ravana is not ready to listen to any of them. Rather, his anger and arrogance overtake his thinking ability as Ravana looks at Rama with overconfidence. As Rama completes his accord, Ravana replies him back thus: “Oh Rama! Thank you for your advice! But I’m a completely learned person and your advice is of no use to me! I know what I’m doing and I need not listen to worthless people like you! You’ve not even become a king in your life and hence, what do you know about ‘RaajaDharma’? You had been chased out of Ayodhya. Your own father had declared you unworthy! Then with what guts do you come and advise me? Sita is mine and will be mine forever! If you have the courage and if you really have the guts, fight me, win over me and then see if you can see Sita again!”

Here is a very important lesson to learn for modern day leaders and managers – Irrespective of how capable and knowledgable we might be, at any point in time, we should never exhibit overconfidence. Our knowledge and skills should only give us the confidence, but never should manifest overconfidence in us. Overconfidence would further lead us to exhibit arrogant behavior. When arrogance takes over, we would ultimately lose our thinking ability, wherein we would fail to judge the capabilities of the opponent and eventually would result in our downfall.

Hence, the important message from this Rama-Ravana episode is that, modern day leaders and managers should maintain their calm under any situation and not exhibit arrogance and overconfidence.

Hearing this from Ravana, how does Lord Rama react? As mentioned previously, Lord Rama is an epitome of calmness and compassion. He never gets angry on Ravana although Ravana has clearly insulted him. His compassion knows no bounds. However, time is nearing for Lord Rama to unleash his powers and to teach Ravana a fitting lesson. Hence, Lord Rama reluctantly but stubbornly replies back to Ravana thus, “Oh Ravana! You are talking this way because you do not know who am I! Anyway, if your wish is to have a fight with me, despite giving you a chance to think over, you are most welcome to begin the war. There are two clear sides now – Dharma and Adharma. Let us see which side is going to win!

Saying thus, both Rama and Ravana prepare themselves for the all-important summit clash! On one side, Ravana is mustering up all his strength to show Rama his place! On the other end, Lord Rama is calmly but with confidence, building his strength and powers to take on Ravana! We are all set for the most important cracker! Let’s stay tuned until the next episode for the action to commence! 🙂


Episode 290 – Defiant Ravana decides to go to the battlefield!!!


We are at a juncture wherein all of Ravana’s army chiefs, sons, brothers, etc. have lost their lives in the war. The war has also witnessed heavy loss of lives and materials. The damage is such that the army has to go to each and every household to recruit fresh personnel to fight for the country! The entire Ravana’s palace, which was once a paradise on earth, has transformed into a place of glum and darkness. All of them are in tears. Nobody could bare the loss of lives, especially those of Kumbhakarna, Indrajith, etc. who were the pillars of Ravana’s army. Mandodhari (Ravana’s wife) is sobbing uncontrollably over the loss of her son Indrajith. She goes to Ravana’s chamber with tears in her eyes and requests him to relent from his stance and to put an end to this war, so as to save the rest of Lanka to be destroyed by Rama and Co.

But does Ravana relent atleast now? Instead, as Mandodhari advises him, his anger again starts to grow! His ego is hurt! Ravana consoles Mandodhari and exudes confidence in her that her husband is capable of accomplishing anything in this world. This time, he decides to go to the battlefield all by himself to test the strength of Rama’s Vaanara army. He is in turn wondering within himself as to how come all of his chiefs, sons and brothers fell prey to this one person called Rama.

Thus, Ravana gets ready to face the enemy. He comes out on his golden chariot, followed by a mammoth population of soldiers. As Ravana makes his way to the warfield, the Vaanara army is up on its feet quickly to counter the enemy. Little did the army know that Ravana himself would stride into the field. As Ravana arrives in close quarters with Lord Rama for the first time, Lord Rama asks Ravana a set of questions before the fight commences. Here is where the magnanimity of Lord Rama comes into limelight – He wants to give Ravana one more chance to realize his mistake. Even at this point if Ravana apologizes, Lord Rama is ready to forgive him for all his misdeeds. It is to be remembered that Lord Rama is a strict follower of the “Raaja-Dharma” (Righteous principles of a king).

As Ravana arrives at the battlefield, Lord Rama addresses him, Oh Ravana! I was anticipating your arrival in front of me for a long time. However, my intention is not to kill you. I’ve been waiting to ask you a few questions. Firstly, what is the reason behind your enemity with me? I don’t know you and you don’t know me and hence, why is there a need to be an enemy of mine? Secondly, even if there is an enemity between you and me, why didn’t you try and approach me to settle scores? As a righteous king, you should have approached me and negotiated, which you failed to do. Even if you have failed to negotiate and even if you want to fight with me, why didn’t you fight with me directly to settle scores? Why did you engage in “proxy wars” with my army and me? Moreover, even if you had to do proxy wars with me, what prompted you to kidnap my innocent Sita? What wrong did she do? If you had issues with me, you should have dealt with me face to face and the approach that you’ve taken is totally wrong. Hence Ravana, I’m giving you one final chance. I’ve explained your wrongdoings. Please realize your mistake. Please relent your stance and I shall call off this war immediately. Let us not put innocent lives of these soldiers to hostage because of the rivalry between you and me!”

Such is the magnanimity of Lord Rama. However, is Ravana ready to relent atleast at this stage? Is Ravana going to budge, or is he going to continue his stance? What is Ravana’s reply? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out.

Episode 289 – Lakshmana vs. Indrajith – Part 2!!!


Today we are at a very crucial situation wherein Indrajith is threatening to sweep away the entire Vaanara camp if he is somehow able to obtain destructive powers through his penance. However, in the last episode we had witnessed that Hanuman along with Angadha are quick enough to take on Indrajith’s deep penance and thus deny him from obtaining whatever invincible powers that he is aspiring for. Both of them try and disturb Indrajith through different ways possible. As time progresses, Indrajith eventually loses the plot and gets disturbed! The focus is gone! The penance is disturbed finally!

Upon realizing that his penance is disturbed, Indrajith is extremely frustrated! He is clearly outsmarted here. Hanuman and Angadha make fun of Indrajith who is fuming with anger!

It is at this time, Lakshmana enters the scene. He is rearing to have a go at Indrajith, so as to seek revenge for what he has done before! At the same time, Indrajith is brimming with anger and frustration and is preparing to take on Lakshmana again – for the second time now! Indrajith could not believe that Lakshmana is still alive!

As Hanuman and Angadha come forward to offer help to Lakshmana, he requests both of them to wait. Oh! Lakshmana is going to take on Indrajith singlehandedly! This is going to be a cracker of a battle. One important thing to remember at this point is that Indrajith is a little under-prepared for the war. The purpose of him coming to this remove cave is to do a penance and not to fight a war. Lakshmana is now trying to use and exploit this golden opportunity. This cannot get any better for Lakshmana!

Now the cracker of the battle begins – Indrajith is ready with his sword and so is Lakshmana! Both start attacking each other. Both of them are frontline experts in handling the sword during warfare. The battle is getting ferocious. Indrajith is growing in strength minute after minute and Lakshmana is equally combating Indrajith’s tight blows. Hanuman and Angadha are looking on with awe as the intensity of the fight increases exponentially by the minute!

As Indrajith attacks Lakshmana with all his fury, Lakshmana’s anger also increases tremendously. He is already seeking revenge with this battle. At this point, it is highly unpredictable as to who is winning this one! At one moment it seems that Lakshmana emerges more powerful and at another moment, it is the opposite! However since Indrajith has an obvious weakness of underpreparedness and frustration, Lakshmana uses this opportunity to nab him. He gives a few blows to Indrajith and demoralizes him. Unable to bare the blows at one stage, Indrajith starts sulking. He is slowly losing his ability. It is this opening that Lakshmana is waiting for! He quickly cashes in on the opening and strikes decisive blows with his sword! Indrajith starts bleeding profusely and is gradually beginning to lose the battle!

As Lakshmana gives blow after blow, Indrajith is finally unable to take it any further and falls on the ground! Lakshmana is all over him now and he has stamped his complete domination on Indrajith! As Indrajith is gasping for breath, Lakshmana lets out a huge war cry and says, “Indrajith! It is because of the encouragement that you gave to your father Ravana that my dear brother Rama is now suffering! It is because of your illusionary warfare that both my brother and myself were put to extreme hardships! You are such a coward that you were afraid to take on my brother Rama and hence you targeted me! Now let me teach you the lesson – You are going to meet a ghasty end for all what you have done to Mother Sita and Lord Rama!”

Saying thus, even as Indrajith is gasping for breath and trying to get up from the floor, Lakshmana gives one decisive blow and chops his head off with his sword! This marks the end of the fight! Indrajith is chopped to death! Lakshmana has the last laugh! Indrajith is finally conquered and that too in a convincing manner! As Lakshmana is standing over Indrajith’s headless body, Hanuman and Angadha come near him and calm him down. They congratulate Lakshmana’s victory over Indrajith and the trio hurries towards the place where the Vaanara camp along with Lord Rama is eagerly waiting!

As Indrajith breathes his last, it sends shock waves to Ravana! Upon hearing the news, Ravana faints off his chair unable to bare the irreparable loss! His most trusted and able son is dead! Ravana could not believe his ears! The whole palace is glum! Mandodhari (Ravana’s wife) is sobbing uncontrollably, unable to digest the fact that her dear son is no more!

Now what does Ravana do? Does he change his stance atleast now? He has lost everybody around him! The whole courtroom is empty! What happens next? The action continues in the next episode!

Episode 288 – Hanuman and Angadha disturb Indrajith’s penance!!!


In the previous episode we were at a very important juncture wherein Indrajith sets out with a mission to obtain more destructive powers with his power of penance. This is to make him invincible by any force in this world. As Indrajith is on his way to his usual place for his penance, the entire world trembles with fear! This is happening in the middle of the night and the entire Vaanara camp is up on its feet upon realizing the tremble! Vibhishana senses that this is nothing but the work of Indrajith. Intelligent as he is, he immediately understands Indrajith’s strategy. He thinks of ways to counter Indrajith’s strategy. Time is running out. Indrajith has to be stopped before his penance garners the fruits.

It is at this point that Lord Rama comes in and learns the entire story from Vibhishana. Now how are they going to stop Indrajith? Who is going to take this huge responsibility? On one end there is the ever-dependable Hanuman rearing to go. Sugriva and Angadha are waiting for the opportunity to take Indrajith head on! On the other corner is Lakshmana who is fuming with anger to take revenge on Indrajith for what he has done to him previously! Upon thinking for a minute, Lord Rama quickly makes the decision. He just looks at Lakshmana’s face and winks his eye in approval! The decision is communicated in a jiffy – Lakshmana understands what needs to be done! Now that his brother Rama has approved his fight against Indrajith, Lakshmana is more confident this time. He is rearing to take Indrajith on.

Accordingly Lakshmana hurries to the storage area to take his bow and arrows, along with his swords and gets ready. With another wink of the eye, Lord Rama asks Hanuman and Angadha to accompany Lakshmana for the assignment. All the three of them set out in pursuit of Indrajith. As per the directions given by Vibhishana, the three of them try and locate the place where Indrajith is currently in.

By the time the trio reaches the cave, Indrajith has already commenced his penance. His penance is getting deeper by the minute. Now what do they do? How do they stop Indrajith? There is a quick discussion between the trio and the first step to be accomplished is to disturb Indrajith’s concentration and focus. As all of us know, Indrajith is an extremely focused person with tremendous amount of patience, perseverance and concentration in whatever he does. Now how do Hanuman and Angadha disturb and get the better of Indrajith?

Now the funny part commences – Hanuman and Angadha start their “Monkey-business”! 🙂 They pour water into the sacrificial fire, which Indrajith is growing up for his penance. Firstly, they manage to put off the fire. Yet, Indrajith is unperturbed! Now what do they do? Hanuman takes a huge mud pot and drops it on the floor with full force. He thinks that the sound, with which the pot breaks, would disturb Indrajith’s concentration. Again it fails! Indrajith is totally unmoved! He is now more deeply engrossed in his penance!

Now this is starting to send jitters amongst the trio. Time is clearly running out! Indrajith should not be allowed to get engrossed further. Hence, Hanuman makes the third attempt of lifting Indrajith in his hands and dancing! 🙂 Angadha too joins the party and both Hanuman and Angadha are using Indrajith as a toy for a play! Again, all efforts go in vain! Indrajith cannot be disturbed at all! Look at the level of concentration that this fellow possesses – Something that all of us should learn from! 🙂

Finally Hanuman decides to take one big step – He now gets a pot full of water and splashes the water on Indrajith’s face with full force! With Lord Rama’s grace, it starts working at last! There are signs of disturbance in Indrajith’s face and body. Taking this as a clue, both Angadha and Hanuman splash pots and pots of water on Indrajith’s face! As fate would have it, Indrajith is finally disturbed! He opens his eyes in anger and frustration! The penance is put to an end! The bid of foil has worked perfectly for the trio!

As Indrajith opens his eyes, he is clearly in frustration and realizes that he has been trapped! Now comes Lakshmana into the scene. Indrajith sets his eyes on Lakshmana and Lakshmana sets his eyes on Indrajith. The second innings of Lakshmana vs. Indrajith is about to begin! For today, let the tension between both of them build up! We shall wait till tomorrow for the cracker to commence! 🙂

Episode 287 – Frustrated Indrajith prepares to attain more destructive powers!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Lord Rama has managed to kill Maharaaksha and has instilled a definite fear in Ravana’s mind. Upon hearing the news, Ravana is stunned and is looking around for other options. Unfortunately he doesn’t have any! All his army chiefs, his dear brother Kumbhakarna, etc. have lost their lives in the war. It is only his son Indrajith who is left now! The entire city of Lanka is in distress. The palace has lost its glory and has entered into a deep gloom! All people in the palace are looking glum with sorrow!

Now Ravana’s only trumpcard is Indrajith. But he is not convinced with the way Indrajith is dealing with the current situation. His illusionary powers have started to fail! The opponents are having answers for every tough question that Indrajith has posed to them so far! What does he do now?

Indrajith decides to take it upon himself to answer his father’s doubts on his ability. He is clearly frustrated and ashamed on himself. Hence he decides to go to war immediately to put all the doubts about his credibility to rest. As Indrajith starts with all his fury, Ravana stops him. He gives his son an important piece of advice.

Ravana says to Indrajith, “My dear son! I know you are trying to prove a point to me. But you should be cautious now. Now you know the capability of the enemy. You should strategise your move according to that. Rather than going directly to the battlefield, equip yourself with more illusionary and destructive powers by going into penance. The more you equip yourself, the more you shall become invincible! Think and act accordingly!”

As his father says thus, Indrajith has got the lesson – He should now equip himself with more destructive illusionary powers. For that, he selects a spot amidst a distant cave and decides to do immense penance there, so as to gain invincible powers. But there is a small possibility of a backfire hereIf Indrajith’s penance is disturbed by someone or some thing in the middle, all the powers that he is supposed to gain would be lost permanently and he would become totally powerless! But at this point in time, Indrajith is also running out of options and despite this probability of a downfall, decides to go ahead with the plan.

Accordingly Indrajith sets out in his horse towards that particular spot. As he travels, there is a change in the climate – The world is unable to bare the wrath of Indrajith’s extraordinary quest of power. There’s a sudden flash of lightning and thundering across the sky. All this happens in the middle of the night and this awakens the entire Vaanara camp. Rama and Lakshmana are up on their feet as well. They clearly sense that something is going wrong and there’s clearly a ploy that is being created! But what was that ploy? It is Vibhishana who figures it out at once! Because, Vibhishana has already seen such things happen whenever Indrajith sets out to undertake penance for the want of destructive powers. He immediately guesses that this might be Indrajith’s strategy. Now what do we do? How do we combat this?

Vibhishana explains everything to Rama quickly and briefly thus, “Oh Lord! This is clearly Indrajith’s act! If Indrajith succeeds in his penance of gaining the destructive powers, he would become totally invincible and nobody in this world would be able to take him on even in their wildest dreams!” Upon hearing this from Vibhishana, Lord Rama and Lakshmana are stunned! Immediately Rama quips, “Oh Vibhishana! I totally acknowledge your words! But how on earth to we cross this obstacle? There should be some solution right?”

Now Vibhishana explains the strategy clearly: “Oh Lord! You are right! There is a solution to this! The first thing we need to do is to prevent Indrajith from succeeding in the penance. We can do that by diverting his attention and uprooting him from that particular place. That would disturb his penance. Once his penance is disturbed, he would become powerless and thus it would become easy for us to take him on!”

Lord Rama listens very carefully to Vibhishana’s advice and strategy. The counter plan is clear – Someone should go immediately and try to stop Indrajith from gaining the destructive powers. Who is going to do that? Who is going to take up the responsibility? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!

Episode 286 – Lord Rama kills Maharaaksha!!!


In the previous episode we witnessed that Lakshmana is back on his feet and rearing to go. However, Lord Rama cautions him of a backlash from Indrajith anytime. He has a few words of advice for his younger brother, which is also relevant for our modern day life. Lord Rama talks about the significance of controlling our anger at crucial times and we should try and implement this important advice in our day-to-day life.

Moving on thus, the news of Lakshmana’s revival reaches Ravana’s ears! He is stunned! How could this ever happen? Indrajith has failed not once, but twice now! His careless approach makes Ravana worrisome. He calls for Indrajith with all his fury. As Indrajith arrives at the courtroom, Ravana questions him for what had happened! Indrajith is equally stunned! He never anticipated that Lakshmana would ever survive after that lethal blow! Something mysterious has happened. Somebody who knows the technique of saving lives after an “Asthra” attack has been involved in Lakshmana’s revival. However, there is not much time to think and analyze all of this now. Ravana is angry at Indrajith’s careless attitude and gives him a lengthy scolding! Indrajith is clearly depressed and is worried! He doesn’t know what to say!

Meanwhile, Ravana summons the next person to go for the war. He calls upon Maharaaksha, who is almost equally powerful as Ravana himself. As Maharaaksha comes to Ravana’s court, he gets ready to take on the Vaaanra camp. It should be remembered that Maharaaksha is capable of assuming any form as he wishes! He is now coming on to the battlefield, with special focus on Rama and Lakshmana. He is determined to finish off both of them.

As Maharaaksha arrives, Lord Rama decides to take him on by himself. As Vibhishana gives the strategic advice as to how to go about the fight, Lord Rama attacks him with his sharp and powerful arrows. However, Maharaaksha is not one person who is going to be bogged down by Rama’s arrows! He catches them in his hands so easily, breaks them into pieces and throws them away on the ground! Looking at this, Lord Rama is taken aback by Maharaaksha’s power! He is now coming towards both Rama and Lakshmana and is taking them on with equal power. There is a fierce battle going on now. Both sides inflict heavy blows on each other as the fight progresses.

However, as Maharaaksha comes too close to Rama and Lakshmana, Lord Rama sees the opportunity to target his weakness. He inflicts heavy blows on Maharaaksha’s weak points and inflicts heavy damage to him. Unable to bare the pain from the blows, Maharaaksha falls on the ground dead!

As Maharaaksha falls on the ground, there is a huge cheer from the entire Vaanara army! Sugriva, Hanuman and Angadha are elated beyond words! They’ve just witnessed a cracker of a battle from Lord Rama himself and he has exhibited a glimpse of his ultimate power to all of them! It’s time now for celebration in the Vaanara camp, but a lot to ponder at the Ravana’s!

Upon hearing about Maharaaksha’s death, Ravana is now clearly running out of options. Heavy damage has been inflicted to his army as well! All his army chiefs are dead by now! It is now only Indrajith who is left with him. There is also a shortage of soldiers in his fast-depleting army. What does Ravana do now? Is he going to send Indrajith again to fight? What is going to happen next? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!

Episode 285 – Lord Rama cautions Lakshmana – “Control your anger”!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Lakshmana returns to normal condition after the Sanjeevani herb takes effect in his body. This brings cheers to the entire Vaanara camp and all of them are up on their feet! Obviously Lord Rama is in tears of joy as he hugs his brother with all his love and affection for him! Eventually, Rama turns to Hanuman and acknowledges his great effort of bringing in the entire cliff containing the Sanjeevani herbs. Lord Rama does not mince his words to thank Hanuman for his selfless service!

As everybody settle down again, Lord Rama turns towards Lakshmana in a bit of anger. He has some strong words to be delivered to Lakshmana now. Lord Rama says to Lakshmana, “Oh Lakshmana! I know and understand that you are trying your best to protect me in all ways possible. However, you should remember that you don’t give any room for anger to take over. This is your weakness – You are extremely skilled and powerful, however, the anger in you pulls you down sometimes! If you get too much angry, you would lose your thinking ability! Indirectly you are giving in to Indrajith’s trap! He is trying to provoke you in every way possible and you should be aware of that! Why did you go and attack Indrajith without my permission? Don’t you know that Indrajith is an expert in luring people and killing them?”

Lord Rama continues, “Oh Lakshmana! If you had been dead, what answers would I give to Mother Sumithra, Mother Kaushalya and Mother Kaikeyi? What would I say to your wife Urmila? Did you think of all that? Hence from now onwards, each and every move of ours are important. We need to be extremely cautious. The moment Indrajith comes to know that you are alive again, he would surely plot something to lure both of us. You should use your “Viveka” (Wisdom) rather than getting carried away by your anger!”

What an important message for all of us – Controlling our anger is of prime importance in whatever we do in life! This particular episode in the Ramayana is only to illustrate this very important point of “Anger control”. Even in today’s life we are witnessing innumerable incidences wherein we are provoked and tempted to show out our anger and frustration. However, we should remember always that by getting angry at someone, we are falling into the enemy’s trap. The more we maintain our calmness, the more probability for us to succeed! We should always remember that it becomes very easy for the opposition to defeat us if we are angry, and it becomes extremely tough to defeat us if we maintain our calm! Hence let us ponder over this important point today and try to reflect upon our daily lives, to control our anger! 🙂

Moving on further, upon hearing from Lord Rama, Lakshmana realizes his fault and apologizes to his brother straightaway. Now, Rama and Lakshmana are back again to fight out the Raakshasaas. Sugriva, Hanuman, Jaambhavaan and Angadha are also up on their feet to fight out whoever comes next!

In the midst of all this, Ravana comes to know that Lakshmana is back to life and is ready again to fight. He is stunned! Indrajith has failed him again! His carelessness is going to cost Ravana dearly. Now that one of his most powerful persons, Kumbhakarna has been killed, whom is Ravana going to send next? Let us wait till the next episode to find out!

Episode 284 – Hanuman saves Lakshmana’s life!!!


Today we are at an extremely important juncture wherein Lakshmana’s life is in danger. Time is running out quickly as the doctor says that the “Sanjeevani” medicinal herb should reach Lanka at the earliest. Hanuman takes it upon himself as he commences his journey northwards in search of this Sanjeevani herb. As he crosses through the Himalayas he finds a particular cliff with a bright shine and is unique in nature. Perhaps is this the Sanjeevani herb that the doctor is talking about?

Thus, Hanuman goes near the cliff and examines it. Yes! This is the herb! But how to make sure that this is that particular herb? Moreover, what is the quantity in which this herb is needed? Hanuman thinks for a minute and decides to take the whole cliff to Lanka, so that sufficient amount of the herb is available for Lakshmana’s treatment. Thinking thus, Hanuman uproots the entire cliff as the whole world shakes for a moment! The celestial beings are looking at Hanuman with awe! They couldn’t believe that Hanuman is so powerful that he can even carry a mountain in his hands so easily!

Hanuman thus uproots the cliff, carries it in his hands and makes his way quickly to Lanka. He flies through mountains, plains, rivers, streams, cities, villages, etc. Finally he crosses through the ocean and lands back in Lanka with the huge cliff in his hand!

Upon seeing Hanuman land on the ground with this huge cliff, the other monkeys including Sugriva, Angadha, etc. are surprised! Lord Rama is astonished beyond words! As Hanuman lands, he keeps down the cliff and goes to the doctor to bring him here. As the doctor arrives, he quickly takes a few of the herbs, create a medicine and applies it on Lakshmana’s unconscious body. As the herb is applied, everybody is tensed! Lord Rama couldn’t wait to see his brother alive again!

Now the herb is fully applied on Lakshmana’s body and it slowly starts to take effect. The medicine is working! Now Lakshmana slowly starts giving signs of recovery! The entire Vaanara camp is eagerly looking at Lakshmana, waiting for the good news! Finally, with all the prayers from everybody around, and with Lord Rama’s infinite grace, the medicine cures Lakshmana completely as he wakes up again! As Lakshmana wakes up, there are cheers all around and the whole Vaanara camp is up on their feet! Lord Rama couldn’t believe his eyes! Lakshmana is alive and is getting up in front of him!

Upon seeing Lakshmana back to normal, Rama goes and hugs his brother with tears of joy! This is an emotional moment as Lord Rama is seeing his brother back to normal again!

As Rama is extremely happy, he turns towards Hanuman! After all if Hanuman hadn’t got the cliff with the Sanjeevani herb, Lakshmana would not have been alive! What a great service from the ever-dependable messenger! Lord Rama straightaway goes to Hanuman with all smiles and hugs Hanuman with him! He is clearly running out of words to thank Hanuman for the service he has done! Now again Lord Rama says to Hanuman, “Oh Hanuman! For all what you are doing to myself, Sita and Lakshmana, I really do not know what kind of a compliment I should be giving to you! In fact, I’m totally powerless in front of your sincere, honest and dedicated service for us!”

Upon hearing this from his hero, Hanuman is in tears of joy! What is Hanuman going to expect from Lord Rama? It is only to be with him always! So today, let us all realize the importance of “Seva” or “Selfless service” towards others! Let us keep thinking about this today and introspect. We shall wait till tomorrow for the action to continue further! 🙂

Episode 283 – Hanuman brings the “Sanjeevani” to save Lakshmana!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Lakshmana has fallen unconscious on the ground after Indrajith’s mini cameo! His illusionary tactics has caused Lakshmana’s life to get into a danger! At this time, nobody knows how to bring back Lakshmana to normal. Lord Rama is unconsolably crying upon seeing Lakshmana’s condition. He laments as to why did Lakshmana accompany him to the forest and it has resulted in his life being in extreme danger!

As all of them are in grief, Vibhishana thinks of what can be done at this time. He immediately remembers something – A “doctor” to whom Indrajith goes to cure himself whenever he tests some new “Asthras” on his own body. This doctor is a highly capable person, but a sage living in one extreme corner of Lanka. Vibhishana thinks that maybe someone can go and find out the whereabouts of this doctor so that he may be able to suggest a solution for Lakshmana’s condition.

Thinking thus, Vibhishana explains this to Rama and as Rama listens to this, Hanuman is immediately ready for the assignment – Even before Rama says another word, Hanuman sets out to find out where this doctor is! He searches amidst the fringes of Lanka city and finally finds a small isolated cottage on the top of a hill. Hanuman decides to explore this cottage and finds an old sage sitting there in deep penance. As Hanuman arrives, the sage realizes that someone important has come to see him! He recognizes Hanuman and welcomes him into his cottage.

As Hanuman enters in, he explains the critical situation to the sage and who is the cause for this disaster. As the sage listens to Hanuman’s story, he is apprehensive since he is the doctor who cures Indrajith. He refuses to come with Hanuman because if Indrajith comes to know this, he would be hanged to death! However as all of us know, Hanuman is an expert in talking – He successfully convinces the sage to come along!

Finally the doctor sage agrees to come with Hanuman – But without the knowledge of Indrajith. Hanuman takes the sage quickly to the place where Rama and the Vaanaras are sitting. As the sage arrives, he immediately checks Lakshmana’s condition. He finds Lakshmana’s condition to be extremely critical and time is running out! As Rama asks him for a solution, the sage says that the only solution to this is the medicinal herb by name “Sanjeevani”. Now where do we find this “Sanjeevani”? Unfortunately it is unavailable anywhere in the vicinity. It is available only amidst the Himalayas in the north!

Now who is going to go and get this “Sanjeevani”? As expected, it is Hanuman who is up to the task! He is ready to start! As Rama nods his head in approval, Hanuman immediately sets out. He is quickly progressing towards the northern direction, searching for this particular herb. He proceeds further and further and reaches the foothills of the Himalayas in super-quick time! As Hanuman searches on, he is able to find one shining plant that is growing in large numbers on one particular hill. Upon seeing this, Hanuman is confused as to which is that one plant. Confused thus and with every minute and second running out, Hanuman decides that he would take the whole hill with him, and let the doctor find it out by himself.

Thinking thus, Hanuman unearths the whole mountain from the ground as the earth’s surface is trembling. Unable to bare Hanuman’s power, the celestial beings are astounded beyond extents! Hanuman carries the entire mountain and is travelling quickly back to Lanka.

So for today, let us travel with Hanuman, who is carrying the Sanjeevani mountain on his shoulders! Will this Sanjeevani bring Lakshmana back to life? Let’s wait with all our prayers and hopes till the next episode to find out!

Episode 282 – Lakshmana falls to Indrajith’s trap – Lord Rama laments!!!


In the previous episode we had witnessed that Indrajith lures Lakshmana into a trap wherein he drags and isolates Lakshmana to a lonely spot. A fierce battle commences, as Lakshmana is growing more and more furious! As Lakshmana is deeply into the fight, he fails to realize that Indrajith is an expert in creating illusions! According to the trap, Indrajith suddenly vanishes from that point, but arrows keep coming towards Lakshmana from all four direcions! Lakshmana is clueless now and finally succumbs to Indrajith’s asthra, which has the power of inducing an electric shock-like feeling. Unable to bear the impact of the powerful shock, Lakshmana falls on the ground unconscious.

The trap has worked extremely well for Indrajith as he roars in laughter! However, it is at this point, Indrajith again makes a similar mistake like the last time – Upon seeing Lakshmana unconscious on the floor, he wrongly interprets Lakshmana to be dead and hence he leaves that place without ensuring that Lakshmana is completely finished! Now how much is this going to cost Indrajith? Let’s wait and witness!

As Lakshmana is now unconscious on one side, let us look at what happens at the Vaanara camp. As the news spreads that Lakshmana has gone missing from nowhere, Lord Rama is deeply concerned! What could have happened? Nobody is aware of Indrajith’s strategy to pull out Lakshmana this way! The search begins – All the Vaanaras are going in different directions to check the whereabouts of Lakshmana. Finally it is Hanuman who spots Lakshmana amidst a bushy area lying unconscious and hurt very badly! Upon seeing Lakshmana in this condition, Hanuman quickly understood what had happened! Clearly it was Indrajith’s ploy to create some disruption like this in a cowardly manner! Hanuman’s anger knows no bounds, however his anger is not going to work at this moment as he has bigger things to worry about – It’s the question of Lakshmana’s life and survival! What can he do now?

Hanuman immediately carries Lakshmana’s body to the place where the Vaanaras and Lord Rama are currently camping. Upon seeing Lakshmana’s condition, Lord Rama is aghast! He could not believe his eyes for a moment! Rama now fumes and vents his frustration! He cries out aloud saying thus, “Oh Lakshmana! What kind of a blunder have you committed? Don’t you know that Indrajith is a smart fellow to use illusionary powers? Before attacking an enemy you should strategise your plans and then attack. How did you attack him blindly? Atleast you should have consulted me before going ahead! Now look at what has happened!”

Rama’s sadness knows no bounds now! Nobody knows how to bring Lakshmana back to life! He continues to lament, “Oh Lakshmana! My dearest brother! Before leaving for the forest, I advised you not to accompany me! You should have been at Ayodhya along with Bharata and Shathrugna and led a happy life with your Urmila! Now you’ve followed me and I’ve been rendered helpless to protect you! Now how would I go back to Ayodhya without you? What answer would I give Mother Sumithra? How will she be able to digest the fact that her son is no more? What would I say to Urmila? What what guts would I go and tell Urmila that her husband is no more? Oh Lakshmana! My dearest brother! You were everything for me in these fourteen years of my forest life! My life without you is a complete waste!”

Saying thus, Lord Rama is in tears and is unconsolable! For today, let us try and share Lord Rama’s grief and make him feel a bit comfortable! What’s going to happen next? How does this sad episode end? Who is going to take up this responsibility? Let’s wait till the next episode to find out!